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6 Engaging Thank You Page Examples to Express Gratitude

Thank you page examples are generally for retaining your customers for the future.

If you are an owner of a store or an organization, you are familiar with the importance of a thank you page.

When you have a thank you page for a website, your audience will undoubtedly feel much more cared for than ever.

Also, it is better when they see it directly.

However, the point is that you might be looking for inspiration, and we have collected different thank you page examples for you.

What Makes the Perfect Thank You Page Example?

The perfect thank you page is the one that addresses your audience directly.

The more engagement, the better thank you page example to reach your audience.

  • Confirmation Acknowledgment: A clear and prominent thank you message is everything of the thank you page.
  • Related Details: If you have an order or webinar, your thank you page might cover summaries, subscription details, and order details.
  • Next Step Guidance: A button or a link can be a guide to lead the audience to the next steps.
  • Personalization: It is one of the most important factors, but it is not a necessity. However, if you pay attention to user details, you will get more.
  • Brand Identity: Your website should be related to your brand, and your colors, logos, and fonts should match.
  • Adding Social Sharing: By sharing your brand, it might be advantageous to share your profession as well.
  • Mobile-Responsive: The more adaptable your thank you page is, the better.
  • Value Addition: If you have further resources to share, you can add them as a value.
  • Politeness: Using an appreciative tone is important to create a thank you page.

8 Effective Thank You Page Examples

Thank you page examples can vary, and we have investigated different brands to display several examples.

1. Huel

Huel thank you page example

The example of Huel represents a very good example of informing shoppers.

The thank you message is at the top, a related image is shown, and a descriptive message is shared.

Then, the last striking factor is the CTA button as “Back to shop”.

That’s how the brand leads potential customers to get back to shopping after letting them know they will be informed about the stock.

2. The PenTool

thepentool thank you page example

The PenTool thank you page example is the most colorful sample in this list.

The page asks about the purchase and provides questions to collect feedback.

Also, the messages are led to the point by informing people about where product purchase exists.

By collecting the answers of the customers, the brand provides a feedback tool to improve user experience for themselves.

3. Onyx Coffee Lab

Onyx Coffee Labs thank you page example

Here is the simplest and the least elaborated thank you page example of the list.

Onyx Coffee Lab approves the sign-up process of its customers.

The logo is at the top, the confirmation of a subscription is the headline of the page, and the message is clear.

However, there is no button to lead them to continue the process of knowing the brand.

Instead, the brand leads people to update their preferences in the emailing part.

4. Salt and Stone

Salt and Stone thank you page example

Here is a chic example from Salt and Stone for the subscription of the potential customer.

With a very proper integration between the brands and the message, this is a successful thank you page example.

There are the products (covering a remarkable part), the thank you message, the promotion of the brand, and the ‘Shop Now’ button just under the products.

The page allows you to leave since it leaves a place for freedom, but at the same time, the page leads to the shopping as it should be.

5. Essentials

Essentials thank you page example

Another example is from Essentials.

As a cosmetic brand, Essentials provides a good example of a thank you page with a pure and effective way of informing the customers.

The related image is on the left side of the page, and the order details are on the right side.

However, if there is a button to lead to other products, it might be more intriguing for the shoppers.

6. FrontEnd30

FrontEnd thank you page example

FrontEnd30’s thank you page may seem dark, but the mode od the webpage is relevant to the thank you page as well.

The elements are simple on a dark background.

The thank you message is at the top, the explanations are satisfactory enough, and the social sharing elements are helpful in providing sharing.

Though the page is open to improvements, this style is enough to cover the needs of a thank you page.

Top 5 Types of Thank You Page

These top 5 types of thank you pages are the informative part of this blog post.

If you are looking for different ways of expressing yourselves, you might want to give chances to these.

The thing is, you need to decide what kind of message you want to convey to your audience and how you will manage them.

Product Purchase Confirmation Thank You Page

When you prepare a product purchase confirmation thank you page, you should pay attention to its personalization and details.

The process of selling products is crucial, and the thank you page should cover this process as well.

The process follows the order, purchase, and thank you page at the post-purchase section.

What you can include in this part is:

  • Your thank you message,
  • The details of your appreciation (optional)
  • The details of the order
  • A button to complete the process and lead the customers to other pages. Using a button to lead customers to other pages might stimulate them to buy other products.
  • Also, you can use bundles to encourage more product selling.

You can elaborate and eliminate the parts based on your requirements.

The more incentives on your thank you page, the more conversion you will take from your customers' engaging thank you page.

Sign Up Thank You Page

You might know this type of thank you page from form submissions as well.

When you collect new sign-ups, you might need to thank your new subscribers for engaging with you.

The process follows the signing up, and confirmation of sign-up with a page or a thank you page followed by a confirmation email.

What you can include in this part is:

  • The confirmation message
  • The thank you descriptions
  • An image or icon to engage
  • A button to lead people to more.

You can customize the process accordingly.

If you spend effort on your sign-up thank you page, your subscribers will be more willing to interact with you.

Webinar Registration Thank You Page

Though it is not as common as the previous thank you page types, webinar or seminar registration needs thank you pages more than others.

If you have a webinar that collects registration, to have a thank you page is likely to be a must.

You need to show your welcome before they join the webinar directly.

For the process of webinar registration, you need to share the webinar, collect form submissions from registration, and a thank you page followed by a confirmation email.

What you can include in this part is:

  • The confirmation message
  • The thank you description
  • The details of the webinar or seminar
  • A button to lead product discovery

By following these parts, you will create a more effective thank you page for your webinar registration before welcoming your audience to your seminar.

E-book Download Thank You Page

An e-book download thank you page is rare as well.

However, if you have an e-book download process, the importance of a thank you page determines the further development of your relationship with your target audience.

The process of e-book download follows the process of sharing the e-book with your audience via social sharing, filling in the form, and completing it with a thank you page.

What you can include in this part is:

  • The thank you message
  • The confirmation message
  • Optional e-book recommendations

Therefore, if your audience engages with you correctly, your e-book download thank you page can be a good side to create a bond.

Donation Thank You Page

The donation websites or non-profit organizations’ websites are the ones that use thank you pages most of the time.

The process may change based on the purpose of the organization.

However, the general process is the announcement of a donation process, the donation page, and the thank you page after the donation is completed.

What you can include in this part is:

  • The thank you message
  • The benefits and the outcome of the donation
  • The button to continue to know the organization

The thank you page after the donation is a necessity for the organization because most of the organizations want to show appreciation to the benefactors.

To Conclude

All in all, a thank you page might seem unnecessary, but if you pay attention to the details that we shared with the thank you page examples, you can clearly grab the importance.

The important thing is that you should create a thank you page only if you need one.

And all you need to do is to try to show your attention and appreciation to your audience where there is a need.

We hope that we can help and inspire you while creating your thank you page.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wonder about thank you page details, you can check the frequently asked questions below.

How Important is Mobile Responsiveness for a Thank You Page?

A lot. Mobile responsiveness is crucial. A well-designed thank you page should offer a seamless experience across various devices, ensuring that users on smartphones or tablets receive the same level of clarity and engagement as those on desktops.

What is the Purpose of a Thank You Page on a Website?

The purpose of a thank you page is to acknowledge and confirm user actions, such as completing a form, making a purchase, or signing up for an event. It contributes to a positive user experience and can be a valuable tool for further engagement.

How Can Thank You Pages Be Aligned with a Brand's Tone and Voice?

Use language and messaging on the thank you page that aligns with the overall tone and voice of the brand. Consistency in communication helps reinforce brand identity and enhances the user's connection with the brand.

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