# Popup Display Frequency Settings

Timing is everything. It is even more so when it comes to displaying popup campaigns to visitors.

For example, showing popups on every page can be annoying for some visitors, which may destroy the user experience as a result. Whereas for some website owners, it can work fine.

It depends on how well you know your visitors. That’s why you should carefully set up your campaigns' view frequency.

Popupsmart offers ready-to-use templates equipped with segmentation features for instant use, but if you want customized popup display frequency settings, here's how you can set up the view frequency for your popup campaigns.

1. After logging into your Popupsmart account, create/edit a campaign. On the popup builder screen, navigate to the “Segment” section and click “Edit Segment.” (If it’s a new campaign, click the two circular arrows to choose a predefined segment or create one from scratch in “My Segment.”)

edit segment step popup builder

2. Set up popup display frequency by clicking on the drop-down menu.

display frequency settings

• If you select “Display on every page view”, the popup appears on every page.

“Display once every session” means the visitor will see the popup once every session. That is to say, when a visitor sees your popup on a browser and closes the popup, that visitor will not see the popup again. If they close the browser and revisit your website later on, that's when their new session starts, which means they will see your popup again.

“Display once every” allows you to choose the number of days or months the popup will appear. By selecting this option and setting up the number of days, you will display your popup once every x number of days or months.

# Stop Displaying Settings for the Popup Campaign

You can also configure the conditions on which you want to stop displaying the popup. For this:

1. Click "Stop showing the popup", and make the necessary changes according to your business needs.

stop displaying the popup options

The “Stop showing the popup” option allows you to stop displaying your popups;

• After visitors submit an email or click on a button.

• After they close the popup.

• Also, you can set “Visit after x times” to stop your popups from being displayed after the specified number of visits by one visitor.

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