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20+ AI Design Tools to Watch in 2024: Next-Level Design

Welcome to the future of design! In 2024, AI design tools have been revolutionized the way of design.

These powerful applications have broken barriers and taken design possibilities to a whole new level, liberating unparalleled creativity and efficiency.

These AI design tools are set to unlock your potential and propel your work to new astonishing heights.

In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through the top 20+ AI design tools that have caught our attention this year.

What is an AI Design Tool?

An AI design tool is a software application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help designers create better and more efficient designs.

It can do tasks like automatically generating design options, recognizing objects in images, and applying creative effects.

These tools make the design process faster, smarter, and more innovative, but they still need human creativity to work best.

In a nutshell, AI design tools are like helpful assistants for designers, making their work easier and more exciting!

20+ AI Design Tools to Design the Future

Join us as we explore the limitless potential of these next-level design companions and discover how they can elevate your artistic endeavors.

1. MidJourney

Midjourney is an AI program that creates images based on natural language descriptions known as "prompts".

Midjourney server on Discord with a dog illustration with flowers visible in the center and there are channel names on the left-hand panel

Currently, the platform is accessible through a Discord bot on their official server, allowing users to interact with it directly via direct messaging or by inviting the bot to other servers.

To generate images, users simply use the /imagine command and enter a prompt, and the bot responds with a set of four images.

Additionally, Midjourney is in the process of developing a web interface for easier access and usability.

⭐️ It’s good for: Commercial purposes, allowing businesses to create logos and artwork to enhance branding and attract customers.

Pricing: The pricing for Midjourney varies based on the plan chosen, and it offers both basic and premium tiers.

New users can benefit from promotional free-use for a limited number of images.

2. DreamStudio

DreamStudio is a text-to-image system fueled by Stable Diffusion, an energy-based approach that optimizes image creation while conserving power consumption.

Dreamstudio editor interface with the settings part on the left-hand panel and 4 images of a city view at sunset on the right

The outcome is a mesmerizing array of AI-generated images, encompassing photorealistic wonders and art deco marvels.

The true distinction of DreamStudio lies in its capacity to not only generate images but also to artfully manipulate and enhance existing pictures.

These methods preserve fine details, sharpness, and minimize visual artifacts and distortion.

⭐️ It's good for: Creatively generating a wide array of images, visualizing concepts from text, and enhancing existing pictures with fine details and sharpness.

Pricing: At this moment, the available method for accessing images is to pay per image through the acquisition of credits. You can purchase credits from your profile.

3. Let’s Enhance

Let's Enhance is a versatile platform with several applications and use cases that make it beneficial for various individuals and businesses.

Let's Enhance's homepage with a person's photo on a pink/purple gradient background, half blurred

It is an AI-powered image enhancement platform that offers batch editing, one-click presets, and the ability to upscale images to higher resolutions.

All these features make it a valuable tool for creative professionals, print production, product photography, and generating high-resolution AI artwork from text inputs.

⭐️ It’s good for: Enhancing image quality, upscaling images, and generating high-resolution artwork using AI technology.

Pricing: There is a free plan available with 10 free credits but the images come with the watermark.

There are also plans like

  • 100 Credits to process images each month for $9/month;
  • 300 Credits to process images each month for $24/month;
  • And 500 Credits to process images each month for $34/month.

4. Whimsical AI

Whimsical is a creative tool that uses AI to offer helpful suggestions for coming up with fresh ideas and overcoming creative blocks during brainstorming.

Whimsical AI's homepage with "AI for Mind Maps" headline on top followed by a green button to try and a preview window of the tool below

It lets users think even faster and improve their work process.

Additionally, it offers various features like flowcharts, wireframes, mind maps, projects, docs, templates, embed kit, and other useful tools.

⭐️ It’s good for: enhancing creativity, speeding up idea generation, and improving project workflows with AI-powered suggestions.

Pricing: There is a free plan available with 3 collaborative boards.

The Pro plan costs $10/mo and the Organization plan costs $20/mo per editor (both billed annually). These plans offer unlimited boards.

The good part is that you only pay for editors. Viewers and guests are free!

5. Adobe Firefly

Firefly is a new group of creative AI models for Adobe products. It helps users generate cool effects for images and text.

Adobe Firefly's homepage with the text on the left and a bird illustration along with several images on the right

Firefly powered features can currently be found inside Photoshop (beta), Illustrator, and Adobe Express.

The special thing about Adobe Firefly is that it can understand the words you write and use them to help you make amazing designs and effects in pictures, videos, and 3D objects.

It lets you play around with different ideas and easily customize your creations using Firefly and other favorite Creative Cloud tools.

⭐️ It’s good for: Generating captivating effects for images, text, videos, and 3D objects, using everyday language.

Pricing: As of now, Adobe Firefly is available for free because it's in the beta testing phase.

You can easily access it on Adobe's website without any charge. But, keep in mind that this might change in the future.

So, make the most of this opportunity while it's still free!

6. Genus AI

Genus is an AI-powered platform that specializes in automating creative processes for product catalogs and advertising.

Genus AI's hmoepage with the text on the left and on the right, there are images of female models

It uses AI to automatically generate creative content for product catalogs and provides examples of creative designs for product catalogs, serving as a source of inspiration and guidance.

Genus can generate images for use in advertising campaigns, and it is capable of generating videos that are optimized for high performance in advertising campaigns.

⭐️ It’s good for: Automating creative content generation, optimizing ad performance, and controlling brand consistency for businesses using product catalogs in their marketing efforts.

Pricing: There is a 7-day free trial available.

The Catalog Generation plan starts at $2,000 / month while Brand and Enterprise plans start at $3,000/month and $8,000/month, respectively.

7. Galileo AI

Galileo AI is a cutting-edge UI design tool that transforms basic text descriptions into impressive, editable user interface designs.

Galileo AI's homepage with the headline on the right followed by a window written "Generated with AI, Editable in Figma"

Its key features include lightning-fast design generation, drawing insights from thousands of top user experience designs.

It also offers carefully curated AI-generated illustrations and images to complement your vision and style.

With Galileo AI, you can instantly create full product copy by harnessing the power of large language models, saving time on tedious tasks and focusing on crafting creative design solutions that make a significant impact.

⭐️ It’s good for: Designers who want to swiftly create high-quality UI designs from text descriptions, saving time and enhancing productivity

Note: In order to experience Galileo, you can request early access.

8. Runway

Runway is a creative suite that uses AI to collaborate and advance human creativity in generating and manipulating videos and images.

Runway's homepage with a sea creature image on the background and the headline in the center followed by a purple "Try Runway for Free" button

It offers features like generating videos and images, reimagining images, custom model training, erasing objects from videos, slow-motion, animating images, and removing backgrounds.

⭐️ It’s good for: Augmenting human creativity by using AI as a collaborator to generate and manipulate videos and images, opening up new possibilities in art and entertainment.

Pricing: There is a forever-free basic plan with 125 credits.

The paid plans are as follows:

  • Standard for individuals and teams at $12 per user per month (max. 5 users per workspace) with more access, AI Magic Tools, and export options.
  • Pro for large teams and companies at $28 per user per month (max. 10 users per workspace) with all features included.
  • Unlimited at $76 per user per month (max. 10 users per workspace) with the Pro features and unlimited video generations.
  • Enterprise plan is available upon request.

9. Fronty

Fronty is an AI-powered tool that serves as an Image to HTML CSS converter.

Fronty's homepage with the text on the left and on the right, there are "watch", "try now" and, "examples" icons

It allows users to upload images and automatically generates corresponding HTML and CSS code within a few minutes, making it easy for users to convert image designs into functional web code.

Additionally, Fronty offers a no-code editor that empowers users to edit and style complex websites, such as e-commerce platforms, blogs, and team-member pages, without the need for manual coding.

⭐️ It’s good for: Automating the conversion of images to HTML CSS code.

Pricing: There is a Freemium plan available with up to 3 users and a free subdomain.

The Pro plan costs $4.52 /monthly, up to 10 users and the Advanced plan costs $9/monthly, up to 25 users.

10. DALL·E 2

DALL·E 2 is an AI system developed by OpenAI, which can generate realistic and high-resolution images and art from textual descriptions in natural language.

Dall-e 2's homepage with the bold headline in the center followed by a short text and "Try Dall-E 2" button below

It is an advancement over its predecessor, DALL·E, which was introduced in January 2021. DALL·E 2 has the capability to combine different concepts, attributes, and styles to create original and accurate images.

One of the notable improvements of DALL·E 2 over DALL·E is its ability to produce images with 4 times greater resolution, making the generated content even more visually appealing and detailed.

⭐️ It’s good for: Generating realistic images and art from textual descriptions, enabling creative expression, content generation, and various other applications across industries.

Pricing: The DALL·E 2 offers seven pricing models based on image quality and resolution types. The lowest price per image is $0.016, and the highest is $0.040.

11. Flair AI

Flair AI is a product photography tool that specializes in working with consumer packaged goods (CPG) products such as cans, bottles, mugs, packages, and more.

Flair AI's homepage with the headline in the center followed by "Create with Flair" and "Watch Demo" buttons and product interface window below

It offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to edit and enhance product photos quickly.

The tool provides guidelines for selecting the right product photos, emphasizing natural lighting, high definition, and clarity while avoiding obstructions like hands or objects.

It recommends against using 3D renders, especially if the lighting appears unnatural.

⭐️ It’s good for: Enhancing product photography, streamlining content creation, and creating visually engaging marketing materials to boost online presence, sales, and brand recognition.

Pricing: You can try the Basic plan with full access to Flair's product photography feature.

The Professional plan starts at $10/month and there is no cap to the number of images that you can generate.

You can reach out to Flair AI team for a custom price plan.

12. Khroma

Khroma is an AI-powered tool that assists users in generating and discovering color palettes based on their preferences.

Khroma's homepage with the headline on the left followed by a blue "Generate" button and on the right, there is the Khroma logo on a pastel colored background

It uses a personalized algorithm that learns from the colors you like and dislike to create limitless palettes tailored to your taste.

The tool is capable of creating infinite color combinations by drawing inspiration from thousands of popular human-made palettes found across the internet.

These combinations can be viewed in various formats, such as typography, gradients, palettes, or custom images.

⭐️ It’s good for: Discovering, generating, and saving personalized and harmonious color palettes for various projects and applications.

Pricing: It’s free!

13. Alpaca

Alpaca is an AI-based creative platform that gives users complete control over their designs, offering familiar tools to customize every detail.

Alpaca AI's homepage with the headline in the center with the Alpaca logo on top, followed by a short text and a "Join Waitlist" button below

It allows users to create custom models and train them privately on their own assets, generating art in their unique style.

The platform seamlessly integrates with Photoshop, enabling various generative features like text-to-image, image variations, upscaling, and more.

Users can easily personalize models by dragging and dropping project assets and reference imagery, making it easy to match their artistic style.

⭐️ It’s good for: Designing custom artwork through AI-powered tools, streamlined workflows, and personalized model training.

Note: You can join the waitlist to experience Alpaca.

14. Fontjoy

Fontjoy is a tool that simplifies the process of pairing fonts for design projects.

Fontjoy's homepage with the product interface showing texts in different fonts on a dark background

It uses deep learning to generate font combinations that complement each other.

Additionally, users have the option to manually choose a font using the "Edit" feature.

The tool aims to select fonts that share a common theme yet offer a pleasant contrast.

⭐️ It’s good for: Generating aesthetically pleasing font combinations, streamlining the design process for various creative projects

Pricing: It’s free!

15. Canva

Canva is a highly popular design tool that appeals to designers of all skill levels.

Canva's homepage with the headline bold on top followed by different project categories and their images below

It incorporates several AI design tools to enhance the design experience, making it a versatile and efficient choice for creating visual content.

For example, it has Magic Design tool that helps users visualize their design ideas with a selection of templates.

Users can just upload an image and the tool creates a custom design using the image. That easy!

⭐️ It’s good for: Creating graphics and visual content for various platforms with its user-friendly interface, extensive template library, and AI design tools.

Pricing: There is a free plan available. Canva Pro costs $199.99/year per person.

For teams, there is custom pricing. It costs $149.90 for up to 5 people.

16. Genius

Genius is an AI-powered design tool that turns simple product descriptions into fully-editable UI designs.

Genius by Diagram's homepage with the product interface on a dark background with different tool icons below

It offers auto-suggestions to streamline the design process and supports iterative design exploration.

The tool integrates with existing design systems, providing smart recommendations.

Genius can be invited to Figma files to act as a personal design assistant and can also interact via chat to address design-related questions.

⭐️ It’s good for: Efficiently creating fully-editable UI designs from product descriptions, while offering iterative exploration and integration with existing design systems.

Note: You can join the waitlist to explore Genius when it is ready to use.

17. RemoveBG

RemoveBG is an online tool that provides a fast and automated solution for removing backgrounds from images.

RemoveBG's homepage with a female holding flowers on the left and on the right, there is a "Remove Background" window

It allows users to remove image backgrounds 100% automatically and free of charge, with just one click.

In addition to its ease of use, RemoveBG also integrates with popular design software, e-commerce platforms, and computer environments through various tools and plugins.

This integration allows users to streamline their digital workflows and optimize their efficiency.

⭐️ It’s good for: Quickly and automatically removing backgrounds from images, saving time and effort in editing and design workflows

Pricing: It’s free!

18. Kaedim

Kaedim enables users to generate custom 3D models quickly by using just a 2D image.

Kaedim's homepage with the headline on the left and on the right, there is a 3d cat holding a wand, wearing a hat like a wizard

It eliminates the need for manual modeling, saving time and effort.

The generated 3D models are production-ready and of high-definition quality.

Kaedim also offers automatic texturing and provides plugins for seamless integration with popular modeling tools.

No prior modeling experience is required to use this tool.

⭐️ It’s good for: Quickly generating high-definition, production-ready 3D models from 2D images, without the need for manual modeling skills.

Pricing: Kaedim offers flexible pricing. You can start a trial for $6 to begin with.

You can also pay as you go for $20 per generation credit.

The Starter plan starts at $150/mo. The Indie plan starts at $300/mo and the Studio plan starts at $1000/mo.

19. AutoDraw

AutoDraw is a Google tool launched in 2017.

It allows anyone to become an illustrator by drawing something, and then uses AI to suggest related drawings to choose from.

AutoDraw's builder interface with a glass drawing filled half in light green and tool icons on the left-hand side

The tool works on any device and lets users download their creations as PNG files for creative projects.

Key features include a variety of drawing tools and the ability to transform doodles into refined artwork.

⭐️ It’s good for: Enabling non-artists to create simple illustrations and quick sketches with the help of AI-generated suggestions.

Pricing: It’s free!

20. Hippo

Hippo is a Figma plugin that allows users to create and edit vector illustrations and creative assets directly within the Figma design environment.

Hippo's homepage with the logo and "Hello, I'm Hippo" text on the left and on the right, there are different icons like hearts and potted plants

It offers handpicked styles to generate various types of content, including vector illustrations and photography.

It supports Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and SDXL for the time being.

⭐️ It’s good for: Creating and editing vector illustrations and creative assets with the added benefit of powerful AI transforms, making the design process more streamlined and diverse.

Pricing: You can try the plugin for free as the platform grants you with $2 credit to begin with. Then, you pay as you go for $0.01 per credits.

21. Playground AI

PlaygroundAI is a user-friendly image editing platform that enables users to create and edit images effortlessly.

Playground AI's homepage with the headline bold on top followed by a "get started button" and product interface window half visible below

It supports mixed image editing, combining real and synthetic elements.

The tool is accessible to all levels of expertise, from beginners to experienced designers.

⭐️ It’s good for: Creating artistic compositions and achieving photorealistic results through mixed image editing.

Pricing: You can use it for free and create 1,000 images per day.

The Pro plan is priced at $15 per month and allows users to create up to 2,000 images per day with Stable Diffusion, while the DALL·E 2 Add-On costs $10 per month, providing users with 800 DALL·E images per month without rollover.

22. PatternedAI

PatternedAI is an AI-powered tool that enables users to generate unique patterns for various products and surfaces.

Patterned AI's homepage with the headline and a short text on the left and on the right, there are frames of different patterns

It allows users to search and create thousands of royalty-free patterns effortlessly.

The tool can be integrated into businesses to streamline workflows and promote growth.

The guide provided by PatternedAI helps users understand how to craft well-constructed prompts to create beautiful and distinctive seamless patterns.

⭐️ It’s good for: Generating unique patterns for product design, graphic design, fashion industry applications, and other creative projects using AI technology.

Pricing: You can try PatternedAI for free with 20 trial credits. The Starter plan costs $10/mo with 300 credits per month.

The Standard plan costs $30/mo while you can go for the Pro plan for $60/mo with 4000 credits.

Before You Leave…

With these powerful AI design tools at our disposal, creative professionals now possess the ability to transcend conventional boundaries and unlock new dimensions of artistic expression.

From streamlining workflow processes to generating awe-inspiring visual content, AI has proven to be an indispensable ally for designers seeking to push their limits.

However, it's important to remember that while AI design tools are undeniably impressive, they are best utilized as companions rather than replacements for human creativity and ingenuity.

So, embrace these AI design tools, experiment fearlessly, and let your imagination soar to create a world of captivating and revolutionary design!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an AI Designer?

An AI designer is an artificial intelligence system that can create designs independently or assist human designers.

It can generate original designs based on learned styles, offer suggestions, optimize designs, and perform style transfers.

AI designers aim to enhance the creative process and save time for designers, but they are meant to be tools that work in collaboration with human creativity, not as replacements.

2. Will AI Take Over Graphic Design?

AI has made significant strides in graphic design, automating tasks, generating variations, and offering suggestions.

However, it is unlikely to fully replace human designers, as design involves human intuition, creativity, and emotional understanding.

AI will be a valuable tool, complementing designers' work and enhancing productivity, but the human touch and creativity in design will remain essential.

The future is likely to be a collaborative one, with humans and AI working together in the field of graphic design.

3. How is AI Used in UI Design?

AI is used in UI design to automate layout generation, provide personalized user experiences, enhance usability through predictive analytics, and optimize designs based on user behavior.

It streamlines the design process, improves user engagement, and ensures more effective and user-centric interfaces.

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