Browser Language Targeting with Popups  (Popupsmart Audience Targeting)

# Browser Language Targeting

If you have visitors from different countries or have language options on your site, you can create separate campaigns with different browser language targeting settings.

This way, for example, a visitor whose browser language is set to English will see an English popup while another whose browser language is Polish will see a Polish popup (given that you made the necessary targeting and created a different campaign for each language.)

Follow the steps below to set up your campaign’s browser language targeting.

Step 1: Go to the Target section (third step) on your popup editor screen from the left vertical bar and then click Audience.


Step 2: Select Browser Language from the opening modal to set it up.

Important: You can select more than one browser language for your popup. That way, the same popup will show to browsers in chosen languages.


Step 3: Click on Select Languages to open the dropdown menu to check the boxes next to languages. Make sure to click Save before closing the modal.


If your campaign is already published, you need to save it again from the top right corner of the popup editor screen. If you haven’t published yet and you’re ready to publish, click on the Save & Publish button.

Note: Save any changes before leaving the editor screen.

If your popup doesn’t show up on your site, even if you have published it and set the status on, try using the Debug Mode.