How Email Automation Triggers Work

Popupsmart's platform is intuitively designed, offering a straightforward and user-friendly experience. This enables you to quickly set up effective email automation to enhance conversions in a matter of minutes.

You can design a popup with an email input field. Utilizing popup-based triggers, you can:

  • Distribute discount coupons via email using the Send Discount Code trigger, which also helps you verify the emails you are collecting.
  • Welcome new newsletter subscribers with the Welcome New Subscriber trigger.
  • Engage in post-interaction follow-ups by sending emails after a popup form submission, using the Popup Form Submissions trigger.
💡 Important: You can only use one email automation for a single popup campaign.

For Shopify merchants, Popupsmart offers seamless integration that allows you to initiate email automation based on specific actions your website visitors take without the need for popups. To activate triggers tailored for Shopify, first verify your Shopify Store. You have a variety of triggers at your disposal, including:

  • New Signup trigger: Extend a welcoming gesture to new signups.
  • Thank You Email - 1st Purchase trigger: Encourage a second purchase by sending a gratitude email after the first buy.
  • Checkout Abandonment trigger: Nudge visitors who didn't complete their purchase.

Learn how to create a Shopify-based email automation.

This flexibility in trigger options ensures that you can tailor your email automation strategy to fit your specific business needs and customer interactions.