Where Does Your Collected Lead Data Go?

Congratulations on your brand-new leads!

If you’re curious about what happens to your lead data after users fill out a popup form, follow this quick guide.

1. On your dashboard, click the “Leads” section from the left bar to open your popup’s Lead Data, where all the collected user data is gathered.

lead button on dashboard

You can find info about the collected leads, such as ID, email address, created date, action name, page, referrer, and device listed on your Leads Table.

Tip: The search bar allows you to look up specific data.

2. You can select the types of data you want to view on the table by filtering them. Also, you can filter your lead data according to a specific time range or select a custom date, as shown below.

lead data time filter

3. Finally, to export your lead data in CSV, PDF, or XLS formats, click the “Export” button. Then, choose the formats and download the table.

exporting lead data from popupsmart dashboard

Tip: You can collect more user data with Popupsmart’s Prefill feature.

If you have any questions about collecting lead data, feel free to get in touch with us!