How to Make Money Blogging- Striking Advice & Steps Revealed

“...Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing (about).”, says Ben Franklin in his work, Poor Richard’s Almanac.

In the 21st century, things and perceptions have changed because if you have written something worth reading, it means that you can make money as well.

This has become blogging with the Internet era, and when practiced as it should be, it contributes much to talk about.

For growing business, creating opportunities, and starting sharing, blogging is one of the right things to do.

How about making money blogging? We will reveal significant steps and advice to help you through the process.

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What is Blogging?

Before starting how to make money, we need to touch upon the idea of blogging.

Blogging is creating content for oneself or an organization on online platforms.

The scope of blogging is affected by the online platforms, the structure, and the target topics you will touch upon.

Blogging is at a premium nowadays because people direct their interests online, and it feels much easier to find things online.

This situation wholly supports monetizing blogging, so we might say you are on the right track!

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Why is Blogging Still Important in 2023?

The answer is directly related to the query you are looking for. That is, blogging still makes money.

What impresses people may change, but evaluating and performing the solution still matters.

And when we turn to blogging, there is a dangerous and safe area at the same time.

You need to know that blogging needs to follow the critical steps so it can be successful and monetized.

Also, we should remember that there are subtle ways to show the importance of blogging.

If these need to be ordered, blogging …

  • Helps you create an online presence.
  • Increases authority and trustworthiness.
  • Leads you to engage with people.
  • Incentivizes for collaboration and networking.
  • Evaluates your creativity.
  • Drives website traffic and thus monetizes.

The Steps of How to Make Money Blogging

This might sound as easy as ABC, but you may have some hindrances along the way.

We hope to help you overcome these hindrances and give you a hand in making money blogging.

Let’s start learning!

1. Set the Goal of Topics

Every topic can be written, but not every topic makes money.

Before starting the way of blogging, you need to consider your interests to write about and if they will provide benefits for you.

For setting the goal for your blog, firstly, find a general topic that you have an interest in.

Then, specialize it for your audience to create your niche, which is the specific area of topics that you show on your blog content.

woman setting goals and writing about them

Since monetizing is the target here, you need to choose your topic wisely, which is the topic that should be open to optimizing and improving your personality and finance at the same time.

Some suggested blog topics are health and wellness, food and cooking, beauty and fashion, traveling, lifestyle, parenting and family, DIY, dating, sustainability, gaming, pet ownership, and so on.

Don’t forget that you should have something worthy of talking about, you love and financier.

2. Target Your Audience

You need to determine your audience based on the topic you choose.

Indeed, you cannot catch all the people at the same time. However, it’s possible that you are able to create your base audience.

In time, you will be creating a wider audience and expanding your circle.

a group of people raising hands in a crowd

Even it is probable that you direct your target points based on what your audience wants to see as well.

Plus, your content management system (CMS) should be appropriate for your audience to use freely.

Always remember that you are one of the audiences of yourself, so create contents that you want to see and display.

3. Choose a Memorable Name and Schedule Carefully

Since you are starting a blog from the beginning of this journey, there are some more points that you need to pay attention to.

Choosing a memorable name for your blog is so critical and precious.

Because there are thousands of blogs on the web, you need to shine among them.

female hand drawing a flowchart on a fair background to shcedule

Although establishing a safe area will be important for you over time, you should start with baby steps and then start walking.

While choosing a name, you need to research to find the unique one.

It should be related to your topic, lovable for your audience, comprehensive to examine your topic, and impressive for remembering.

Besides, you need to make your scheduling first in order not to create any instability. Thus, you will handle your program as well.

And after you create your audience circle, they will get used to your scheduling to follow.

4. Optimize Your Blog Regularly

We have been moving more serious parts step by step, and it is one of them.

You will not leave your website after you create one and start writing if you want to make money.

One of your targets should be gaining website traffic. To control website traffic and details of your website, you can get help from SEO world and SEO audit tools.

While optimizing your website, you need to be open to changes and developments.

a person optimizing rates

You can add forms, lists, popups, quizzes, or activities to your blogging to enhance the content.

This way, you can get information from your audience and add innovative content to your website as well.

It is never too late or too early to optimize your blog, so there is no need to worry about changes.

5. Promote Your Blog on Social

Social media platforms are the best way to announce your blog page because this is free and effective.

To start a promotion for your blog, you need to follow some steps, like creating an account, catching up with trends, coming up with a trend if you like, and sharing content regularly.

You can create communities to gather your audience in one place and give them a chance to interact as well. The more communication, the better.

a group of people sitting on a table dealing with their phones and social media accounts

For the next level of promoting your blog and monetizing, you can try paid subscriptions to social media platforms.

This means you can arrange your content by limiting it to your paying subscribers.

You don’t necessarily need to monetize your blog on social media if you don’t want to because even only promoting your blog is enough for familiarity.

6. Include Ads and Monetize

When we get serious about monetizing blogging, we recommend adding advertisements to your blog.

Whether you are a fan of using ads or not, including ads is necessary when you want to monetize your blogging.

One of the most common ways is Google AdSense.

With the help of Google AdSense, ads can be placed and matched related to your content. That’s how your readers will find ads that they might be interested in.

a blank billboard to fulfill for advertising

When a visitor clicks ads on your website, you will earn revenue, also known as cost-per-click (CPC).

By sustaining this advertisement system, you will be paid by Google when you reach a specific threshold.

Also, it will be much easier to follow the performance of your blog and ads management system.

7. Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate partnerships may not be so practical to perform on your blogging at first point.

Since you need to gain a reputation and familiarity on the blogging journey, affiliate marketing can take some time.

However, when you feel ready to promote products and services on your blogs, this means it is the right time to start affiliate marketing.

two people shaking their hands for agreement

About knowing your readiness, it needs that you should be known to people that show interest in your niche.

When the number of people increases, you can start promoting in your blogs as well.

For later parts, you will make money by displaying encouraging integrated promotion within your blog posts from your partnerships.

The more people click, the more money you will earn.

8. Present Paid Memberships

It is mostly about the process of your blogging. Like affiliate marketing, this is a huge risk if you present paid memberships at first.

You need to create appropriate conditions for your blog. Then, you need to affect people’s thoughts and take their support.

signing a document written contract on it

After creating your special circle, you can easily create opportunities for paid memberships.

For affordable pricing plans and subscription types, you can check membership website builders to ease your progress.

Though it may sound hard to do this at first, you can achieve it with the right moves and attempts.

9. Sell Content as Products

podcast setting for selling products

This step is one of the most comprehensive and wide ones.

Creating content is as valuable as starting to make money from it. Therefore, blogging comes with supporting forces.

To give an example for selling content as products, we can order different product types, like:

  • selling physical products (books, souvenirs, products)
  • ebooks
  • podcasts
  • online courses
  • webinars
  • donations

These examples can be varied, however, all focus on expanding the reach of your blog.

You should keep in mind that products can change depending on your target audience and niche.

10. Offer Services

streaming setup for offering a service

With or without any relation between your blog content; there are different ways to offer services from your blogging.

Unlike the previous steps, offering services by considering your blogging generates service-based revenue.

Taking your skills into consideration, you can have extras to show your talent with

  • consulting about your target point
  • sharing your experience while blogging
  • freelance writing
  • SEO services
  • social media marketing
  • web development

Another point to take care of is that these services can change according to your previous steps.

If you have done all the steps mentioned above, you will be more able to offer more services than you see.

Before You Leave…

That is all when you start making money blogging!

Starting can scare anyone, but when you get used to blogging over time, all will stay on the rails.

From deciding on your niche to offering services, there is a challenging journey that you will be in charge of.

We suggest that you should take each step carefully and focus on improving your knowledge while expanding your ways of earning money.

May the words be your light and best ones when making money blogging! ✨

The Frequently Asked Questions

We have learned the best tips and tricks to start making money blogging, yet if you have some question marks in your mind, here are the frequently asked questions.

What is the Hardest Part of Making Money Blogging?

It is a technical challenge. If you are not so knowledgeable about the platform that you publish your blogs, managing the technical duties will be problematic. After you arrange the details about blogging, you need to provide financial stability with blogging.

Is It Necessary to Be a Professional to Start Blogging?

No. It doesn’t matter if the blogger is a professional or not. Blogging can be a journey to help you improve your perception as well. Though some knowledge does not hurt anyone, there is not any obligation that you need to know what blogging is beforehand.

Do I Need to Consider Legal Requirements for Monetizing Blogging?

Yes. As all things need some limitations, you need to cover the legal requirements and security necessities. Still, these legal requirements change based on the choices you make. So, you should consider your own needs and then start the process.

Should I Spend Money Before Starting Blogging?

Every new start needs some sacrifice. Therefore, while deciding on your blogging journey, you need to shoulder the responsibility of starting blogging and spare some money. Nevertheless, if you consider the budget, you will have after improving your blogging, this will sound much more profitable.

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