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200+ Good B2B Email Subject Lines for Sales Outreach

80% of B2B buyers prefer to have first contact through email, according to RAIN Group. This shows how important it is to have a good B2B cold email subject line. 

It's the first step to possible sales talks. 

That's why we've compiled a list of 200 B2B subject lines that will inspire you and increase your B2B sales in 2024.

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How to Write Good B2B Email Subject Lines? Do's and Don'ts

Here are some do's and don’ts to help you craft effective B2B email subject lines:

🟩 Do's 

  • Aim for 61-70 characters: Aim for 61-70 characters in your subject line. This length gets the most reads with a rate of 17% (Zippia).
  • Use the word “video”: Subject lines with "video" can get 7 to 13% more opens (Zippia). Therefore, consider adding a video to your email.
  • Use numbers: Adding numbers to your subject line to potentially increase open rates by up to 45% (Yesware).
  • Be personal: Make the subject lines about the reader. Personalized subject lines are 50% more likely to get opened (Marketing Dive).
  • Leverage numbers and lists: Numbers and list-based subject lines can set clear expectations, e.g., "5 Strategies to Improve [Their Brand’s] ROI."
  • Choose professional subject lines: For example, instead of a casual "Hey, check this out!" a more professional "Exclusive Insights for [Company Name]" can resonate better with a business audience. 

🟥 Don'ts 

  • Don't make subject lines too long: A subject line that's too long will get cut off on mobile screens, reducing its impact.
  • Avoid spammy words: Words like "Free," "Guarantee," and pushy sales language can mark your email as spam.
  • Don't overuse special characters and caps: Too many exclamation points, all-caps words, or similar special characters can appear unprofessionally and spammy.
  • Don't be overly salesy: Avoid being too pushy with hard sales on the subject.
  • Don't be generic: Generic subject lines can be a turn-off due to their lack of personalization.
  • Remember to segment your audience: Don't send the same email to everyone. Consider the specific needs of different groups of people when designing your subject lines.

B2B Email Subject Lines for Creating a Sense of Urgency

To write business-to-business (B2B) email subject lines that prompt quick responses, you need to get the balance right. They have to sound professional yet urge recipients to act fast. 

Unlike business-to-customer (B2C) emails, subject lines for B2B often focus on practical issues, problems they're facing, and what you can offer. 

Envato’s B2B Email Subject Line for Creating a Sense of Urgency:

“Ece, 40% Off Ends TOMORROW!”

🌟Why It’s Good?: It successfully creates a sense of urgency in a B2B context. It combines personalization with a clear, time-limited offer, which encourages the recipient (me) to act quickly to take advantage of major savings.

Secreenshot of Envato's B2B email that creates sense of urgency.

Ready-to-Use FOMO B2B Email Subject Lines:

  1. There's still time, [First Name]: Secure your spot in [Event Name].
  2. Urgent for [Company Name]: This month, boost your metrics by 30%!
  3. Act fast, [First Name]: Only 5 seats left for [Event Name] on [Date]
  4. 🔑 [First Name], unlock your growth performance with our [Product]
  5. [First Name], Enhance your team's productivity in just 2 weeks—here's how 🔽
  6. "Today Only: [Product] Custom Solutions for [First Name]!"
  7. "Your Complimentary Access Expires in Hours, [First Name]!"
  8. "Early Bird for [Product/Service] Ends, [Company]!"
  9. Time's ticking: [First Name], unlock your custom [Product] solution today
  10. ⌛ Final hours to claim your complimentary trial, [First Name]
  11. [First Name], your last chance for [Number]% off our premium package ends tonight ⌛
  12. Quick action needed, [Company Name]: Secure your [Product/Service] upgrade by [Date]
  13. "Urgent: [Industry] Insights Disappear in 48hrs, [First Name]!"
  14. Don’t miss this, [First Name]: [Number] strategies to outsmart your competition
  15. Exclusive to [Company Name]: Early access to our game-changing [Product/Service]
  16. Hurry, [First Name]: Your tailored [Industry] insights expire in 48 hours
  17. "Tonight: [Number]% Off Ends for [Company], [First Name]!"
  18. 🌟 [First Name], be the first to experience our next-gen [Product/Service] demo
  19. Limited time, [First Name]: Claim your spot in our [Product/Service] workshop
  20. [First Name], your early bird offer for [Event Name] is about to expire ⌛

B2B Email Subject Lines for New Product or Service Launch

Subject lines that grab attention are necessary when launching a new product or service. It's about sparking intrigue while showing the value your offering brings.

Popupsmart’s B2B Email Subject Line for Launching New Service:

“Revolutionize your email game: Introducing Shopify Email Automation! 📨”

🌟Why It’s Good?: It is effective due to its concise structure, clear messaging, and the use of action-oriented language, promising a significant improvement in the recipient's email marketing efforts by introducing a specific tool.

The screenshot of Popupsmart's B2B email, where Popupsmart launched its feature called Shopify e-mail automation.

Ready-to-Use B2B Email Subject Lines for Launching New Product or Service:

  1. Introducing our latest service, [Service Name]: Discover it now, [First Name]!
  2. Launch Countdown: Get Early Access, [First Name]!
  3. Exclusive preview: [Company Name], get a first look at our new [Product]
  4. First to know, [First Name]: Launch of our game-changing [Product/Service]
  5. Early bird access: [Product] is here, [Company Name]!
  6. [First Name], ready to upgrade? Discover our new [Product/Service]
  7. 🚀 Launch Alert: [First Name], introducing our innovative [Product/Service]
  8. "Launch Countdown: Get Early Access, [First Name]!
  9. [Company Name], don’t miss our exciting new [Product/Service] launch
  10. Upgrade your business with our new [Product/Service], [First Name]
  11. Experience the future: [First Name], try our new [Product/Service] now
  12. Be the first to benefit, [Company Name]: Our new [Product/Service] is live!
  13. "See What's New: [Product/Service] Launch at [Company Name] 
  14. Just Launched: [Product], redefining [Industry] for [Company Name]
  15. Exciting news, [First Name]: Check out our brand-new [Product/Service]
  16. Launch Day: Explore Our [Product/Service], [First Name]
  17. [First Name], see how our [Product/Service] could revolutionize your business
  18. 🔔 Launching [Product/Service]: Exclusive for [Company Name]
  19. Eliminate [pain point] – Try Our New [Product/Service], [First Name]
  20. Ready, Set, Launch! [First Name], meet our new [Product/Service]
  21. Just in, [First Name]: New [Product/Service] that could boost your [pain points]
  22. 🎉 Say hello to our newest [Product/Service], [First Name]
  23. Revolutionize your workflow with our new [Product/Service], [Company Name]!
  24. Say goodbye to [pain point] with our new [Product/Service], [First Name]
  25. Countdown to launch: [First Name], be the first to use our [Product/Service]

B2B Email Subject Lines for Sharing Industry News and Insights

Subject lines for B2B emails about industry news and insights should pique interest, conveying the value your content delivers. Succinctly communicating the unique insights or fresh news your email contains can encourage a higher open rate.

Bloomreach’s B2B Email Subject Line for Launching New Service:

“🏆 Upskilling in the age of AI”

🌟Why It’s Good?: It works well because it combines a current topic (AI) with the idea of skill improvement, making it highly relevant and compelling for professionals looking to stay ahead.

The screenshot of Bloomreach’s B2B Email for Launching New Service

Ready-to-Use B2B Email Subject Lines for Sharing Industry News and Insights:

  1. Stay Updated, [First Name]: Vital [Industry] Trends You Should Know
  2. Latest developments in [Industry], [First Name]
  3. [First Name], Take a Deep Dive into our [Industry] Insights
  4. Your Monthly/Weekly Insights Update is Here, [Company Name]
  5. Must-Read: Essential [Industry] Trends, [First Name]
  6. [Industry] news you can't miss, [First Name]!
  7. Stay Ahead, [Company Name]: Uncover the Latest [Industry] News
  8. 🔔 Breaking [Industry] News, [First Name]
  9. Understand the [Industry] Landscape: Insights from [Company Name]
  10. Discover the Future: [Industry] Trends to Prepare For, [First Name]
  11. Digging Deeper: [Company Name], learn about the latest in [Industry]
  12. [First Name], what's next in [Industry]? Find out more.
  13. In the Know: Essential [Industry] News for [Company Name]
  14. Stay updated, [First Name]: The latest trends in [Industry]
  15. [First Name], explore top trends in [Industry] this month
  16. Eye-opening [Industry] insights for [Company Name]
  17. Empower Your [Industry] Know-How, [First Name]
  18. Stay informed, [First Name]: Your [Industry] news digest
  19. Keep up, [Company Name]: This week in [Industry] news
  20. [First Name], get the inside scoop: [Industry] trends and predictions

B2B Email Subject Lines for Event Invitations

For B2B event invitations, the email subject lines should capture the recipient's attention and convey the event's exclusivity, value, and urgency.

These subject lines should make the recipient feel personally selected and excited about the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow professionally. 

Stripe’s B2B Email Subject Line for Event Invitations:

“Register today for 40% off your ticket to Sessions 2024”

🌟Why It’s Good?: Stripe's email subject line creates urgency, offers a clear value proposition, includes personalization, and appropriately manages email recipient expectations – all good practices for effective B2B email subject lines.

The screenshot of Stripe's B2B email for Event Invitation.

Ready-to-Use B2B Email Subject Lines for Event Invitations:

  1. Exclusive invitation: [Event], just for you [First Name]
  2. A Personal Invitation: [First Name], Experience [Event] with Industry Pioneers
  3. [First Name], you're invited to [Event] – spots are limited
  4. Save the date, [Company Name]: Join us for [Event]
  5. Last chance: Reserve your spot at [Event] for 35% off, [First Name]
  6. 📍 [First Name], Mark Your Calendar for [Event]
  7. Unlock new possibilities, [First Name]: Register for [Event] today
  8. Join the excitement, [First Name]: [Event] is almost here
  9. Don't miss out, [First Name]: Your exclusive invite to [Event]
  10. Counting down to [Event], will you join us, [Company Name]?
  11. Grab your tickets to [Event] - they're going fast, [First Name]
  12. [First Name], join us for a unique [Industry] experience at [Event]
  13. [Company Name], ready for [Event]?
  14. Sign up now to enjoy a 40% discount at [Event]
  15. You're on the List, [First Name]: Exclusive Invite to [Event Name]
  16. 🌐 [Company Name], Connect Globally at [Event] - Reserve Your Spot
  17. Experience [Event] live, [First Name] - RSVP now
  18. [Event], a must-attend for [Company Name]: Register now!
  19. Limited Early Bird Tickets: [Event], [First Name]
  20. Proudly announcing [Event]: Join us, [First Name]
  21. Experience [Event], [First Name]: Let's lead [Industry] together 👥
  22. Connect with the Best: [Event] Networking for [Company Name]
  23. An opportunity you can't miss, [First Name]: [Event]
  24. RSVP Today: [Event], [First Name]
  25. Unlock the future, [First Name]: Discover [Event]
  26. 👥Experience next-level networking at [Event], [First Name]

B2B Email Subject Lines for Addressing Pain Points

Subject lines for B2B emails addressing pain points should highlight your products or services solutions. By focusing on the benefits and focusing directly on your audience's challenges, you can capture their interest and encourage them to open your email.

Make’s B2B Email Subject Line for Addressing Pain Points:

“Need help creating your scenario?”

🌟Why It’s Good?: It directly speaks to a potential challenge or problem the recipient might face, suggesting that the email offers a solution or assistance.

The screenshot of Make's B2B email for addressing pain point.

Ready-to-Use B2B Email Subject Lines for Addressing Pain Points:

  1. [First Name], tackle [pain point] effectively with our [Product/Service]
  2. Cut through [pain point] with ease, 😎 [Company Name]
  3. Overcome [pain point] effortlessly with our [Product/Service], [First Name]
  4. Transform [pain point] challenges into opportunities, [Company Name]
  5. "[First Name], Let’s Rewrite Your [pain point] Story 📖"
  6. Ease your [pain point] with our proven [Product/Service], [First Name]
  7. Ease [pain point] with our expert [Product/Service], [First Name]
  8. "[First Name], Imagine a Day Without [pain point]—We Can Help!"
  9. "Hey [Company Name], Say 'Goodbye' to [pain point] Stress 😌"
  10. Your solution to [pain point] is here - Try our [Product/Service]
  11. 🤔 Seeking a solution for [pain point], [Company Name]? 
  12. [First Name], ✂️ Cut Out [pain point] with Our [Product/Service]
  13. Struggling with [pain point] ❓Let our [Product/Service] assist, [First Name]
  14. [First Name], let's put an end to [pain point] with our [Product/Service]
  15. Need a game changer for [pain point], [Company Name]?
  16. [Company Name], combat [pain point] with our innovative [Product/Service]
  17. Battling with [pain point]? Let us lend a hand, [Company Name]
  18. [First Name], our [Product/Service] can help ease your [pain point]
  19. [First Name], wave goodbye to [pain point] with our [Product/Service]
  20. [First Name], tackle [pain point] head-on with our [Product/Service]
  21. Is [pain point] a constant battle, [Company Name]? Let's win it together.
  22. Ease [pain point] with our [Product/Service], [First Name]

B2B Email Subject Lines for Sharing Case Studies and Success Stories

Sharing case studies and success stories in B2B emails can significantly enhance brand credibility and show real-world value. 

Ultimate’s B2B Email Subject Line for Sharing Case Studies and Success Stories:

“NEW customer story: How Siemens increased productivity and made CX more human with AI”

🌟Why It’s Good?: The subject line effectively indicates new content with the word "NEW", mentions a known brand name, describes the benefits gained, and points out the innovative solution involved (AI). 

The screenshot of Ultimate’s B2B Email Subject Line Sharing Case Studies and Success Stories.

Ready-to-Use B2B Email Subject Lines for Sharing Case Studies and Success Stories

  1. Success Story: How [Company Name] Boosted Sales by 60% with our [Product/Service]
  2. Achieve like [Company Name]: Learn from their success, [First Name]
  3. [First Name], Learn How [Company Name] Increased ROI by 75%
  4. Witness the [Industry] transformation of [Company Name], [First Name]
  5. Inside scoop: Unpacking [Company Name]'s success with our [Product/Service]
  6. Case Study: [Company Name]'s 50% Revenue Growth with our [Product/Service]
  7. [Company Name], let's replicate [Case Study Company]'s success together
  8. Unveiling the Success of [Company Name]: 80% More Leads in a Month
  9. [Company Name], be the next success story like [Case Study Company]
  10. See How [Company Name] Grew Traffic by 200% with our Strategy
  11. [First Name], explore [Company Name]'s growth story
  12. The secret behind [Company Name]'s success with our [Product/Service]
  13. A look into [Company Name]'s success with our solution
  14. Revealed: [Company Name]'s journey to success with our [Product/Service]
  15. True Story: How [Company Name] accelerated growth with our [Product/Service]
  16. Discover How [Product/Service] Helped [Company Name] Reduce Costs by 30%
  17. Real Results: [Company Name] Sees 30% More Engagement in a Month
  18. [First Name], Unpacking [Company Name]'s 25% Reduction in Operational Costs
  19. The Inside Scoop: [Company Name]'s 20% Quarterly Growth with our [Product/Service]
  20. Behind the Success: [Company Name]'s 35% Increase in Market Share
  21. How [Company Name] Improved Customer Satisfaction by 50%, with us

B2B Email Subject Lines for Re-engagement

Re-engagement emails are an effective way to reconnect with subscribers who have gone quiet. Your goal with these emails is to bring these customers back into the sales cycle while reminding them of your value propositions. 

Podcastle’s B2B Email Subject Line for Re-engagement:

“Important Changes to Your Podcastle Storage Limit”

🌟Why It’s Good?: It's effective because it creates urgency, highlights a clear benefit, adds a personalized touch, prompts action, and arouses curiosity, all in one succinct sentence.

The screenshot of Podcastle’s B2B Email for Re-engagement:

Ready-to-Use B2B Email Subject Lines for Re-engagement:

  1. Unlock New Benefits: Why [Product/Service] Deserves Another Look
  2. [First Name], let's dive back into the insights from [Company Name]
  3. What You're Missing Out On: [Product/Service] Updates
  4. Why Leaders in [Industry] Are Switching Back to [Product/Service]
  5. Exciting updates are waiting for you, [First Name] 📧
  6. [First Name], [Product/Service] Just Got an Upgrade You’ll Love
  7. Unlocking new opportunities, [Company Name]
  8. Ready for round two of our journey, [First Name]? 🗺️
  9. We've Been Busy: See What We've Been Up To!
  10. Guess What? We've Leveled Up! See for Yourself.
  11. Rediscover [Company Name]!
  12. See the Change: [Product/Service]'s New Era Begins Now
  13. A New Chapter for [Product/Service]: You should take a look! 👀
  14. [Company Name], let's work on creating more success stories
  15. 🪑Your seat awaits, [Company Name], for the next adventure!
  16. Transforming Your Feedback into Action: Explore [Product/Service]'s Updates
  17. [First Name], take a second glance at [Product/Service]'s enhancements
  18. [Company Name]'s progress report
  19. Catching up: Updates from [Company Name] you'll want to see
  20. [First Name], a new and improved [Product/Service] experience awaits
  21. Jumping back in: Fresh [Product/Service] insights!
  22. Reimagined just for you: New features of [Product/Service]

B2B Email Subject Lines for Follow-Up

Writing follow-up emails is important in maintaining communication and nurturing relationships with your B2B clients or prospects.

Sidekick AI’s B2B Email Subject Line for Follow-Up:

“Checking up on how it's going”

🌟Why It’s Good?: It works well because it's friendly and opens a dialogue for feedback or further interaction, encouraging the recipient to open up and respond.

The screenshot of  Sidekick AI’s B2B Email for follow-p

Ready-to-Use B2B Email Subject Lines for Follow-up:

  1. Checking in: Did you review our proposal, [First Name]?
  2. Remember our chat on [Industry Topic]? Here's an update, [First Name].
  3. [First Name], we’d love to hear your thoughts on our [Product/Service]
  4. Did our solution meet your needs, [Company Name]?
  5. Just following up, [First Name]: Any questions about our demo? 💬
  6. [First Name], Let's discuss the future of [Company Name] in [Industry]
  7. Haven't heard back from you, [First Name]. Anything you want to discuss?
  8. [Company Name], let's plan the next steps for your [Industry] goals
  9. [First Name], we value your feedback on our last meeting
  10. Caught Your Interest? Further Information on [Product/Service], [Company Name]
  11. [First Name], Concluding our conversation about [Product/Service]
  12. Checking Back on our Conversation, [Company Name] 🔄
  13. Ready to carry forward our discussion, [Company Name]?
  14. Taking Our [Product/Service] Talk Forward, [First Name]
  15. Evaluating our [Product/Service]? Happy to assist further, [First Name].
  16. [First Name], let's deepen our [Industry] collaboration.
  17. Still interested in [Product/Service], [Company Name]? 
  18. Your [Product/Service] inquiry: Next steps, [First Name].
  19. [First Name], diving deeper into our last [Product/Service] discussion.

B2B Email Subject Lines for Newsletters (Value Proposition and Educational Content)

Building on the foundational relationship you've established with your B2B clients or prospects, providing consistent value through your email newsletters is critical. Your subject lines will be the first thing they see; they need to be engaging and informative. 

Campaign Monitor’s B2B Email Subject Line for Newsletter:

“December News: The State of Email Marketing and Much More 🎉”

🌟Why It’s Good?: The subject line is effective because it indicates the freshness of the content, clearly states the topic, hints at additional valuable information, and uses an emoji to stand out and add a fun element.

The screenshot of Campaign Monitor’s B2B Email for Newsletter

Ready-to-Use B2B Email Subject Lines for Newsletters:

  1. Your weekly rundown, [First Name] 📰
  2. [Company Name], an exclusive peek into [Industry]
  3. [First Name], here's your roundup of [Industry]
  4. [First Name], here's a new perspective on [Industry]
  5. Keeping you in the [Product/Service] loop, [First Name]
  6. Curated [Industry] essentials just for you, [First Name]
  7. [First Name], mapping the recent changes in [Product/Service]
  8. [First Name], follow the breadcrumbs to [Industry] excellence 🐾
  9. Handpicked [Industry] Essentials for [First Name]
  10. [First Name], catch up on this week's [Industry] news
  11. 📰 Your easy guide to [Industry], [First Name]
  12. Hey [First Name], your quick [Product/Service] update is here
  13. Got a minute, [First Name]? Check out [Industry]'s latest trends
  14. Your [Industry] snapshot from [Company Name], [First Name]
  15. Dive deeper into [Industry]: Your expert guide, [First Name]
  16. [First Name], your [Industry] trends report for this week is here 📖
  17. ✅[First Name], explore the core of [Industry] with us!
  18. Your curated guide to [Product/Service] excellence, [First Name] 📖
  19. Stay ahead in [Industry]: Insights tailored for you, [First Name]
  20. [First Name], your navigation through [Industry]'s latest trends
  21. Uncovering key strategies in [Product/Service] for you, [First Name]
  22. [Company Name] brings you closer to [Industry] innovation, [First Name]
  23. The pulse of [Industry]: Stay ahead, [Company Name]


In this article, we talked about how important it is to write good B2B sales email subject lines. These subject lines are the first thing that potential business partners see so that they can start conversations. 

A good subject line is to the point but personalized and can grab the recipient's attention. It can also build trust and start useful B2B discussions. 

The success of your sales depends a lot on these subject lines since they affect whether or not your emails get opened. 

You can customize any of the 200 B2B email subject lines above to match your needs and enjoy monitoring your open rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Give Me Examples Of Engaging Email Subject Lines?

Certainly! Engaging email subject lines that can capture attention include: "Stay in the know: Our monthly newsletter is here!", "5 must-read articles for this week", "New product announcement: Be the first to know", "Your weekly dose of inspiration and motivation", and "Exclusive content: Subscribe to our newsletter for access".

Do B2B Cold Emails Work?

B2B cold emails can be quite effective, as reported by several sources regarding open rates. In an article discussing sales development technologies, Gartner states that approximately 23.9% of cold sales emails are opened. In its analysis of B2B cold emails, B2BRocket found that the average open rate in 2023 is 36%. BreakCold's review of cold email open rates also points to an even higher average of 40% to 60%. 

These statistics show that a significant portion of B2B cold emails attract the recipient's attention and lead to the emails being opened. The difference in these rates can be attributed to factors such as industry differences, email content quality, level of personalization in emails, and timing. For more details about cold email statistics, check out 50+ Cold Email Statistics & Insights to Explore.

How Do I Measure The Success Of My B2B Email Campaigns?

Measuring the success of your B2B email campaigns involves tracking key email marketing KPIs such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall engagement. 

Tools like email marketing software can provide these insights. 

Additionally, A/B testing different subject lines, content, and calls to action can help identify what resonates best with your audience, allowing you to refine your strategy over time. 

Further Reading