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15 Top Price Drop Emails with Practical Tips & Examples

Price drop emails are a crucial part of every email marketing campaign.

Not only do they fulfill users’ need to shop for sales, but they also work to move new products off the shelves before they get too old.

It looks like almost every brand is focusing on price drops these days, and I mean, why wouldn’t they?

However, before getting started, you need to know:

What are the best ways to use price drop emails?

Which tactic works in which industries?

Are there any words or strategies you should follow/avoid?

Let’s take a look at 15 price drop emails, which can shed some light on the subject.

What is a Price Drop Email?

Price drop emails are an email marketing tactic that informs customers about discounts on their favorite/best-seller products.

Basically, these emails inform everyone who subscribed to the brands’ email list of the recent price drop so that they can save money.

Yes, save money!

It works by convincing users that although they’re buying, they are technically saving money!

a hand holding an smart phone that shows the email marketing page in dark mode with a laptop and an eye glass on the background

Aside from that, it is common for brands to send price drop emails around Black Friday and Cyber Monday when everyone is going crazy searching for the best sales and offers.

But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t just work for holidays; this email marketing strategy works all year.

Best Price Drop Email Examples for Customer Retention

Everybody likes to get a good deal, and especially when there is an opportunity to buy something that's on sale, the desire to take advantage of the discount is even higher.

As I mentioned above, price drop emails are one of the most popular email marketing tactics that many companies use to restock their inventory of products.

These emails enable you to inform your potential customers about the opportunity to buy at a reduced price.

Now let’s take a look at these top price drop email examples and take away some tips & tricks.

1. GoPro | Highlight the Product Features

The first price drop email example on this list is the GoPro HERO8 Black promotion with a “new low price”.

GoPro price drop email example with a dark background an a picture of the GoPro HERO8 Black product with some text promoting its features

A GoPro camera is not something that you might suddenly decide to buy (at least not me!).

Most people (experts) research features and consider every aspect before making a purchase, so this email knows exactly who to target.

Camera fanatics!

Look closely, and you will see the email does not specifically tell the recipient how much the discount is, but it provides strategic data to trigger their purchase.

A short description of the key features followed by a text that says “8 is the one” and the fact that the price has just been lowered (it does not even matter how much) is enough for potential buyers to take action.

2. Honey | Personalize Your Price Drop Emails

The next price drop email example is from PayPal Honey, formerly known as Honey.

PayPal Honey platform's price drop email example with a long sleeve shirt on sale with an orange call to action that says "view deal"

An American technology company that is a subsidiary of PayPal has developed a browser extension that aggregates and automatically applies online coupons.

Basically, the whole business revolves around price dropping and discounts.

The email subject line “Saving From Your Droplist” summarizes what the recipient is about to see in the email body.

This email stands out for personalizing offers based on the users' search history and alerting them about items they were interested in.

“Check quickly! Price can change many times per day.”

Lastly, reminding the recipient that prices can change throughout the day creates a sense of urgency.

Taking all the points into account, let's say that PayPal Honey knows how to use FOMO email marketing in its favor.

3. Jomashop | Add Product Recommendations

This price drop email example is from Jomashop, a “grey market” dealer that buys and sells offloaded stock from authorized dealers.

Jomashop price drop email example with a title that says "price drop alert" shwing Celine Ladies Grey Grained with a discount with other products new price in the footer

Since Jomashop is not an authorized dealer of the brands they sell, and, unlike authorized dealers, they are not required to charge full retail prices, and that’s why their price drop emails are so popular.

The email subject line “Drop Price Alert” piques the user's interest to open the email.

Furthermore, it offers not only a discounted price for one of the most expensive items but also customizes product recommendations based on the user's shopping history and preferences.

This is a great example of a timely, well-designed, and relevant product recommendation email with enough value (discount) to potentially trigger the reader into making a purchase.

4. Pink Blush | Offer User-specific Discounts

Pink Blush offers a user-specific discount in this email and clearly states how much exactly their product's price has dropped in their offer.

PinkBlush price drop email example showing a picture of a woman in a balck ribbed maternitiy tank top with a lower price

The best part is that they announce the price drop in an email in a way that the recipient feels like they are the first to know.

Even with a simple sentence such as “We thought you'd want a heads up on this price drop”, you can convey a sense of value and significance to your recipients.

In addition, they create urgency by stating the offer may end soon towards the end of the email as a way to encourage the user to take action.

PinkBlush product recommendation email example displaying maternity dresses at the end of the email with a title that says “Love That? You’ll love these”

They then take it a step further by including more relevant products with a headline stating “Love That? You’ll love these” at the bottom of the email to give users a greater incentive to make a purchase.

5. UpWest | Use Trigger Words

“Don’t Miss Your Chance”

“Shop Now”

UpWest clearly takes advantage of trigger words to evoke emotions in the readers and make them take action.

UpWest price drop email example with a title that says "Dont miss your chance" and a picture of person wearing the "all around short" product and. a call to action that says "Shop Now"

Using phrases like “Last Chance”, “Limited Offer”, and “Exclusive Price Drop” send a message to the reader that they are about to find something exceptional and if they don’t take advantage of it right now they will lose this chance forever.

Generally, fear tends to be a stronger emotion than hope, but add exclusivity, and you get something even more compelling.

Ultimately, the tricky part with trigger words is remembering not to misuse or overuse them.

Plus, if you are about to introduce the best of something, make sure you actually deliver!

6. DTLR | Make Navigation Easier with CTAs

This price drop email from the DTLR brand presents a set of discounted items to encourage customers to purchase them all.

DTLR product recommendation email example with a title that says "check these out" and different product images such as colorful hats and a black and a white shirt

Bundling products in a discount plan is a good strategy to improve customer satisfaction rates and ultimately increase sales.

But that's not the only thing this email has going for it.

Observe how they try their best to provide different options for users with the call to action below the product image.

DTLR price drop email example promoting a cool orange sucks that its price has been discounted recently

There are two CTAs on this email: “Shop Now” & “Shop DTLR”.

In the first, users are taken to the exact product page, while in the second, they are permitted to browse through the shop and take advantage of all the discounts available.

Your whole price-dropping campaign will be impacted if users have an easy time navigating your products.

7. Rainbow | Spark Users’ Curiosity & Bond with Them

“Guess What?!” Rainbow brand sparks users’ curiosity with this subject line and shares the good news later in the email body.

Rainbow price drop email example offering plus size jeans with a discounted price

The copy conveys a sense of close friendship and offers just one item that its price has been dropped.

You can eliminate a user's choice by discounting a single product.

If the discount is good enough, it not only increases your chance of selling but also prevents the product's perceived value from dropping.

8. ShopStyle | Track User Behavior & Provide Different Options

This price drop email example is from a Shopify e-commerce store named ShopStyle.

ShopStyle price drop email example displaying different products from hats to sweatshirts and other streetwears with a discounted price

In addition to persuading leads to have better style, the brand offers bundles of products that are all aesthetically pleasing.

By tracking user behavior on the website, they figured out the items they were most interested in and personalized their offers.

Displaying the old and the new price is also a good way to persuade users to take action.

It's important to remember that the more personalized your email marketing, the higher the chance of increasing engagement.

9. Forever 21 | Drop Price on Your Favorite Items

Forever 21 spices up its price drop email marketing campaign by offering discounts on its most popular items.

Forever21 price drop email example with a title that says “get your faves at their new lower price” and a picture of a girl with curly hair wearing a dress

The email is perfectly optimized for mobile and targets potential customers by offering one of the season's most popular items at a reduced price.

Receivers are more likely to be triggered to make a purchase by seeing a model wearing the product than just viewing the product image itself.

Even though the email is only showing the price of one product, the title says, “get your faves at their new lower price” and invites users to take action now.

This makes readers wonder which other items are on the discount list and click on the call to action.

10. Columbia | Drop Price on Similar Items

Columbia uses one of the best price-dropping strategies ever by lowering the price of similar pre-purchased items.

Columbia price drop email example with a title that says "Great News" offering discount on a long sleeve shirt for men and offering similar items in the bottom of the email

It is clear that the brand used automation and machine learning to offer similar products to what users saved in their shopping carts and remind them that something they liked once is now available at a discounted price.

Aside from that, sending a price drop email to users who have been inactive for a while is a good marketing strategy for re-engaging them.

11. NewChic | Show Absolute & Relative Discounts

NewChic makes sure users fully comprehend the offer by including the absolute and relative discounts in the email body.

NewChic price drop email example displaying several items with lower price, products on sale like shoes and dress with up to 9% discount

It captures the readers' attention with the “UP to 90% off” subject line and then shows the old and the new price next to each item.

By mentioning both the relative (percentage) discount and the absolute price, you will clarify every detail about your offer and simplify the decision-making process.

12. Taylor Stitch | Indicate How Much They’ll Save

Taylor Stitch brand capitalizes on people's constant desire to save money by offering its products at savings.

Taylor Stitch price drop email example with displaying a jacket called "The Ojai Jacket in Arid Camo Dry Wax" with the old price, discounted price and the amount users will save if they buy now

It is triggering enough that the price drops on a product the users have had their eyes on for a long time, but what sets it apart is what they will save by buying now.

Users are told that if they purchase now, they’ll save "$59.40" in comparison with the previous price of the product.

In addition, the email mentions the absolute and relative price as well as its previous cost.

13. WikiBuy | Update Users on Daily Price Drops

Daily price drop emails are also another great way to update users on the most recent discounts, and WikiBuy knows how to do it the best!

WikiBuy price drop email example displaying home furnitures such as lamp and chairs with a discounted offer

Similar to the Honey platform, WikiBuy also monitors all user purchases and successful coupon usage to provide the most accurate information to its entire customer base.

The platform strives to provide users with the best deals, and that’s why the daily price drops are so important in this case.

This way, users can check their options daily for a deal that fits their budget.

14. Target | Drop Prices to Sell Old Stock

Target uses drop price emails to promote the old stuck and seasonal items that are on their way out.

Target price drop email example with a title that says "new price alert" showcasing products like tops and shirts and pants for a really cheap price

By displaying the cheapest items at the top of the email, the brand entices users to take a look and see what they can get from this offer.

I mean, adding a $6.30 item is enough reason for some users to make a purchase simply because “It was only 6 dollars!!!!”

15. Academy | Don’t Overwhelm Them with Too Many Options

Last but not least, here is a price-drop email from Academy that knows exactly how not to overwhelm the recipient with too many options.

Academy price drop email example diplaying Outdoor Gourmet 4-Burner 36" Griddle product with almost $100 discount

While I mentioned this many times in the earlier email examples, I wanted to emphasize it at the end.

Overchoice, or choice overload, is when a person is presented with too many options, particularly in retail stores.

Giving users too many discounted offers can cause decision fatigue – negatively impacting their decision-making process.

According to studies, brands that ease the purchase decision journey are 115% more likely to be recommended and 9% more likely to be repurchased.

Why Do You Need to Send Price Drop Emails?

You might want to send price drop emails to your customers for many reasons.

Maybe your inventory is low, or perhaps you've identified new products that you'd like to sell. Either way, it can be a smart strategy for re-engaging customers and encouraging them to make bulk purchases.

a wooden working table with laptop on top of it next to a coffee mug and a notepad

By implementing these strategies into your email marketing campaigns, you’ll be building a solid foundation for increasing your profits and fulfilling your customers' needs.

It is also an effective way to boost your sales and build a loyal customers that returns to you for more purchase.

What are the Characteristics of a Good Price Drop Email?

Price drop emails must have everything that a well-performing email should have: relevancy, urgency, and value.

This way, they are reaching their goals by providing real value to their readers and fostering customer loyalty.

Test the tips and examples above, take the best ideas, and craft your narrative.

Invest in it wisely, and you can enjoy as well the benefits of improved open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement.

As Final Words…

If you're wondering how to execute a price drop email campaign, then the above examples are a great place to start.

According to statistics, 90% of users are willing to share their data when presented with the right value exchange (incentive).

So start by taking proactive steps to build trust with consumers, acknowledge their concern for data privacy, and take a consumer-centric approach.

Your discount offer can be as simple as a percentage off, a certain amount of money off of the purchase price, or even both!

The important thing is to communicate the terms of your price drop, both in the email and on your product page, so that everything is clear.

And with that, we hope these examples give you some good ideas on how to make your next price drop email marketing campaign effective.

Ultimately, you can grow your email list using converting popups and fuel your marketing campaign more accurately.

Using a simple-to-use popup builder like Popupsmart is a great way to start.

Take a look at how easy it is to customize templates to match your brand's voice and identity.

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What are the Best Subject Lines for Price Drop Emails?

  • Prices are dropping
  • Drops of offers
  • Price drop alert
  • Eyes on the drops
  • Your looks for less
  • Save 20% cause we just dropped the prices

When is the Best Time to Send Price Drop Emails?

The best time to send price drop emails is around the holidays. For example, most brands start to lower their product prices significantly around Black Friday and promote it with drop-price emails.

How Can I Customize My Price Drop Emails?

You don’t need to go above and beyond to customize your price drop emails for users. You can start by mentioning their names or just offering discounts on the items that they have had their eyes on for some time.

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