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10 Best Valentine’s Day Popups To Improve Your Marketing Game

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing — love is in the air.

Or, more appropriately, heart shapes are.

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly from The Office are looking at each other

So whether you want to use heart-shaped images or text to entice those on your mailing list to buy something from you, include popups on your website!

Whether your goal is to drive additional traffic to your site for Valentine’s Day and convert that traffic into sales down the line, you can use conversion-ready popups as well.

So for this blog post, I’ll be showing you my top picks of Valentine's Day popups that can improve your seasonal marketing campaign game.

Let’s start! 💘

Valentine’s Day Popups for Different Solutions

We gathered different Valentine’s Day popups for different solutions so that you can create your own popup quickly. By exploring these various use cases, creating a Valentine’s Day popup that converts becomes so much easier!

Decrease Cart Abandonment with Valentine’s Day Popups

You’ve finished setting up your Valentine’s Day Store and have begun to attract a decent amount of traffic on February 14th.

The visitors are checking out your products, but some are aborting the checkout process at the last moment without adding products to their cart.

This problem is common on eCommerce websites during Valentine’s Day.

You can use a popup on exit intent to increase conversions by targeting users who didn’t complete the checkout process.

Valentine’s Day cart abandonment popup that says, “Don’t you want to makeyour loved one happy?”

This popup example starts with “Before you go,” and the headline “Don’t you want to make your loved one happy?” is a great example of a cart abandonment popup.

You can use exit-intent targeting and catch your visitors before they leave. Also, offering a discount with a coupon code like in this popup example can be useful.

Redirecting them back to your collection with a CTA button like “see the collection” is another way to boost your sales.

Increase Sales Conversions with Valentine’s Day Popups

This year, Valentine’s Day sales conversions need to be high more than any other.

Valentine’s Day is the second highest-grossing day of the year for some eCommerce companies, bringing in more sales than even Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This means you need to beat the competition and bring in as many sales leads on February 14th as possible.

You can offer your customers a discount for Valentine’s Day with a lovely popup.

Valentine’s Day popup that says, “Shop 30% off of our Valentine’s Day collection for your loved one.”

This popup example with the description “Shop 30% off of our Valentine’s Day collection for your loved one.” is an excellent one that can skyrocket your sales. It includes an eye-catching image and a CTA button that says “Shop Now.”

You can increase average order value and conversions with a Valentine’s Day popup as well.

valentines day popup for AOV that says “For you, and your significant other.”

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days for couple-related purchases, so it’s also a holiday that can be used as an excuse for a sale.

You can sell the exact same item to the same buyer twice! When can you do this kind of thing other than Vday? You can make an offer for your matching products unique for Valentine’s Day and let your customers know about it with a popup like this.

The headline “For you and your significant other.” is a great one to capture people’s attention to make a purchase. The description of this popup which is “Special offers up to 40% off for the couple’s collection ONLY.” announces a special sale for a specific collection.

Valentine’s Day Product Promotion Popups

February 14th is a day that people worldwide are gearing up to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

They’ve got hearts in their eyes, “I love you” on their lips, and champagne on ice. So what are you going to do as a marketer/business owner?

Take this opportunity to promote your products with a simple popup!

Here you can see our example popup for the product promotion.

Valentine’s Day popup that says “Happy Valentine’s Day. Join us at our new product event for FREE.” for product promotion

This popup starts with the headline “Happy Valentine’s Day. Join us at our new product event for FREE.” which includes power words like “new” and “free.” In addition, you can invite your customers to your new product event for FREE in return for their personal information, such as email addresses.

Announce Valentine’s Day Giveaway Campaign with Popups

Valentine’s Day is a great time to organize a giveaway campaign for your customers. During these special days, you can celebrate your visitors’ Valentine’s Day by giving them free products.

By using popups, you can announce your giveaway campaign and attract your customers’ attention.

Valentine’s Day giveaway popup that says “Valentine’s Day Giveaway Ends Soon!”

This giveaway popup starts with the headline “Valentine’s Day Giveaway Ends Soon!” which creates a sense of urgency. That way, your visitors can join your giveaway campaign quickly.

The description part explains the details of the giveaway campaign, and a CTA button that says “Enter now!” is added at the end.

Although it is a simple popup, it can be effective in increasing your giveaway campaign’s participants. Also, giveaway campaigns like this can help you to get more loyal customers.

Valentine’s Day Collect Form Submissions Popups

Every business should be ready to collect as many leads as possible.

This can easily be done with a good Valentine’s popup form.

This popup enables users to quickly collect email addresses while they are in your lovey-dovey marketing campaigns.

This helps you build and grow your list, eventually leading to more sales.

Below is our example for the form submissions.

lead collection Valentine’s Day popup example that says “All you need is love”

This form submission popup includes a reference to a song related to love, which is “All you need is love.” Adding witty references like this to your popup’s headline and description can help you to write a well-written copy.

You can offer your visitors a gift card, discount, a secret prize, or a freebie in return for their information. In that case, we asked for their email addresses with a countdown timer. A countdown timer was put in to trigger a sense of urgency and FOMO.

See countdown timer popup examples for inspiration.

Valentine’s Day Popups to Grow Your Email List

If you have an email list and are looking for a way to grow it, here’s the perfect opportunity.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you can use that to your advantage by creating cute Valentine’s Day popups.

So don’t let Valentine’s Day go by without grabbing new people to join your email list.

Take a look at our popup example:

Valentine’s Day popup example for growing email list that says, “Sign up for our newsletter and get your 25% off.”

This Valentine’s Day popup offers a 25% discount in return for visitors’ email addresses by saying, “Sign up for our newsletter and get your 25% off.” Including a special offer can be useful for collecting email addresses.

The CTA button at the bottom is also important. We put the proposed deal on the button to make them act.

Valentine’s Day User Engagement Popups

Many people have websites focused on providing information on products, services, or other topics.

Starting today (if you haven’t already), don’t forget about engaging the users of your website with Valentine’s Day user engagement popups.

This can help you increase traffic to your site and generate more leads.

We’ve created a simple Valentine’s Day user engagement popup that you can use to increase your site’s efficiency on February 14th, as well as any other day of the year you find appropriate.

You can use gamification on your popups just as we do in the below example.

Valentine’s Day gamification popup that says “HAPPY VDAY! PLAY TO GRAB ONE OF THE SPECIAL OFFERS FOR TODAY!”

You are giving your customers a chance to win a special offer while collecting email addresses.

Valentine’s Day Feedback/Survey Popups

You probably want to ensure your site provides users with the best possible experience on this hype day.

Feedback/survey popups are perfect for encouraging user engagement and collecting feedback on your products or services.

See the popup that we created for you. We asked the customers a simple yes/no question to engage them with our offer.

Valentine's Day popup example for feedback and survey that says "Love is in the air."

The headline “Love is in the air” expresses the Valentine’s Day spirit properly. The image of a well-prepared table with roses is also related to this special day. The description part states that there are special offers for visitors so that they can take action.

Valentine’s Day Popups for Social Media Growth

Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to remind people about your content on social media and facilitating social sharing too.

You can direct them to your social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, or other social media channels.

social media popup for Valentine’s Day that says, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Join the Popupsmart family.”

For a social media growth popup example, we created a popup that says, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Join the Popupsmart family.” It includes a heart shape and a descriptive part of what the social media channels offer for visitors.

You can add a popup like this to your website to increase your social media interactions and reach your target audience.

Wrapping Up ❤️️

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to deny that the holiday is an excellent opportunity for online marketers.

From florists to jewelers to restaurants and beyond, the need for new customers on February 14th is clear.

And that’s where popup designs come into play—they help grab those potential customers.

We picked a couple of our favorite Valentine’s Day popups for different use cases and listed them above.

After you’ve followed the guidelines above, you should have a good sense of how to implement popup-based marketing for Valentine’s Day optimally with a popup builder like Popupsmart. 💘

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