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Mobile Marketing Strategies & 10 Tools to Drive Conversions

Since smartphones are taking over the world, mastering mobile marketing strategies can hugely influence your business's growth. These strategies are your key to reaching your audience where they are, on their phones.

Imagine connecting with potential customers as they browse, shop, and engage with brands via their mobile devices.

From optimizing your website for mobile to crafting compelling SMS campaigns and tapping into the world of mobile ads, mobile marketing strategies are the backbone of modern marketing success.

That's why we'll dive into the core of mobile marketing strategies that can help you to drive conversions. We also included mobile marketing tools you can use.

Let's begin!

Importance & Benefits of Mobile Marketing

a woman checking her phone and a blurry background

According to a February 2023 survey of Statista about mobile marketing budget, marketers in the United States revealed that 19% of their marketing funds were allocated to mobile marketing.

Also, according to Statista's statistics about mobile advertising expenditure, in 2022, there was an anticipated increase in global expenditure on mobile advertising, projected to reach 336 billion U.S. dollars, marking a 14 percent rise from the previous year.

Looking ahead to 2023, the mobile advertising industry is set to expand even further, with a projected value of 362 billion U.S. dollars, indicating a growth of approximately 51 percent compared to the 240 billion U.S. dollars recorded in 2020.

Statistics don't lie; mobile devices have taken over. From browsing social media to making purchases, the majority of online activities happen on mobile devices.

Here are some of the importance & benefits of mobile marketing:

Seamless user experience: If your website is optimized for mobile, you can retain potential customers who quickly move on to competitors with more user-friendly interfaces. A mobile-responsive design ensures your content looks great, functions well, and keeps users engaged.

a young woman checking her phone

Quick and instant interaction: Users turn to their phones to satisfy immediate needs, which strengthens immediate interactions.

Whether it's finding a nearby restaurant or making a quick purchase, mobile is the go-to solution for instant gratification. If your business can deliver the right information at the right moment, you can capture these valuable moments.

Enhancing local engagement: Location-based marketing has become a game-changer. By sending a timely offer to someone's phone when they're near your store, you can turn them into loyal customers.

Whether you're a local business or a global brand, utilizing location-based strategies can help you connect with nearby customers like never before.

Power of personalization: The power of mobile marketing lies in its potential for personalization. With insights into user behavior, preferences, and location, you can deliver tailor-made experiences that resonate with your target audience.

This personal touch doesn't just boost engagement; it also builds lasting connections and fosters brand loyalty.

9 Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies You Should Focus on

1. Optimize Your Website to Be Mobile-Friendly

a hand holding and checking a mobile phone

In the era of smartphones, your website's design can either win hearts or drive visitors away.

Imagine visitors encountering your website on smartphones with tiny text and distorted images. Frustration sets in, and they're gone. Mobile responsiveness prevents this by tailoring your site to fit screens perfectly, ensuring a captivating experience on any device.

User experience (UX) is the crucial part of keeping your visitors engaged and interested. A seamless, enjoyable journey keeps users engaged and encourages them to take action. A responsive design guarantees consistent, delightful UX across devices, leading to more conversions.

If your site isn't mobile-responsive, it affects your search ranking while affecting your visitors' experience.

Google's mobile-first indexing is a crucial point you shouldn't underestimate. It uses mobile content for indexing, even for desktop users. A mobile-responsive site isn't just user-friendly; it's also more likely to be discovered by search engines, boosting your online visibility by being SEO-friendly.

Apart from these, speed matters during the mobile experience, and swift-loading sites impress users and show you value their time.

2. Build SMS Marketing Campaigns

a woman holding a phone and wearing a white jumper

SMS marketing emerges as a powerful tool to reach your audience and drive meaningful engagement directly.

Think about your own behavior; how often do you check your text messages? Chances are, it's quite frequent. SMS marketing leverages this habit, providing a direct line to your audience's pockets. With the right approach, your messages can capture immediate attention and spark interactions.

Whether you're delivering a time-sensitive offer or an important announcement, you can be confident that your audience will see these messages quickly. Also, for personalizing SMS marketing campaigns, you can address your recipients by name, tailor content to their preferences, and watch engagement levels skyrocket.

SMS messages can stand out, unlike emails that often get lost in cluttered inboxes. It's a channel where your content gets noticed and acted upon, making it a perfect fit for promotions, flash sales, event reminders, and more.

Successful SMS campaigns require strategic optimization. Keep your messages concise, clear, and action-oriented. Whether it's a limited-time offer or a link to special content, ensure your messages provide value and a clear call to action.

Overwhelming your audience with excessive messages can lead to opt-outs. Focus on delivering valuable content and offers without overwhelming your audience with spammy messages.

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3. Use Popups on Your Website

a popup example about country shipping to get more phone calls

Popups act as attention-grabbers, directing users to a specific message or offer. By using popups, you can increase user engagement, get more phone calls and achieve your goals with various solutions.

You can include mobile popups on your website and keep your visitors coming from mobile devices engaged.

The key to successful popups lies in their content. Whether it's an exclusive discount or a newsletter subscription, your popup's message should be clear, concise, and aligned with your overall brand identity.

an animated popup example for automated callback to offer support

Utilize strategies like exit-intent popups or geo-location popups to reach your potential audience quickly and encourage them to take action.

Design your popups with clear call-to-action buttons, concise forms, and minimal distractions. A well-optimized popup can turn visitors into loyal customers.

Don't forget to focus on mobile-friendly popups to get the most out of your mobile marketing efforts. You can target mobile users thanks to segment solutions of popup builder Popupsmart.

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4. Pay Attention to Social Media Mobile Advertising

social media icons displayed on a smartphone screen

Social media and mobile devices are inseparable companions. Social media mobile advertising enables you to integrate your brand into users' daily digital routines seamlessly.

Select platforms that go hand in hand with your target audience's preferences. Incorporating ads and content into Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok can be useful.

Mobile screens are relatively small, making visuals the heart of mobile advertising success. Engaging images and videos are key to capturing attention while users scroll and engage in any content. Invest in eye-catching visuals that reflect your brand's essence and instantly convey your message.

Since mobile users have limited attention spans, your ad copy should be concise, impactful, and aligned with your visual content. Craft messages that spark curiosity and drive action in just a few lines.

Consider adding user-generated content to your ads and social media campaigns overall. These types of content can add authenticity and resonate with mobile audiences. Encourage your audience to create content, including your products or services. Share this content in your mobile ads to build trust and relatability.

While mobile advertising is a great way to promote your products, it's important to balance promotional and valuable content. Provide helpful insights and tips to enhance your brand's credibility and engagement.

5. Use Location-Based Marketing

a world map with colorful pins

Location-based marketing can be useful since sending relevant information when users are close to a physical location enhances engagement. Whether it's a restaurant deal or a special event nearby, your messages have a higher chance of resonating and triggering action.

Each location has unique attributes, and your mobile marketing activities can reflect that. Create offers or content specific to a region's preferences or events. This level of personalization shows your audience that you understand and value their interests.

If you own a local business, creating location-based marketing activities can be helpful in focusing on your target audience and increasing conversions. You can display popups on your website or send notifications based on certain locations to reach your potential customers.

Keep in mind that users should know how their data is being used and have the option to opt out. Strive for a respectful balance between personalized offers and user autonomy while applying location-based marketing strategies.

6. Optimize for Voice Search

Google Assistant speaker on a table next to notebook

With voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant becoming increasingly popular, the way people search for information is evolving. Instead of typing fragmented keywords, users are asking complete questions. Optimizing for voice search means aligning with this conversational shift.

Unlike traditional search queries, voice search is more conversational and contextually nuanced. Focus on understanding the intent behind user queries rather than just targeting specific keywords. Crafting content that naturally answers common questions is key to displaying your content.

Voice assistants often pull answers from featured snippets. You can structure your content to provide clear, concise answers to common questions, increasing your chances of being the voice answer.

Besides these, voice search is often used for local queries like "near me" searches. Ensure your local business information is updated on platforms like Google My Business to improve the likelihood of appearing in voice search results related to local services.

7. Include QR Codes

a hand of a woman scanning a QR code with a phone

QR codes are gateways to digital content. With a simple smartphone scan, users can access websites, certain landing pages, videos, contact details, promotions, and much more.

The ease of use and immediate access make QR codes an attractive option for connecting users with relevant information on your mobile marketing activities.

Instead of typing URLs or searching for information, users can scan a QR code and instantly access the content they need. Whether it's a product manual, event details, or a special offer, QR codes deliver information to users' fingertips in simple steps.

There are various static and dynamic QR code generators in the market, such as QRCodeDynamic. By using a QR code generator, you can easily create QR codes for your mobile marketing campaigns.

You can use QR codes for marketing by placing them on your website, social media platforms, physical products, promotional materials, packaging, business cards, and more.

As mobile devices dominate our lives, QR codes fit perfectly into users' smartphone routines. Scanning a QR code feels natural and requires no additional apps for modern devices.

While QR codes are functional, they can also be designed to align with your brand's aesthetics. Incorporate your brand colors and logo to make the code visually appealing while retaining functionality on your mobile marketing activities.

8. Get Involved in Mobile Video Marketing

a man wearing glasses holding a camera and shooting a video

Mobile devices have transformed how we consume content, and video is among the most popular content types.

Videos allow you to tell stories in a way that words alone can't. Whether it's a product demo, product launch, or tutorial, videos engage users visually. Thanks to mobile video marketing activities, you can reach a broader audience.

Different social media platforms have unique video preferences. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube all have their unique formats and audience behaviors. Optimize your videos to fit the platform's style and user expectations.

You can include user-generated content by encouraging your audience to create content related to your brand. User-generated videos not only showcase authentic experiences but also strengthen the relationship between your brand and its community.

9. Send Mobile Push Notifications

a hand displaying iPhone screen and coffee at the background

Push notifications can be useful in interacting with users if you want to focus on mobile app marketing. Mobile push notifications instantly bring your brand's message to users' screens, creating a direct line to their attention.

The limited space of a push notification demands concise and impactful messaging. Craft messages that intrigue, inform, or offer value. Make every character count, whether it's a flash sale, breaking news, or personalized recommendations.

Segment your audience based on factors like location, behavior, or purchase history. This allows you to send highly relevant notifications that resonate with each user group.

To add personalization to your notifications, you can address users by name, recommend products based on their browsing history, or acknowledge their milestones. Personalized push notifications make users feel seen and valued, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Consider time zones and user behaviors to ensure your notifications are received at the proper time.

10 Mobile Marketing Tools to Use for Your Campaigns

1. Popupsmart

a screenshot of the landing page of Popupsmart, which is a mobile marketing tool

Popupsmart is a popup builder that provides solutions for crafting mobile-friendly popups. Through its extensively customizable drag-and-drop editor, you can swiftly create popup forms that are ready to drive conversions and engage users in less than 5 minutes.

Key Features:

  • You can elevate the level of engagement of your popups by using multi-step popups.
  • Advanced segmenting options such as URL browsing, visitor devices, browser language, traffic source, site data targeting, new or returning visitors, and HTML targeting are available.
  • You can create interactive popups using gamification popups like "spin to win" and the "lottery ball game."
  • Popupsmart smoothly integrates with various platforms, including Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Customer.io, Drip, Email Octopus, Sendinblue, HubSpot, Klaviyo, MailerLite, SendGrid, Zapier, Make, and Webhook, streamlining your workflow.
  • Creating and customizing your popups according to your brand's identity is possible, thanks to customization solutions. Also, you can add Lottie animations to your popups to make them engaging.


  • The free plan is available and provides 5.000 page views monthly, one popup, and one website.
  • The basic plan starts from $32.5 per month and includes 100.000 page views.
  • The pro plan starts from $82.5 per month, and it includes 500.000 page views per month.
  • The expert plan is for professionals with 1M page views per month. It starts from $132.5 and offers unlimited popups and unlimited websites.
  • You can get a customized pricing plan if you have more than 1M page views.

2. Attentive

a screenshot of the landing page of Attentive, which is a mobile marketing tool

Attentive is a personalized text messaging tool offering comprehensive SMS marketing solutions.

Top Features:

  • You can create personalized and engaging text messaging experiences with images, GIFs, audio, or videos.
  • It includes an AI-based prediction solution for accurate segmentation and best-performing content so that you can send content to the target audience.
  • You can collect preferences thanks to keywords or numbers that trigger a reply. That way, delivering relevant responses becomes easier.
  • With the Smart Sending feature, you can send messages when they are least likely to opt out.
  • You can create your branded contact cards for effective mobile marketing campaigns.

Pricing: You can request a demo and learn more about pricing details.

3. Braze

a screenshot of the landing page of Braze, which is a mobile marketing tool

Braze is a customer engagement platform that provides various solutions for integrated cross-channel delivery, including SMS, Whatsapp, email, mobile & web push, in-app & in-browser messaging, and more.

Top Features:

  • You can send in-app messages to boost transactions and engagement, offer your discounts or announce new products.
  • Using ready-to-use templates and workflows, you can increase the interaction of your SMS audience.
  • The tool is created to manage high-volume marketing campaigns and transactional sends to over 200 countries so that you can reach your audience.
  • It updates subscri̇pti̇on status changes i̇n real-ti̇me, thanks to built-in keyword processing.
  • You can send time-sensitive messages with mobile or web push notifications and onboard new users to convert them. Also, announcing new features to win back your customers is possible.

Pricing: You can contact sales for pricing details.

4. CleverTap

a screenshot of the landing page of CleverTap, which is a mobile marketing tool

CleverTap is an all-in-one customer engagement tool that includes features like automated user segmentation, omnichannel engagement, journey orchestration, campaign optimization for channels such as WhatsApp, email automation, in-app messaging, SMS, and more.

Top Features:

  • In-app messaging solution includes capabilities like personalized messaging, localized messages, drag-and-drop editor, and pre-built templates to make the in-app messaging smoother.
  • You can send time-sensitive messages to your customers, which can be ideal for notifying users about time-sensitive offers, delivery estimates, and more.
  • Scheduling SMS campaigns based on user behavior is possible to optimize message delivery times.
  • Thanks to geo-specific campaigns, you can tailor push notifications to include location-specific information for better user engagement.
  • With new user reminders, you can encourage new users to complete registration or explore app features.

Pricing: The Essentials plan starts from $99 per month. You can contact sales for the Advanced & Cutting Edge plans' pricing details.

5. Brevo

a screenshot of the landing page of Brevo, which is a mobile marketing tool

Brevo, which is formerly known as Sendinblue, is a software that provides solutions for customer relationship management. It helps users engage with their audience through email, SMS, chat, etc.

Top Features:

  • You can send personalized and targeted text messages and boost engagement thanks to real-time updates.
  • You can use your WhatsApp Business profile to build multimedia campaigns, start conversations, and deliver messages at the right time to strengthen your mobile marketing activities.
  • By using campaign reports and statistics, you can better understand your mobile marketing strategies.
  • To send relevant messages, you can segment contacts by location, preferences, purchase history, and so on.
  • You can respond on the go via the mobile application if you want to use the live chat feature to provide support to your audience.

Pricing: Free plan is available. The Starter plan starts from $25 per month. The Business plan starts from $65 per month. The BrevoPlus plan has a custom price, so that you can talk to sales for its details.

6. EZ Texting

a screenshot of the landing page of EZ Texting, which is a mobile marketing tool

EZ Texting is an SMS marketing tool that provides solutions for marketing and sales, customer service, HR & employee operations.

Top Features:

  • You can send text messages with MMS campaigns and mobile coupons to get the most out of them.
  • Text-to-join, QR codes, and sign-up forms allow you to create engaging and attention-grabbing mobile marketing campaigns.
  • You can manage contacts by uploading and building your groups for targeting.
  • You can send automated text messages and track campaign performance with analytics.
  • Engaging in direct messaging and sending follow-up messages is possible. That way, you can reconnect with those who aren't responding.

Pricing: The Launch plan starts from $20 per month. The Boost plan starts from $60 per month. The Scale plan starts from $100 per month. The Enterprise plan starts from $3000 per month.

7. Airship

a screenshot of the landing page of Airship, which is a mobile marketing tool

Airship is an app experience platform that can accompany you in your mobile marketing activities.

Top Features:

  • The tool includes various solutions for onboarding, cross-channel acquisition, loyalty, churn prevention, win back, upsell, retargeting, and abandoned carts.
  • With push notifications, you can engage with your audience thanks to targeted and time-sensitive messages. You can optimize message delivery time thanks to Prective AI, automation, and segmentation solutions.
  • In-app messaging solution includes precise targeting for location-sensitive messages.
  • App Store Optimization capabilities include identifying the right keywords, content, and images that can be useful to increase rankings and app downloads.
  • With Mobile Wallet, you can add dynamic loyalty cards, tickets, and so on to offer a better user experience.

Pricing: You can contact the sales team for custom pricing.

8. Sendpulse

a screenshot of the landing page of Sendpulse, which is a mobile marketing tool

Sendpulse is a multichannel marketing automation platform that includes triggered emails, chatbots, scheduled SMS, and web push notifications.

Top Features:

  • Creating bulk SMS campaigns and using segmentation to reach the right people at the right time is possible.
  • You can send instant browser notifications to contact your customers on smartphones.
  • The SMS service can be integrated with CRM, CMS, or e-commerce tools, thanks to the API of Sendpulse.
  • With the Automation 360 solution, you can send triggered messages, email, web push, and social media campaigns to improve your multichannel marketing.
  • Sending SMS to over 1,000 mobile operators in 200 countries is possible so you can reach your audience with global mobile marketing campaigns.

Pricing: SMS messaging costs vary depending on the country, so that you can visit Sendpulse's pricing page for more information.

9. MoEngage

a screenshot of the landing page of MoEngage, which is a mobile marketing tool

MoEngage is a customer engagement platform that includes solutions for mobile push notifications, SMS automation, in-app communications, web push notifications, social media sync, and so on.

Top Features:

  • You can add and track links in your SMS messages to retarget your customers through various omnichannel marketing campaigns.
  • Analyzing and optimizing SMS strategy through one dashboard is possible, giving you a better understanding of campaign performance.
  • With in-app messaging, you can build stronger customer relationships through mobile applications. It also includes various templates and a drag-and-drop editor.
  • AI-based mobile push notification feature is available, which allows you to send even-triggered, location-based, and behavior-based notifications.
  • The tool offers various solutions for financial services, media & entertainment, telecom, retail & e-commerce, travel & hospitality, and ed tech.

Pricing: You can request a demo to learn about pricing details.

10. Mobile Action

a screenshot of the landing page of Mobile Action, which is a mobile marketing tool

Mobile Action is an app store optimization and marketing tool that allows you to optimize your mobile marketing strategies with different solutions.

Top Features:

  • You can monitor your competitors' movements and keep up with the recent trends to optimize your campaigns.
  • Localising applications for any market is possible, which will help you to reach your target audience.
  • Ready-made reports are available in the dashboard and can be delivered by email or Slack.
  • It also includes free tools like Apple Search Ads Audit, Apple Search Ads Performance Grader, App Report, Ad Library, and AI Keyword Generator.

Pricing: Free plan is available. For the details of the Premium plan, you can schedule a demo.

Wrap Up

Mobile marketing strategies aren't just a trend but a necessity. Optimizing for mobile, offering personalized experiences, and using new technologies, you will be ready to make an impact.

As smartphones become an extension of our lives, applying mobile marketing techniques to your business will help you drive conversions.

You can unlock the growth potential thanks to SMS campaigns, mobile-friendly content, popups, and other mobile marketing strategies we explained throughout this article.

You can also use mobile marketing tools while applying your strategies to make your job much easier.

We hope you liked reading about strategies for mobile marketing and found it useful. Now you can start optimizing your mobile marketing campaigns and achieve your goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Mobile Marketing Important?

Mobile devices are now the main way people access the internet. Effective mobile marketing strategies ensure that your brand reaches users where they spend most of their online time, leading to higher engagement and conversions.

How Can I Make My Website Mobile-Friendly?

To ensure a mobile-friendly website, adopt a responsive design. This means your site automatically adjusts its layout and content to fit different screen sizes. Prioritize fast loading times, clear navigation, and easy-to-read text.

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