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How to Resend an Unopened Campaign in MailChimp

Resending an unopened campaign in MailChimp can help you increase your open rates.

The importance of resending a campaign stands out when your subscribers do not show the impact you want to see.

Therefore, we have investigated the best and most effective process of resending an unopened campaign in MailChimp.

To learn the process, you can directly jump into the process where we tell the process with related images visually.

By following and applying these steps, you will be ready to double your rates by showing minimum effort.

What is ‘Campaign’ in MailChimp?

Before starting, we must consider the meaning of “campaign”.

A campaign for MailChimp means an email campaign that is sent to contacts in MailChimp.

When it comes to resending a campaign, it is a specified action to inform the subscribers or contacts about the campaign once more since they have not opened the email when it is sent for the first time.

Though resending a campaign may not sound like very repetitive activity, there are some certain times in the seasonal campaign process.

The Benefits of Resending a Campaign in MailChimp

‘How to resend a campaign in MailChimp?’ is a critical question for someone who has put much effort to email marketing.

Because when subscribers receive your email but do not open it, your effort is not meet indeed.

Therefore, we should take the benefits of resending a campaign in MailChimp and elevate the importance they might reflect to your business.

  • Increase Email Open Rate: If your recipients miss the opportunity of initial email, you will create another chance for them and your business as well.
  • Enhance Conversion Rate: If you want more sales, sign-ups, or conversion, the higher engagement is needed so resending is essential.
  • Improve CTR: It is possible to getting more visits if you are determined to resend an unopened campaign.
  • Reach More People: You may have subscribers on your base, but to reach them is more possible when you resend your campaigns.
  • Maximize ROI: By considering the impact of interaction and conversion rate, your ROI will increase simultaneously.
  • Reactivate Less Active Subscribers: Resending a campaign in MailChimp can help you turn your dormant subscribers into active subscribers.
  • Find the Right Time: If the initial email cannot reach the target audience at the first time, another one can match the right time to engage.
  • Keep Track of Your Subscribers: Your subscribers may not be active, but when you constantly keep track of them, you will be able to create a trustworthy brand identity.
  • Create Innovation: Since you are allowed to make changes while resending a campaign in MailChimp, you can add or omit the elements that you think accordingly.
  • Analyze Campaigns: By resending, you can measure the insights that you want from your subscribers. You can also get benefit from A/B testing.
  • Segment Your List: It helps you determine the category of your subscribers, and consider them based on their activity with your emails. Thus, it will help you make more solid segmentation.

To calculate the success rate and process of your campaign, you can use Popupsmart’s Email ROI Calculator.

The 10 Steps of Resending an Unopened Campaign in MailChimp

For resending an unopened campaign, we will guide you through the process, from the beginning to the end, to get you be familiar with the email campaigns of MailChimp.

Let’s follow the process to be able to resend a campaign in MailChimp!

Step 1- Log into your MailChimp account.

Your username or email address and your password are the required fields to log into your MailChimp account.

MailChimp login username password fields

Step 2- Move to ‘All campaigns’ under Campaigns on the left navigation and click “View Report” dropdown to “Replicate.”

all campaigns section view report of campaign in MailChimp

To click “Replicate” will lead you to the Campaign Builder.

There, you can see and edit details of the email campaign: whom to use, when to use, and how to use, etc.

In order to distinguish the campaigns, you can edit the name of the resend-to-be campaign at the top of the page.

Step 3- Choose “Edit Recipients” on the To field.

to field edit recipients on MailChimp

Step 4- Next, find “New segment” on the Send to dropdown.

new segment send to MailChimp

Step 5- On the Regular Segment Builder, “Add filter.”

add filter on Regular Segment Builder

Step 6- Select “Email interaction” on the left side. Then, choose “was sent” and your target campaign on the dropdown.

email interaction action as 'was sent' campaign MailChimp

If you send an email campaign for the first time, you need to choose your segment as "was not send" and your target campaign from the dropdown.

That's how you can create opportunity to resend an email to new subscribers.

Step 7- Add another “Email interaction” by clicking on Add filter. Next, pick “did not open” and your target campaign on the dropdown.

email interaction action as 'did not open' campaign on MailChimp

Before the second condition, you should keep the changes on “And” option to combine the targeting.

Step 8- To complete, click “Review segment.”

Review Segment button on MailChimp

Step 9- Lastly, choose “Apply segment.”

Apply Segment button on MailChimp

Step 10- If you decide on the timing, you can send or schedule your campaign.

That’s all!

You can simply resend your campaign in MailChimp to reach more audiences.

To Conclude

Resending campaigns in MailChimp offers a second chance to engage your audience and achieve your campaign goals.

Thus, you will improve your email marketing campaign efforts and boost your open rates.

We believe that following the steps will help you reach the target audience and increase your interaction by considering the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

After learning how to resend a campaign in MailChimp, this is the right time to answer some more questions related to the email list-building process.

Besides, potential questions related to MailChimp are here with answers for you to feed your curiosity.

What is the Best Time to Resend a Campaign in MailChimp?

The best time to resend can vary, but consider trying different times or days to see when your unopened recipients are most active. You need to determine the behavior of your recipients and decide the timing accordingly.

Can I Track the Performance of a Resent Campaign in MailChimp?

Yes, of course. MailChimp supports performance and analytics. Thus, you can monitor the performance by reviewing the campaign analytics in MailChimp, which will show the open rates, click-through rates, and more for your campaigns.

How Often Should I Resend Emails to Unopened Subscribers?

The frequency may change depending on the audiences and their behaviors. The important thing is to respect them and be careful about not annoying them with frequent emails. To prevent it from happening, you can allow them to take their time and wait for the results.

How Do I Create a Healthy Email List to Resend Campaigns in MailChimp?

It is important to regularly clean your list by removing inactive or unengaged subscribers to maintain a high-quality list. Hence, you will be able to build a proper list to know whether your subscribers are active or not.

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