Online Marketing Strategies for Black Friday

In the following content, I’m going to explain what online marketing is, and why Black Friday is vital for e-commerce businesses. Then, I will give you some tactics to take advantage of this beautiful opportunity. Hope you can easily apply those online marketing strategies for Black Friday to your digital marketing plan!

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing comprises some fields such as email marketing, social media, SEO, SEM, content marketing, PPC and affiliate marketing to reach your potential customers.

What is PPC?

Online marketing efforts for Black Friday.

In a nutshell, you use online marketing tactics to turn people into your loyal customers!

Why Black Friday Matters?

Whether you’re ready or not, it’s coming! On November 29, 2019, you’ll see the busiest shopping day of the whole year. It matters because it is a great chance to generate more leads, increase sales and conversions!

Black Friday funny tag example.

According to The Balance, Black Friday online shopping has picked and reached $717.5 billion in 2018 – a 4.3% year-over-year increase! This year, it seems to be the massive shopping season that comprises 34% of all sales for the year.

Let’s have a look at these crazy statistics on Black Friday;

  • According to Adobe Analytics, U.S. retailers earned a record $7.4 billion on Nov. 23, an increase of nearly 18% from a year ago.

  • Mobile spending alone totals over $2.18 billion in sales on Black Friday.

  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s net worth passed $100 billion the day after Thanksgiving.

Considering that this madness is something real, isn’t it time to get benefit from it?

I don’t mean something bad, I just emphasize the importance of the biggest day in terms of sales! Especially, if you offer products in your e-commerce store, you should be aware of what’s going on here, in the market.

Why not taking advantage of this pretty cool period of the year called Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

You should push some marketing tactics to increase sales and conversions. It is probably the most important day for your ROI. Before diving into the details about Black Friday, I want you to focus on your marketing tactics and determine ones which are needed to be considered again!

You may start by making a list, or whatever you like. The main purpose of this request is to make everything planned and ready to launch before then.

Cheers, everyone. We’re starting!

Email Marketing TIPS for Black Friday

If you’re following my blog posts or watch my videos on PopupSmart’s Youtube channel, you’ve probably heard that I’m generally talking about the importance of email marketing. 🙂

Well, this is true. Email marketing is a sustainable way to deliver huge ROI. In this case, you need to prepare your email marketing campaigns before Black Friday.

You should prepare attractive email messages with some valuable content and images to make your customer’s happy. You can announce Black Friday promotions, discounts and offers via email marketing to encourage your customer’s to purchase.

Email marketing is a strong method to build transactional relationships with your customers. So, you should take advantage of this powerful source especially in the sales season like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You may send a friendly reminder email to prevent cart abandonment or suggest your products that best fit their interest based on their purchasing background.

1. Drive Email Subscriptions with Opt-in Forms

You can grow your email list with the help of this beautiful event in November 🙂 People can’t wait to get something for free or discounted. In this case, you may show your unique opt-in forms to increase email subscriptions as well as your conversion rates in the long run.

What is the difference between single opt-in and double-opt in?

Black Friday signup newsletter.

2. Send Personalized Emails with Catchy Subject Lines

If you’re running an e-commerce store, this is something you should definitely do!

Hurry up, segment your subscribers into specific groups based on some distinctive features such as location, interest and purchasing history. After that, personalize each message and offer the exact value that can’t be refused!

Considering that our inbox folder will be bombarded by store’s special offer emails etc., you should come up with an effective, eye-catching, interesting and unique email subject line. You should implement a sense of urgency in your subject lines with urgent words such as “Hurry, Act Now, Deadline Approaching…”

If you’re wondering the importance as well the impacts of a compelling email subject line or how it affects the email open rate, check this out!

If you’re convinced, you better trigger your campaigns with powerful subject lines to drive more sales! Boom! You’ll be surprised 🙂

3. Create a Sense of Urgency

As one of the most powerful marketing tactic, creating a sense of urgency works for your campaigns. You should definitely create compelling emails that will boost your conversions and email open rates. Believe me, you’ll convert your subscribers into paying customer’s in Black Friday week.

Black Friday countdown campaign to boost sales.

Let me tell you the reason behind this situation. Well, your customers are more likely to make a decision quickly when they think they’re about the miss the opportunity. Personally, it’s not fair, but this is marketing. I want to make sure that, your competitors use this tactic. So why won’t you?

Put yourself into your customer’s shoes. If you’d be the one that wants to buy those pair of shoes and if you’d be the one who experiences that urgent situation, wouldn’t your brain force you to make a decision instantly?

Well, desire loses its value without a sense of urgency. That’s why you should trigger your customers with an immediate call to action.

You may create unique notification popup or a progress bar that will show up announcing that there is x hours & min left to miss the opportunity or that particular product you’re looking for is almost out of stocks!

As the other way to create a sense of urgency is to set a deadline for a hot deal! Whatever your business is you can apply this tactic to get more conversions.

4. Customize Your Landing Page

Customizing landing page on Black Friday.

A lot of people searches some products before Black Friday. In this case, you need a landing page strategy that will help your SEO efforts. So, what you need to do is boost Black Friday sales on your landing page in the prior to the weekend of Black Friday.

You should convey a simple and clear but yet powerful call to action with unique “Black Friday” design.

Don’t forget to promote something valuable and provide it with your CTA. You may link to other places of your e-commerce store.

You may want to boost your traffic to your landing page by paying for clicks on Facebook or Google AdWords. It’s another option to attract members of your specific target market. There is nothing wrong to pay only when someone click-through to your landing page when you consider the sales conversions.

5. Provide Combo Promotions with Discounts

Special offers for Black Friday.

I think we all used to some promotion tactics in e-commerce businesses. Well, it works but you need something dynamic. In order to provide the best experience, you should think about what you can do.

Think about your limit. Is it better to give a discount to one particular product or is it better to give out offers on product combinations to elevate the average order value?

Personally, I recommend creating discount coupons for a package which consist of various products which are relevant to each other.

For example, it could be useful to offer a special discount on wet dog food multipack when your customer buys a sofa dog bed. It’s just an example of the relevancy.

Considering that both the previous week of Black Friday and on Cyber Monday there will be an amazing sale season, you should trigger your campaigns to increase your conversions. Don’t you like to buy something which has bonus benefits compared to the exact order value?

Give them an experience that will make them feel like winning a reward, in an engaging way.

6. Boost Sales with Social Media

Social media campaigns for Black Friday.

Social media is one of the main fields of today’s marketing landscape. It helps you build your brand voice and engage with your subscribers. It is a productive way to engage with your customers, listen to them and provide their expectations.

Consumers indeed often turn to social media to engage with brands. About 58.6 percent of American consumers interact with brands on social media about one to three times per day.

So, Black Friday is definitely something you should make an effort to increase your conversions through social media. You should boost your related social media post with special discounts and offerings.

Don’t forget to use hashtags in order to promote your discount codes. Using #BlackFriday hashtag will be helpful to reach much more people who are interested in your products.

Remember, it’s always better to organize your social media channels based on the Black Friday & Cyber Monday context. That means, your different social media channels should reflect the same thing, “Black Friday”!

You should optimize your cover photo, profile picture, a bio with a call-to-action button, banner, link, and description to stay up-to-date and let people know that you’re very well prepared and ready!

7. Get Benefit from Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing Strategy for Black Friday.

There are thousands of people choose to take up Black Friday offerings from home. So referral programs are useful to boost your online sales. But let me explain what I mean properly.

With referral marketing, you can develop exclusive offers to make your valuable customers happy. While building your long-term loyalty, you still can acquire new customers.

Imagine that you provide something valuable for your existing customers. Give them something exclusive if they share an offer with their friends around Black Friday.

Think about it, wouldn’t be great to spread word of mouth and capture great insights to boost your conversions? I think so 🙂

Let 2019 be your year of boosting sales conversions!

All you need to do is, establishing a referral program which gives you a chance to engage with your customers and reward them for their loyalty.

Do you looking for proven methods to boost your sales via digital marketing? Click now!

Enjoy the best of both worlds.

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