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The Satisfaction Guarantee Guide to Light Up Your Strategy

Satisfaction guarantee is one of the most prominent steps in building and leading a successful business.

To provide the satisfaction guarantee, there are more ways than you can imagine, and knowing them may light up your strategy to improve.

Also, what is more important here is to build a reliable brand image and present it to your visitors to persuade them.

Now, we've prepared a guide for you to present the most well-known and appealing satisfaction guarantee types and details.

Let’s start!

What is a Satisfaction Guarantee?

A satisfaction guarantee is an assurance that there will be a refund or return if the product or the service does not meet the expectations of the buyer within a certain time.

It helps you better know your target market and the quality of your product from the customers' perspective.

A satisfaction guarantee is applied to win the familiarity and the trust of the customers. Since people can be indecisive about the product they try, it is better to present them with a chance of trial.

The 10 Types of Satisfaction Guarantee with Examples

Different types of satisfaction guarantees appeal to different types of customers.

Therefore, if you are a business owner considering the satisfaction guarantee types, you need to choose the type that fits your business strategy most.

1. The Money-Back Guarantee

The money-back guarantee is one of the most common types of satisfaction guarantee applied by nearly all sizes of companies.

If you have a product or service that can be returned, then you need to determine a time limit to apply.

Also, you need to decide the status of the product, whether it is damaged or not, or if it is a service, you need to decide how to give a refund under which circumstances.

a hand counting money

The types of refunds you make are important as well since there are partial and full refunds.

The expression of a 100% money-back guarantee represents the return on all costs, so you need to return the money as you take it, or some firms suggest giving another product or service of equal value.

Therefore, it is best to clarify the terms when there is a money-back guarantee on certain terms.

Disadvantage: The policy should be eligible since people can try to claim a refund without considering the terms appropriately.


Adobe is a computer software company producing useful tools for various areas.

When we examine the Subscription and Cancellation Terms of Adobe, it is significant to be careful about the 14-day rule.

Also, Adobe’s policy is valid for some countries under certain circumstances.

Therefore, the money-back guarantee can change based on the brand’s policy.

2. The Lowest Price Guarantee

The lowest price guarantee is a criterion that can be applied to any firm, but the firm should literally have the lowest price in its industry.

Therefore, as you can assume, you need to have a specific pricing plan that is lower than your competitors so you can be registered with the lowest price guarantee.

two women speaking with each other

Unlike the other satisfaction guarantee types, the lowest price guarantee plan can be applied to one of the brands in a certain industry.

Disadvantage: You can have a lower revenue based on your competitors.


Horeca is a Netherlands-based company that sells various products and different types of equipment.

Since Horeca is a brand with a wide range of products, it is easier to claim the best price guarantee.

However, they provide assurance for the products and the claim for the best price among its competitors in the Netherlands.

We can easily comprehend the terms with the best price guarantee of Horeca.

3. The Lifetime Guarantee

The lifetime guarantee is a satisfaction guarantee type applied by most product companies whose sizes are large enough.

The ones who prefer these brands are more likely to build a strong relationship with the brand since they might need them in case of any unexpected issue.

a pair of human smiling in a happy manner

For the brand, there needs to be a huge sense of protecting the rights of customers.

When a customer buys a product or service from a brand, it is a relief factor to know that they have an assurance to be supported.

Disadvantage: The lifetime guarantee includes a dilemma for the business owner since people trying the product or the service can misuse the guarantee to change the product. And it can damage the company in the long term.

Vermont Teddy Bear Company

Vermont Teddy Bear is a company producing teddy bears and presents a lifetime guarantee for its products.

The Lifetime Guarantee of Vermont Teddy Bear Company displays all the details, even the washing instructions, and customer service details.

After all the details that need to be examined, customers can have brand-new teddy bears instead throughout their lives.

4. The Try-Before-You-Buy Guarantee

The try-before-you-buy guarantee is the same as the free trial guarantee.

Although the term, the try-before-you-buy guarantee is rarer than the free trial.

two women talking about the product before the buying process

When you choose a product with a free trial, you can use them freely with the features the brand provides for a while.

However, in the try-before-you-buy guarantees, the brand arranges different pricing plans that you can choose and try for a limited time. That is, in a way, a time-based guarantee type.

However, it is one of the most favorite ones among customers seeing that people want to try the product before they fully purchase it.

Disadvantage: The ones who try the product or service may not like it necessarily, so they can easily cancel it. Or, they might create new accounts to try more than once.


Strikingly is a website builder with mobile-optimized features. It is used by the ones with little or without any code experience.

Strikingly has its own free plan with limited features, but it only provides a try-before-you-go guarantee.

It means that you can choose a pricing plan from Strikingly, and you can cancel it within up to 14 days if you are not fully satisfied with the features.

They start to charge you after you try it for 14 days, and if you are not satisfied during this timeframe, you can cancel the plan by taking the amount you have paid for it.

5. The Free-Forever Guarantee

The free-forever guarantee is another favorite satisfaction guarantee type.

You might know this before since it is the same thing with a brand’s having a free plan to present the product or service.

people talk and pay for the shopping

When you apply the free-forever guarantee, it is probable that you have a free plan for your customers to try.

The features can change from brand to brand. Yet, the important thing is that you provide the opportunity of using the product or service for free forever.

Disadvantage: If the features do not satisfy the customers, it is not much enough to have from the customers’ point of view.


ClickUp is a work management tool that offers many opportunities for teams and businesses.

It offers paid plan, but more importantly, it has a free forever plan as stated in the Pricing Plan of ClickUp.

To indicate that the product has a free forever guarantee as the free plan since it is a good detail that can attract the customers compared to its competitors.

6. The First-Time Guarantee

It is always challenging to start something new, so the first-time or first-time use guarantee, also known as the initial guarantee, is crucial.

Not every brand is proper for this guarantee since their job definition does not match.

a group of children enjoying the nature and the Sun

Yet, the first-time guarantee is a way to build credibility for the sides when they decide to fulfill the promises.

It also encourages the visitors because they feel supported on the first experience of anything.

Disadvantage: Only some precise brands are willing to apply the first-time use guarantee.

Kingsley Pines

Kingsley Pines presents a camping experience for new beginners, families, and all who have interests.

The brand aims to offer chances to children who start at a certain age for the first time with the First-Time Camper Guarantee of Kingsley Pines.

Kingsley Pines is assertive in its field since it openly guarantees children to have a good camping experience in Kingsley Pines.

Also, the brand offers refunds for specific days based on particular situations.

The idea of applying the first-time use guarantee for the first-time at Kingsley Pines persuades people to be their first choice successfully.

7. The Reliability Guarantee

It is a satisfaction guarantee technique that most of the greatest companies prefer because the reliability guarantee needs familiarity.

No one can trust a brand only because they exist. All visitors or potential customers need some grounds to try or buy the product.

Also, it may not be enough to place a sign that indicates you are reliable from your own perspective.

two men shaking hands for the reliability negotiation for a service

You need some patents, trust badges, or social proof testimonials to provide a reliability guarantee.

These are the most effective ways to make your customers believe that you are reliable and that your product will meet their needs.

Disadvantage: If you are a new brand in a certain industry, making people believe your reliability is difficult.

Dynabook Dynabook is a computer company that guarantees the reliability of their products on the Terms as well.

The Reliability Guarantee of Dynabook displays the reasons and the consequences of what Dynabook supports.

Including the logo of reliability at the top of the page can specify the point for the visitors.

8. The Best Price/ Perfect Fit Guarantee

It is a known fact that every business says they are the best in their industry.

However, the best price guarantee, also known as the perfect fit guarantee, may not be valid and effectual for all businesses.

The most important point for the best price guarantee is that the brand should meet the demands with the price registered.

two women talking about the offers and one is taking notes

When a brand suggests the best price guarantee, it does not mean that the only focus is on the price of the product or service, but the features on offer must be balanced with the cost.

To be considered a brand with the best price guarantee, the performance and features can easily show the difference in certain fields.

Disadvantage: To provide the perfect fit guarantee, you need to be aware of your competitors as much as you are aware of your own brand quality.


Popupsmart has the perfect fit guarantee since it is a popup builder known for its best price performance.

Also, different discounts at different seasons elevate the perfect fit guarantee to present the best experience.

The brand displays some of the guarantees on the homepage.

To show that the trial is free at first is useful, and when people compare the features, it will be more understandable for the users as well.

9. The Results Guarantee

The name derives from the guarantee to take after you see the results. The results guarantee is a satisfaction guarantee type that provides a return or refund after you experience the product or service.

You see the service, like it, want it, and get it. Then, you decide that it is not the service you have wished for, and you want to have a refund.

If the brand maintains the return for you, then it can be included in the results guarantee.

Therefore, the results may not be satisfactory for you, but the brand supports you since the demands are not met properly.

a woman and man examining the plan on the whiteboard

It is a satisfaction guarantee generally applied by fitness firms and gyms, but the brands that serve the communities may also have the results guarantee.

Disadvantage: There has to be a negotiation between the sides since there might be a gap in the agreement.7

As in our example for the results guarantee, the Great Big Pivot is an agency focusing on insight-driven marketing and solutions for the business.

The brand claims that they present the refund if the demands of the brands are not satisfied properly after the process has been reached or completed in a sense.

As can be understood from the Great Big Pivot’s results guarantee policy, the demands of the brand will be determined, and the Great Big Pivot will work on it. The payment will be made accordingly.

If the results are not satisfactory for the brand, the focus impact cannot be provided. Then, the Great Big Pivot will provide a refund.

However, the disadvantage is that there needs to be negotiation by the

10. The Extreme Guarantee

It is a satisfaction guarantee type that not all brands can apply since there are many factors to apply.

The extreme guarantee can provide all processes free for the product or the service. Or, the product can have more than one guarantee at the same time.

a woman with a glasses looking at her phone and smiling

The extreme guarantee can be the most challenging of all satisfaction guarantee types because the brand should have the popularity to convince.

From another point of view, when the extreme guarantee includes different guarantees, it is open to many customers due to the choices.

Disadvantage: The facilities and the capacity of the brand should be considered in depth if the brand owner wants to offer this guarantee.

Extreme Comfort Heating & Cooling

It is a brand to fix the problems of heating and air conditioning. Since the issue is crucial, it is important for the brand to support its customers.

For the System Replacement Guarantee of Extreme Comfort Healing and Cooling, the brand supplies distinct warranties and that is how people can feel the assurance.

More than one guarantee shows that the firm is assertive since they are both sure of what they do and how they follow the experience of their customers.

Keep Your Customers with You!

Satisfaction guarantees are beneficial as long as the customers or your visitors realize it.

You also need to think about the scenario if they do not reach the checkout part or if they avoid the part where you offer your guarantee.

In this case, popups can help you inform visitors about the guarantees you offer.

Furthermore, your satisfaction guarantee offer can take place on your landing page, but making it visible depends on you.

Popups can both promote your product and guarantee satisfaction. Therefore, they are an efficient way of displaying the pros of your product.


As an example of extreme guarantee, this kind of popup can help you elevate the communication of your product.

Start creating a popup for your satisfaction guarantee with Popupsmart and observe the impact.

Try Popupsmart for Your First Popup


Satisfaction guarantee is a long way to learn. Here are some common helpful, frequently asked questions!

What to Pay Attention to in the Satisfaction Guarantee?

You need to be careful while choosing your satisfaction guarantee because you need to determine the terms and conditions accordingly. Your refund and return policy or the agreements related to your satisfaction guarantee can make or break your reputation.Also, if there is a shipping policy related to your product or service, you need to be clear while determining them on your shipping policy page.Plus, when choosing your guarantee type, it can be better to take the disadvantages we give into consideration.

Where Do You Display Your Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you have a satisfaction guarantee, you need to show this properly to the visitors coming to your page. Sell your product, there are various ways to display your satisfaction guarantee types:

  • The first place is product pages where the general explanations about the product also occur.
  • The second option can be your checkout page or adding to your cart section. Since checkout pages can be highly determinant in buying, placing the satisfaction guarantee in a visible space can be essential.
  • Another option is a return and refund policy. The return and refund policy page is a page searched by everyone in case of an emergency. So, make it reachable for everyone.

Why Should You Care About Satisfaction Guarantee?

It is a way of attracting potential customers. When people visit your website, the product and its features are the next things to consider after your landing page in general. By giving a satisfaction guarantee to your customers, they will be more apt to prefer your product and create a perception of trustworthiness.

Who Do You Aim to Appeal with the Satisfaction Guarantee?

The satisfaction guarantee is for all in most cases. Yet, it may not be proper for all customers. Also, it is not possible to satisfy all the customers you target. However, while deciding your satisfaction guarantee type, you need to take your customers and their needs into account so that you can have a better and stronger relationship with them.

Should Every Business Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Surely not. It is not a must that every business should apply a satisfaction guarantee for their customers. Satisfaction guarantees strengthen the bond between the brand and the customers. Hence, every brand has its own strategy and the choice of not using any satisfaction guarantee type.

Is a Product Bad If It Does Not Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Of course not. A satisfaction guarantee is the decision of the business owners. Still, it does not mean that they have a bad product or service if they do not offer any satisfaction guarantee. On the other hand, a satisfaction guarantee shows and gives the freedom to give up the product if it does not satisfy the customers.

Do All Products Need a Satisfaction Guarantee?

No. A satisfaction guarantee is a way of providing space for the customers and their expectations. Even if the products are not good enough, they do not need any satisfaction guarantee because the development and the status of the product depend on the hands of the brand.

What Not to Do for Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction depends on if the expectations of the people were met or not. Therefore, you need to take some points into consideration while you reach them. Firstly, no one likes to wait, so if you give delayed responses to your customers or visitors, that is a huge minus for you. Also, since the duration they spend waiting for you will change the manner, you will not be welcome on their side.Another point is that giving empty promises means giving nothing in the end. If they feel deceived, it will be no good as well. Moreover, while giving them the right answer, you shouldn’t find excuses for the glitches because it will make them worse since you present no solutions but only the problems. Instead, find a compromise and be reconciliatory.

To Conclude

Lighting up your strategy is a must for success. Satisfaction guarantee and satisfaction guarantee types are the keys to helping you.

Although it is not too necessary to have a satisfaction guarantee type, remember that it could boost your business and increase your trustability.

Because it is a vital way to be known as a brand that cares about customer satisfaction, show your attention to your customers.

Choose your satisfaction guarantee and start or share your satisfaction guarantee type with us in the comments section below.

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