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26 Best Checkout Pages to Enhance Shopping Experience

Best checkout pages can make or break user experience with your potential customers.

If you want to provide a seamless checkout process for your customers, you need to have a strong checkout page.

To have a good checkout page is not extremely difficult, but there are only some points that you need to pay attention to.👀

While touching upon these points, we will present the best checkout pages to inspire and help you enhance your customers' shopping experience.

Let’s check the examples out!

Why Is the Checkout Page Important?

A checkout page is essentially a must for websites if they work with a payment.

There are some top 5 reasons that the checkout page is important.

➤ Firstly, the cart abandonment rate. If you want to reduce your cart abandonment rate, you need to have a strong checkout page.

That’s how you can prevent your customers from leaving their cart and even proceed further.

➤ Secondly, collecting data. Although it is not your first aim, the checkout pages help you collect data.

For providing customer engagement, you create the possibility of reaching customer data to use.

an iluustrated image with people on a bridge shaking hands and standing to represent trust-building

➤ Thirdly, trust-building process. The checkout page is not the only one you need to build trust.

Yet, you can easily persuade your customers with trust badges, testimonials, or relevant details about your brand identity and policy.

➤ Then, upselling and cross-selling. This is a method of increasing transactions.

The checkout pages are the perfect place to upsell and cross-sell your products by introducing or completing more.

➤ The last but not least, completing conversion. This is the main aim of the whole process.

Your customers may shop as they like, but a good checkout page is the key to the exact conversion.

As a helpful source, you can check this video about the Shopify checkout optimization tips below:

By getting inspiration from this video, you can apply these tips to your CMS as well.

26 Best Checkout Pages That Will Provide Seamless User Experience

These examples are specifically chosen to display different examples from different fields.

Hence, if you wish to present a seamless user experience for your customers, here are the right examples from brands.

1. Zara

Zara checkout page

The first checkout page example is from Zara.

For the delivery address, customers need to fill in personal or business options, and dpersonal details, and there is a consent box to receive newsletters from Zara.

There are optional and compulsory fields to complete.

The design of the page is appropriate for the theme of Zara and the price is at the bottom to continue the next step.

Zara checkout page continuation

After you have arranged the payment details, you reach the ending page to authorize payment by ticking the necessary conditions and policies.

The final page is highly explanatory, and customers have the opportunity to edit information on that page as well.

2. AllModern

AllModern checkout page

AllModern’s checkout page locates the “Secure Checkout” title at the top of the page, which gives the brand a sense of trust.

The information needed is the full name, delivery address, and the option of setting the address as the default shipping address.

On the right side of the page, the item is located with the subtotal, shipping fee, and the total amount of money you need to pay.

AllModern checkout page continuation

The continuation of the checkout page provides the summary of the order and the option of saving and continuing to make payments.

The cart summary is also on the right side to keep track of the checkout process.

3. Zapier

Zapier checkout page to upgrade billing

Zapier’s checkout page can be reached through the upgrade tab of the personal Zapier account.

For the checkout process, you need to choose your target plan and type.

Then, you need to fill in the payment information, there are different payment methods displayed.

Zapier checkout page continuation

Since Zapier is used by mostly SaaS businesses, there is a tax number detail and a summary of the checkout.

After filling in all the required information, you can upgrade your plan within your account easily.

4. Sephora

Sephora checkout page

Sephora divides its checkout pages into sections: Shipping Address, Shipping, Gift Message, and Payment Method.

Once you fill in the blank fields, you are allowed to move forward with the ongoing process.

To provide the process appropriately, there are encouraging buttons for saving and continuing.

On the right side of the page, there is an estimated total information and the Sephora Credit Card Program, which appears to be an advantage for loyal customers.

With the sharing of the Sephora Credit Card Program, the brand offers its customer loyalty program to incentivize.

5. Udemy

Udemy checkout page

As an example of the best checkout pages for education, Udemy represents a good image.

The checkout page of Udemy is so smooth to go with.

The billing address is first needed, and the payment method follows the process.

For the order details, there are the details of the courses and the programs of the educational side.

The right side of the page is separated for the checkout summary.

Also, the CTA button with a different but effective button encourages customers to complete their checkout with their actions.

That’s a way of retaining customers.

6. eBay

eBay checkout page

The checkout page of eBay is an example of the best checkout page for e-commerce.

The process starts with the payment and its organization.

Then, the information of the shipping person is available.

On the right side, there is the total order with the shopping details.

eBay checkout page continuation

There is also a money-back guarantee which is a symbol of satisfaction guarantee for the shoppers.

For reviewing items and shipping, there are products and their details.

Next, there is an area for gift cards and coupon codes, and as an optional field, there is a donation section for benefactors.

As a whole, though it seems a long process, it gives all the necessary parts.

7. Dyson

Dyson checkout page

Dyson, also, divides the checkout page into sections.

Your details, delivery, and payment are the three elementary steps of Dyson’s checkout process.

Dyson full checkout page

For the details, you are required to enter the necessary information and the right side of the page belongs to the item you’re purchasing.

Scroll down the page, you need to arrange your payment, and the right side follows the summary of the item.

Besides, the important part is that the brand allows to edit basket and delivery details as well on the checkout page.

8. Mindbodygreen

Mindbodygreen checkout page

Mindbodygreen has a rich checkout page though it seems fairly basic.

The page has a floating bar at the top to share the coupon codes with people who have shopped.

Then, the details needed are the contact information and the shipping address.

Alternatively, you can check the boxes for email and SMS notifications for news and offers.

If you want to add a gift message depending on the condition of your order, you are allowed to do that.

For the item, there is a right side that displays the payment details.

Plus, the brand offers advantages to the GOVX ID owners, which is shown on the little part of the checkout page because it cannot address all the people.

9. FabFitFun

FabFitFun checkout page

The checkout page of FabFitFun is placed on the website.

To create a membership on FabFitFun, the brand needs account information, shipping details, and payment information.

Plus, the order summary is at the right part. There are the pricing, the gift code/ coupon part, tax, and total cost.

The descriptive explanations inform about the subscription billing and conditions.

Under the CTA button to order the box is activated after the forms are filled in.

With the trust badge, the brand builds a sense of security as well.

10. Iron Lion Gym Apparel

Iron Lion Gym Apparel checkout page

Iron Lion Gym Apparel has an explicit overview of the checkout page.

The billing details part has both personal information and delivery information.

Normally, the parts can be separated into sections, but Iron Lion Gym Apparel has an indiscrete structure.

Also, you can add order notes if you like.

Moreover, the details of the cart are at the right part with the CTA button to encourage secure checkout and the placing order.

11. Noon

Noon checkout page

Another example is from Noon.

Noon’s checkout page is different from the other example because when the checkout button is clicked, a window is opened for the checkout.

With a dropdown of the order summary, the contact and the delivery parts are followed.

By completing the checkout form on a different window, Noon supports the process step by step exactly.

12. Bally

Bally checkout page

If the checkout page of Bally is examined, one can see the purchasing process at the top of the page.

The contact, billing address, and order summary are placed on the page.

The buttons are effective for completing the process and editing the cart by clicking on the “return to cart” button.

Also, since this image was taken in a seasonal campaign -Black Friday-, the brand shares the discount code for you to use as well.

13. Kroger

Kroger checkout page for the best checkout page example

Since Kroger is an e-commerce store, it has an e-commerce checkout page.

The ordering process differs from the other brands, and when the item is added to the cart, one should choose the available times to get it.

Kroger checkout page continuation with a wider view

You also need to choose where to take the order, and it is displayed with the exact location.

If you click “Continue,” the whole billing summary is shared.

To complete, you need to fill in the contact information, add a new cart for payment, and click “Submit.”

14. LiveChatAI

the checkout page of LiveChatAI, which is an AI bot builder for businesses to increase customer interaction

LiveChatAI helps you build AI chatbot to reduce the burden on your team and increase customer satisfaction.

As a software, the billing is done within the account.

When LiveChatAI users click “Upgrade,” they will be directed to the checkout page of the tool.

With the current plan of the billing, the payment method and billing information are displayed.

The buttons to update and cancel the plan are critical at this point since the checkout process is determined by them.

15. Ziggy Alberts

Ziggy Alberts checkout page

The checkout page of Ziggy Albert, an Australian singer and songwriter, is clear.

The store sells products related to Ziggy Alberts.

The banner at the top of the checkout page belongs to Ziggy Albert and its picture.

The contact, delivery, and other related information should be shared on the checkout page.

For the order total, there is an image and item details on the right side with a different background color.

16. Mailchimp

Mailchimp checkout page

The checkout page of Mailchimp is within the account like other software tools.

As a CRM, Mailchimp offers payment method part, and contact address to fill in.

The purchase summary is more emphasized on the right side.

This part is an upgrading part at the same time, so the checkout process can be done on that page.

17. The Farmer’s Dog

the Farmers' Dog checkout page

The checkout page of the Farmer’s Dog is achieved after answering some questions.

User Account, Shipping Address, and Credit Card Details are displayed on the checkout page.

The order summary of the purchase is located on this page.

There is a CTA button to “Start the first box” and you should know that there is a possibility to pause and cancel the plan anytime.

18. Sundays

Sundays checkout page

The brand, Sundays, has two checkout options on the same page.

You can pay with the link for the quick checkout.

Or, there is a regular checkout that includes the shipping address and payment method.

The order summary is in a specific box with the coupon code and the button is activated after the necessary information is filled in.

There are security points for a money-back guarantee and plan cancellation.

19. HealthyBaby

HealthyBaby checkout page

On a related background theme, the checkout page of HealthyBaby is influential.

The contact, the shipping address, and the order summary are displayed on the checkout page.

If you want to edit the cart, you can return to your cart.

Plus, you are allowed to join the newsletter of HealthyBaby.

The button to continue is for stimulating the minds of customers who are in the process of completing the checkout.

20. Brevo

Brevo checkout page

Brevo is a CRM brand that offers a step-by-step checkout process.

Firstly, you need to choose a plan to upgrade, share your information on the Customize step, and decide the payment method on the Checkout page.

There is the billing information for the chosen plan.

You need to complete all the necessary details based on your payment method.

Also, you should determine whether the plan is monthly or annually.

After arranging the details, the “Pay now” button will be activated and you are ready to go.

21. Weglot

Weglot checkout page

Weglot’s checkout page is direct and takes a little to complete.

The payment information should be shared with the details of the address, company name, and VAT number.

The summary of the purchase is also direct.

For the button, there is a certain amount of money that you need to pay.

Therefore, one will see the pricing which is needed to be paid.

22. Little Spoon

Little Spoon checkout page

Little Spoon is for babies and customizing the plan is essential.

After completing the Getting Started and Choose Plan steps, the Checkout page includes the personal details, billing & payment, and shipping address.

Besides, the order summary has all the details and the shipping estimation.

There is a section where people can apply promo codes and gift cards.

Also, there is a specific box that shows the mealtime details about feeding the baby.

23. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch checkout page

The checkout page of Taylor Stitch provides the header with the brand’s theme and logo.

There is a recommended product to add, which is a good example of upselling.

For express checkout, there are different options.

Otherwise, you can log in with your account or fill in the Contact and Shipping address sections.

The right side of the page covers the order summary and the discount code bar.

However, the brand shares the reasons for the part “Why Choose Us?” to show that customers can prefer them.

24. UserWay

Userway checkout page

For the checkout page of UserWay, you need to choose your target plan at first.

Like some other software tools, UserWay works online and to use it on your page effectively, you need some customizations on your account.

Furthermore, there are brand logos as a social proof and testimonials.

Userway checkout page continuation

After choosing your target plan and clicking “Continue”, there will appear a modal that asks for your billing information, and billing address and gives the total.

To submit payment, you just need to click “Submit Payment” and keep confirming your process.

25. LuckyOrange

Lucky Orange checkout page

While LuckyOrange helps grow your business, the checkout page provides the simple details to improve the plan.

Firstly, one needs to customize by choosing the plan and completing the details.

Then, the plan summary is shared on the right side of the page with the cancellation and submitting buttons.

Also, there is a part where the tracking issue is revealed. To tick and untick depends on the wishes of the users.

26. Stamped

Stamped checkout page

The checkout page of Stamped is one of the most simple examples.

You should consider the modal for the checkout page as an assertive step.

The modal of Stamped includes the warning where the changed plan is announced and the payment term is shown.

Next, the payment method is exhibited with the information of the security encryption.

The two buttons, which are Cancel and Proceed, are determinative for the checkout process.

To Wrap It Up

The definition of “the best checkout page” includes the clarity of the process.

And we have paid special attention to highlighting the crucial role of a well-designed checkout process in business success.

Therefore, if you think that your checkout page is appropriate for user experience, reduce your cart abandonment rate, and increase user interaction, know that you have a good example.

After getting inspiration from these examples and applying it, be ready to build lasting customer relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have found the most critical frequently asked questions to find an answer.

Should a Checkout Page Include a Progress Indicator?

Yes and no. We can say using a progress indicator on the checkout page is not a must, but it is pretty helpful when you use it. To use a progress indicator will provide a process for the customers and display how they have come far. That’s how you can manage their expectations and relieve them by showing the completion at the end.

How Can Social Proof Be Incorporated into a Checkout Page?

Although social proof is not a necessity, the elements of social proof are used for building trust and reliability. By showing trust badges or security providers, you will be able to form a strong confidence in the transaction of shopping.

Should a Checkout Page Offer Guest Checkout Options?

Yes, to guest checkout or “checkout as a guest” on the checkout page hassle-free checkout without creating an account. It is best when a business offers both guest and registered options. That’s how customers have options to complete their shopping process.

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