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50+ Best Email Subject Lines for Review Requests

Ever wondered how an effective review email subject line could be your ticket to gathering reviews? The right words can turn a simple request into a powerful conversation starter.

That's why we gathered more than 50 examples, with key elements of effective review email subject lines and tips that can be helpful for you. Let's start and craft engaging review request subject lines!

What is a Review Email?

A review email, or review request email, is a way of interacting with your subscribers and collecting feedback.

As a strategy, review emails may not be so interesting for your customers, unlike you.

However, once you get their attention and intention, gathering their thoughts will be easier than ever.

customer review good rating concept customer with stars

61% of consumers check online reviews before purchasing. (Source: Econsultancy's e-commerce review study.) Additionally, HubSpot notes in its customer reviews article that 57% of customers visit a company's website after reading positive reviews.

Trustpulse reports in its social proof statistics article that 94% of online shoppers tend to avoid businesses with negative reviews.

Considering these social proof statistics, email marketing for obtaining feedback from your customers sounds pretty effective, if you have a strong bond with them.

These review email subject lines will contribute to your marketing strategy and help you find the proper one.

50 Top Review Request Email Subject Lines to Collect Feedback

We have collected different types of review request email subject line examples.

Since there are many sample email subject lines, we have tried to create the best ones for you.

From offering incentives to make your subscribers act with call-to-actions, you can get inspiration or use it directly.

Are you ready to learn what they are and create the best review email subject line ever?

Review Email Subject Lines with Incentivization

Black Friday sales discounts coupons with a yellow and black poster

Review email subject lines with incentives are more common to use.

Once you provide the necessary incentive, your subscribers and customers will be more willing to take part in your reviews!

The important thing is that you should determine your subscribers' needs to be on the bean.

Here are examples of review email subject lines with incentivization we create for you!

  1. "Review and Reward: Your Opinion Could Win You [Prize]!"
  2. "Unlock Exclusive Benefits: Share Your Feedback for [Discount/Offer]!"
  3. "Your Thoughts Deserve Something Special!"
  4. "Your Review = Exclusive Perks! Leave Your Thoughts for Rewards."
  5. "Quick Review, Big Rewards!"
  6. "Your Feedback Enters You into a [Prize] Draw!"
  7. "Exclusive Offer Awaits: Leave a Review for Instant [Discount]!"
  8. "Share Your Thoughts, Get [Discount]! It's a Win-Win Situation."
  9. "Your Opinion Matters: Review Today and Enjoy [Exclusive Benefit]!"
  10. "Rewards Await for a Review!"

Personalized Review Email Subject Lines

a couple talking and sitting

All email subject lines are important, but personalized ones are more important.

Like all the other examples, review email subject lines are more outstanding for subscribers when they are personalized.

Here are the personalized review email subject lines!

  1. "Share your thoughts for a better experience, [name]!"
  2. "[name], make your opinion count and make a difference!"
  3. "Dear [name], We Value Your Voice"
  4. "Help Us Serve You Better!"
  5. "Exclusive for [name]: Unlock with your quick review!"
  6. "[name], Enjoy Exclusive Perks by Leaving a Quick Review!"
  7. "Your Opinion Lights Up Our World, [name]!"
  8. "[name], Give the Star, Be the Star!"
  9. "[name], Your [Product/Service] Tale: Share the Magic!"
  10. "Such a Feedback Symphony: What's Your Note, [name]?"

Also see “17 E-commerce Personalization Examples” to include personalization to your e-commerce strategy.

Review Email Subject Lines with Questions

coworkers working outside and asking questions to each other

Sometimes, your email subject lines should be nicer rather than a booster.

These review email subject lines with questions make things both nicer and more appealing to help you increase email open rates.

  1. "Did we meet your expectations? Leave a review and let us know!"
  2. "Quick Question: Can you spare a moment to review?"
  3. "Love it? Hate it? Let us know with a quick review!"
  4. "Review Challenge: Can you help us reach [number] reviews?"
  5. "How Did We Perform for You?"
  6. "What Would Your Past Self Say About Us?"
  7. "Mind if We Ask: How Was Your Experience?"
  8. "Calling All Storytellers: Can You Spin a Review for Us?"
  9. "How Does Your [Product/Service] Experience Fit?"
  10. "What Colors Would You Use to Describe Us?"

Review Email Subject Lines with Emojis

happy family holding up emojis on their faces

Emojis make emails sweeter. This is a fact.

Though email subject lines seem sweeter, we should not keep using them all the time.

However, in this case, you can make use of emojis to request reviews from your subscribers.

  1. "🎉 Your review = A happier [product/service] experience for all!"
  2. "Help Us Shine: Your review is pure gold to us! ✨"
  3. "🚀 Shape the Future with Your Feedback!"
  4. "Unlock Rewards and Share Your Thoughts 🌈"
  5. "Quick Question: Can we steal a moment for your thoughts? 🕒"
  6. "Ignite change with your review! 💥"
  7. "💬 Review Rendezvous: Your insights = party time!"
  8. "Your Opinion, Our Applause: Leave a review! 👏"
  9. "Feedback Flash: Share your thoughts in a snap! 📸"
  10. "We want to hear from you! 🫰🏻"

Review Email Subject Lines with CTA

group of coworkers stacking hands together one in a meeting

Call-to-actions are one of the best cliches of the marketing world. No doubt.

CTAs, generally, make people act for the actions even they don't want to do.

We can count them as another way of incentivization.

Therefore, while collecting reviews, why don't you give CTA a chance in your email subject line?

  1. "We value your opinion! Share your feedback with us."
  2. "Help us improve: Your review matters!"
  3. "Your feedback can shape our future. Review now!"
  4. "Join our community of reviewers: Share your experience."
  5. "Calling all reviewers! Your feedback makes us better."
  6. "Your experience matters to us – leave a review today."
  7. "Your Opinion, Our Inspiration: Share your review!"
  8. "Shape the Future: Leave a review and influence change."
  9. "Make Your Mark: Review and help us write our success story."
  10. "Be the Voice of [Your Brand]: Leave a review today!"

6 Review Email Examples with Subject Lines from Famous Brands

Here is the time for the brands and their examples of review email subject lines with the emails.

1. Tillamook

"Your Feedback Is Important to Us"

Tillamook review email

Tillamook, as a rooted dairy corporation, wants to collect feedback from its customers.

The brand uses a simple but effective way of requesting reviews in the email subject line and email content.

The logo, explanatory sentences, a CTA button, and a related image are all it takes to create a successful review email.

For the elevated email content, the email subject line clearly states what the brand demands from the firm.

2. Google

"Got opinions? We're all ears"

Google review email with content

Google knows its customers in general, and their opinions are counted on the brand side.

Hence, collecting thoughts from them is the most understandable action.

The email content has a headline, a related icon, both entertaining and assertive explanations, and a CTA button at the end.

To summarize them all and to attract subscribers, their email subject line is direct and sufficient.

More importantly, it is effective to catch their attention with the words Google chooses.

"Got opinions? We're all ears" shows that the brand checks if there is a need for improvement and claims that they will be listened to carefully as it is supposed to be.

3. Notion

"Grow Forests with Your Feedback"

Notion review email with the content

Notion is one of the best work management tools that we have already listed even in our AI productivity tools article.

With its review email subject line and email, Notion offers a review email subject line with direct incentivization.

Unlike the previous examples, Notion chose full writing without any images for the content.

The brand claims to plant a tree if the audience makes a review for them.

As a charitable action, Notion aims to collect reviews and help the world. Also, the email subject line effectively provides a sense of charity.

4. DeFeet

"We're here to listen "

DeFeet review email

DeFeet produces road cycling garments and accessories for cyclers.

The email subject line is too general when we take the email content into account at the same time.

The email content asks about the destination and the opinions of the cyclists, though they provide wearing only and offer a discount at the end.

However, since the email subject line is too general, there is no sound or sense of incentivization for the recipients.

5. Withings

"Help us help you [name]"

Withings review email

Withings is a health brand that produces smart scales, watches, and health monitoring devices.

The review email subject line is direct and effective.

When we think the email and email subject line are a combination, they appear to be a message of gratitude and wish for development.

Withings provides a "helpful" email subject line to collect reviews.

However, the brand offers more helpful content, so we might consider this example a good one.

6. Netflix

"Enjoying Locke & Key?"

Netflix review email

Netflix, as a streaming service that hosts TV shows, movies, and documentaries, sends a clear review email.

For the email subject line to request review, it only asks about a specific show. And for the content includes the poster of the movie and the like & dislike icons.

The brand does it for many shows it hosts, and the viewers' vote matters to them.

Since review emails do not take much time for the recipients, they are likely to answer it and give a vote.

Bonus: 15 Review Email Subject Lines from Famous Brands

We have found more examples from brands from which you might get inspiration."

  • 1 → "Share Your Experience With Us" - Miro
  • 2 → “Arc Update | Your feedback = our new features” - The Browser Company
  • 3 → "Your opinion matters, [person]" - Withings
  • 4 → "Help Lonely Planet map our next chapter 🗺️" - Lonely Planet
  • 5 → "Enter to win a gift card for feedback" - Lyft
  • 6 → "Help us shape the future of e-commerce" - Shopify
  • 7 → "Improve our service and tell us about your experience with Bird 🛴" - Bird
  • 8 → "Join a Miro Research session and get a $50 gift card!" - Miro
  • 9 → "[person], We Want to Hear Your Thoughts!" - Golden State Warriors
  • 10 → "Have a second?" - Flowium
  • 11 → "We'd like to ask you a question..." - brooklinen
  • 12 → "Reminder: [person], tell us about your stay at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel" - Marriott
  • 13 → "A reminder to review Bright Data" - Bright Data
  • 14 → “1 Review = $10! 💰" -G2
  • 15 → "How does it feel to be part of the Evergreen family? 💚" - Evergreen Juices

PS: The sources we have investigated are Really Good Emails and Newslettersearchengine.com to find the review email subject lines examples for you.

Key Elements of Effective Review Email Subject Lines

The perfect email subject line for soliciting customer reviews is an art form. Subject lines are the first impression you make on your recipients and can significantly impact your open rates.

Here, we listed the key elements that make a review request email subject line effective.

  • Clarity and Directness: Be clear about the purpose of your email. A direct and straightforward subject line, such as "Share Your Thoughts on Your Recent Purchase," instantly communicates what you expect from the recipient.
  • Personalization: Use the customer's name or reference a recent purchase. For example, "John, how did you like your new headphones?" Personalization can significantly boost open rates by creating a sense of individual attention.
  • Conciseness: Keep it short and sweet. Subject lines under 50 characters can ensure your entire subject line is visible on most devices. That way, you can avoid the risk of key information being cut off.
  • Irresistible Offers: If you're offering an incentive for leaving a review, mention it in the subject line. For example, a subject line like "Leave a Review and Get 10% Off!" can encourage customers to engage.
  • Using Question Format: Subject lines with question format can spark curiosity to encourage the recipient to think about their experience.
  • Urgency or Timeliness: Create a sense of urgency or relevance. Words like "limited time" or "last chance" can encourage recipients to leave a review.
  • Use of Action-Oriented Language: Start with verbs that inspire action. Phrases like "Tell Us," "Share Your Experience," or "Give Feedback" are direct and to the point and can indicate the desired action.

By incorporating these key elements into your review request email subject lines, you can catch your customers' attention and encourage them to provide the valuable feedback you aim for.

Top 5 Tips to Create the Best Review Email Subject Line

1- Be Clear and Personalize: You have a little time to attract your subscribers, so you need to clarify the point as much as possible while addressing them. Personalization is also a factor to help increase the rate along with clarification.

2- Create Sense of Urgency: We believe in the power of FOMO, so if you give a limited amount of time to collect reviews, the ones who have things to say will directly reach you.

3- Highlight Incentives: Show your audience what you have. If there is an incentive for your review collection process, share it in the email subject line so that they can act accordingly and be more convinced to review.

4- Use Emojis: As we have mentioned, emojis increase engagement for the bond between you and your audiences. They might help you connect with people if they are used properly.

5- Avoid Spam: You need to be careful of what you are using in your email subject line because it can trigger spam. Using too many exclamation marks, emojis, and promotional terms may cause your email to fail to reach an audience.


All in all, creating a review email subject line is not a big matter.

However, you should consider some important details and see as many examples as you need to inspire your audience.

Though email marketing is a great area, and you want to collect reviews from your subscribers via email, there is another solution to hear your customers: popup campaigns. As Popupsmart, "Collect Feedback & Surveys" is among our top solutions, and you can get inspiration while gathering reviews about your service.

If you wonder about feedback popups, you can check them on the Popupsmart Playbook.

We hope that these examples and tips will help you create the most effective review email subject line and get the best feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

While preparing your review email subject lines, you can take a look at these questions as well.

Should I Personalize My Review Email Subject Lines?

Yes, but not always. Personalization increases the effectiveness of email subject lines. Therefore, when you use name, brand, or any other personal information in your email subject line, you will make them feel more sincere and increase your open rates.

Can I Avoid Using Special Characters in Review Email Subject Lines?

If you think it is sufficient to do that, you can because while some special characters can enhance visual appeal, using them sparingly is essential. Overusing special characters, especially in a way that seems spammy, can have a negative impact.

How Do Cultural Considerations Affect Review Email Subject Lines?

A lot. Cultural nuances vary, so it's crucial to be mindful of cultural differences when crafting subject lines to avoid unintentional misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Also, know your customers better and after you have prepared your email subject line, check if they fit that culture.

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