# Device-Based Targeting

Non-responsive mobile popups annoy users as they block the content on small screens. The good news is you don’t need to lose customers by showing them the wrong campaign. Popupsmart has a device-based targeting for popup campaigns to let you show your popup in optimal size for desktop or mobile devices.

Note that it’s always best to create separate campaigns for mobile and desktop devices since some layouts are designed specifically for desktop devices.

How to know whether your popup is activated for desktop and/or mobile?

See the mobile and desktop icons on the right middle side of your popup builder screen. The green spot refers to ‘activated’ while the red is ‘deactivated.’ To change the device targeting, you can either click on the mentioned icons or navigate the Target tab.


To set up Device-Based Targeting, go to the Target tab and click on the Visitor Device.

  • All popups are deactivated for mobile by default.
  • To enable it, click on Mobile and Save before closing the modal.

That’s it. Now your popup is activated for all devices. Mind that you can select only one type of device, too. Don’t forget to Save to publish later or Save & Publish your popup once you finalize its settings.


Additionally, you can add a different image for the mobile popup. To set up the mobile version of your campaign. Click the mobile icon from the right middle side of the screen and go to Customize > Image to add an optimal-sized image for mobile devices.

Pro Tip: Some campaigns may require different audience targeting for mobile users. In that case, you may duplicate your campaign and tweak its design and targeting for the best for mobile devices.