# Creating Your First Popup

Popupsmart's easy-to-use popup builder and user-friendly interface make it simpler to create conversion-ready popups in just a few minutes.

This guide will provide you with all the necessary information on how to get started with Popupsmart.

# Step 1: Select Your Business Objective

select your business objective

To create your first popup, the first step is to select a campaign goal based on your business needs.

Once you click on "Create a New Popup" on your Popupsmart dashboard, the intelligent popup builder offers you solutions to realize your goals.

# Step 2: Choose A Popup Template

popup builder

Predesigned popup templates vary based on the selected campaign goal for an optimized popup design.

Select the popup template you want to continue with the customization step.

# Step 3: Customize Your Popup

popup customization

On the customization step, you can edit the properties of your popup such as headline, description, and image.

Click on "Edit General Appearance" to edit the design of your popup in detail such as the background color, text color, close button, and popup open effect.

# Step 4: Adjust Audience Targeting Options

popup targeting

After personalizing your popup design, continue with adjusting targeting options.

Schedule your popup display period, view frequency, set the audience targeting options such as targeting based on traffic source, geo-location, HTML targeting, and so on.

To get more information about how to configure popup display options, visit our related article.

# Step 5: Integrate Your Popupsmart Account

popupsmart builder analytics section elements total impressions popup display interaction conversion rate

You can integrate your Popupsmart account with email marketing service providers and applications such as MailChimp, Mailerlite, and Zapier.

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# Step 6: Embed the Popup Code to Your Website

how to embed popup code 1

When you complete your popup design, copy the provided embed code to your clipboard, and paste it between the body tags on your website's source code.

# Step 7: Save and Publish Your Popup

how to publish popup

You need to click on "Save and Publish" on the top right corner of the builder to display the popup on your website.

Turn on the status toggle to make your popup visible. Your popup is now ready to boost your conversions.

Wondering how to measure your popup campaign’s return on investment? Luckily, we have a free tool for popup ROI calculation!

Don't forget to contact us, if you have any further questions about creating a popup with Popupsmart!