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Testimonial Definition - What is a Testimonial?

A testimonial is a recommendation which is written by a happy customer or a celebrity confirming the quality, satisfaction and/or value of a service or product. In marketing, testimonials are very decisive from the customer's perspective.

Testimonial Example

Using testimonials is absolutely necessary and is being used by many companies worldwide. However, the marketing department of any company must be careful when working with celebrities because their lifestyle may influence people negatively. In addition, celebrities often face scandals in their life even if its made up by the press and this can affect your business adversely.

Why are Testimonials Effective?

Testimonials are effective because potential customers tend to believe feedback and suggestions that come from real people outside of the company.

They think that they can trust testimonials unless they look fake and unnatural.

The goal of a testimonial is to show the potential customer that other customers were happy using your service or product. The more your satisfied customers are reliable, the more the testimonial is trustworthy.

Examples of Great Customer Testimonial Pages

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