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A no-code tool to increase e-commerce sales, build email lists, and engage with your visitors in just 5 minutes.

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1 A no-code tool so everyone can use it easily.

We designed Popupsmart with a smooth user experience in mind so that anyone can install and use it easily. It only takes 5 minutes to set up and create your first popup campaign.

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“Easy set-up without coding. I love that there are ready-made popup templates that you can freely customize.”

-Kris S., Lundhago
2 We convert 25% more traffic into sales.

Reduce cart abandonment, increase cart value, and promote special offers. These are the most effective ways to increase sales with Popupsmart.

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“Showing discount campaigns effectively through popups resulted in a 22% increase in our sales. We did popup shows on the whole site instead of just the slider on our homepage and we got a good result!”

-Sefa Cevik, Sefa Stone
3 Popup template designs that are not annoying, just converting.

Unfortunately, we all have bad experiences with popups. But the truth is, popups work! We have transformed the annoying traditional popups into new-generation designs that people love!

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“I, personally, like how the design of popups is streamlined. The amount of options available for specific applications is decent and openly shown. This helps a lot with creative presentations of deals and mini informational popups rather than the usual standard.”

-Victor W., Freelance Graphic Designer
4 Target website visitors and their behaviors.

Exit-intent, geo-location, scroll triggers, HTML, and cookie targeting are the most used targeting features. With more than 18 targeting options, we ensure that you show the right popup campaign to the right target audience at the right time.

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“I love this tool because it offers flexibility through many templates, targeting, scheduling, and display options, and is easy to use.”

-Natalia Dunker, Zolar
5 Next-Level Personalization with Smart Tags

Smart Tags are a bunch of specifically formatted placeholder texts that will let you show dynamic texts on your popups. I.e., Address them by their name, magnify conversions.

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“My marketing team was glad to see Popupsmart added a personalization option among their feature set. It seems like our customers love being called by their name. Form submissions saw a peak with it.”

-Angela Ocean, Marketing Manager
6 Multiply Form Conversions with Prefill Forms

The form-filling process doesn’t need to be cumbersome for your customers. Just cut down the required effort by prepopulating forms beforehand. Easy-peasy.

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“The signup forms we use need to have more fields than usual. That actually repels people from filling them out. I asked the support team if I could hide some fields but still pull the data. It turns out they just launched a prefill feature. Thanks a lot!”

-Jack Daniel, User Experience Designer
7 Lead predictive targeting with smart mode backed by AI.

Popupsmart’s smart mode allows you to display popup campaigns to the right audience at the right time based on the collected data by artificial intelligence, without any manual targeting.

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“Since we’ve started to use Popupsmart, our conversion rate has increased around 40% with smart-mode and our website keeps loading at high speed!”

-Mert Aktas, Userguiding
8 The strongest cog in your marketing automation.

You can instantly send the data you collect with Popupsmart to the CRM and email marketing services that we integrate. In this way, your marketing automation continues stronger without a hitch.

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“We needed a simple and easy tool to implement a solution. After testing a few, this one was the easiest to customize and to integrate.”

-Matt C, Founder and CEO
9 Increase phone call traffic by up to 45%.

Increase your phone call traffic by 45% in the most efficient way with Popupsmart. You can let your customers easily call you, start a WhatsApp chat, or offer a “call me back” chance.

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“We love Popupsmart and have been using it for about three months now. I cannot believe how tremendously our phone call traffic has increased!”

-Daniel Jones, Information Technology Director
10 Popup campaign goals with complete recipes.

Increase sales, grow email lists, and engage with your customers. You can do all of these and more with Popupsmart. How? Check out our recipes and learn how to achieve each goal step by step!

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“I was not aware that there were so many things you can do with popups. With the recipe content of Popupsmart, I easily use popups for my website in many areas.”

-Alice Fredla, Web Designer
11 We didn’t invent popups, but we bring you teaser popups.

Teaser popups are mini-size representations of the main popup campaigns. It absolutely does not bother users, it opens the main popup campaign when clicked.

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“Popups have always been annoying in perception. Thanks to the teaser feature, we can create mini popup campaigns that do not disturb the user at all. Surprisingly, it converts almost as well as the main popup!”

-Samantha Silberberg, A Graphic Agency
12 Fast, SEO & GDPR Compliant

Speed is of the utmost value for websites right now. Popupsmart runs on Amazon Web Service with 97kb code, and it definitely does not affect the opening speed of your site. Also, it is compatible with SEO and GDPR.

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“Before using Popupsmart, we used Mailchimp’s popups to generate leads on the websites we manage. The problem with Mailchimp is that their embed code was slowing down our website and customization was limited. Popupsmart does not affect the speed of our website, moreover, it loads very fast thanks to AWS.”

-Jake Barrett, Webmaster
13 Support in minutes and dedicated CRO experts.

We give paramount importance to customer support, so we answer all your questions via chat within 5 minutes on average.

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“Due to its targeting features, the popup didn’t show up on my website. I wrote to Support and they responded within 15 minutes, even though it was Sunday. Their support team is fully solution-oriented and cares about their customers.”

-Daisy Murphy, Marketing Manager

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Elevating Brico Depot’s Online Experience with Popupsmart: 4.51% Conversion Rate Boost

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DorukNet's Journey to Increased Leads & Lowered Exit Rates with Popupsmart

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Flatart's Conversion Success: How Popupsmart Amplifies Customer Satisfaction

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