# After X Seconds Trigger

If you don't want to bombard your visitors with a popup the second they visit your webpage, the "after X seconds" trigger is here to save you. (Though it is entirely up to you.)

1. Once you reach the third step (Target section) on your Popupsmart's popup builder, click on "Visitor Behavior.” Then, select After X Seconds from the opening modal.

popupsmart after x seconds 1

2. Next, click on the Add button to proceed to trigger settings.

popupsmart after x seconds 2

3. Set the timing in terms of seconds as you like. This value determines after how many seconds you will trigger the popup. We recommend 5-10 seconds.

popupsmart after x seconds 3

4. You can add multiple time values by clicking on the Add button to trigger the campaign more than once. Finally, click the Save button to save the changes before you close the modal.

5. Now you can complete the remaining settings of your campaign and Save it to publish it later or Save & Publish it to set it live right now. Remember to check the campaign status from your Popupsmart Dashboard.

popupsmart after x seconds 4

If the status is on, it means the popup shows on your website or vice-versa. So, congrats, your campaign is set to trigger after X seconds!

Important: Optionally, for more precise targeting, make sure your popup triggers don’t conflict with each other. For example, if you set your exit-intent rigger to work independently from any other targeting, your popup will show on exit-intent without waiting After X Seconds.