# Inactivity Trigger

Would you like to catch your visitors’ attention when they remain inactive for some time on a page? Popupsmart’s Inactivity Trigger allows you to trigger your popup campaign based on the period a visitor remains idle on a web page. In addition, it tracks visitor behaviors like scrolling, clicking, or typing to detect inactiveness.

Once visitors stop doing anything on a page for a set time period, you can re-engage them by showing your campaign with irresistible offers. This way, you can maximize engagement, reduce cart abandonment, and collect more emails.

Follow the steps below to set up the inactivity trigger for your campaign.

1. Click on the Target section (3rd step) from the left side vertical bar on your popup editor screen.

popupsmart in activity targeting

2. Click on Visitor Behavior and select In-Activity mode from the opening modal.

popupsmart in activity targeting

3. Next, click on the Add button to add a new inactivity trigger.

popupsmart in activity targeting

  • Enter a time value in seconds and from the Show When dropdown menu, select either “Is No More Than” or “Is At Least.” This will determine how the trigger will calculate the time value you entered.

  • You can add more than one inactivity trigger.

popupsmart in activity targeting

4. Once you complete the settings of your inactivity trigger, click the Save button before closing the modal. Then, save the whole campaign after finalizing it from the top right corner.

  • Click Save & Publish from the top right corner if you’re ready to publish it. Mind that if your campaign status is off, it doesn’t show up on your website.

Important: See the four icons on the right middle corner.

Desktop icon: If you see a green spot next to it, that means your campaign is activated for desktop devices. A red spot next to it means it’s deactivated.

Mobile icon: Just like the desktop icon, a green spot next to the mobile icon means that your campaign is activated for mobile devices or vice versa for a red dot.

Eye icon: When you click on it, you can preview the campaign on your website.

Bug icon: Whether your popup doesn’t show up even if you published it or if you have any problems with it, you can click the bug icon (the Debug Mode) to detect issues and fix them quickly.

Note: Preview and Debug Modes work only if the campaign is already saved and published. To preview without showing the popup on your website, set the campaign status off after Save & Publish.