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10 Best AI Product Description Generator Tools in 2024

Best AI product description generator tools can help you create engaging descriptions.

Making your products visible and reachable is simple with the best AI product generator tools.

If you want to enhance your SEO existence and have a customized brand voice for your products, it is the right place.

Without wasting your time, shall we look at the product description generator tools and choose yours?

What is an AI Product Description Generator?

An AI Product Description Generator is a tool that creates explanatory content to describe a product with the help of artificial intelligence.

To introduce your product needs effort and daintiness when they are displayed in your store, so you should show them in the best way you can.

AI product description generators help make a good debut or proper product page optimization for your visitors.

Regardless of the aims, AI product description generators are both time-saving and efficient to save your effort.

Top 10 AI Product Description Generators

These product description generators are the most popular and common ones.

We have chosen them as the top due to their useful features for you.

best AI product description generator tools comparison table featuring the best for features and free trial option

1. Ahrefs– Free AI Product Description Generator

Ahrefs is a well-known and efficient SEO audit tool that you can benefit from for your overall website performance.

the page of Ahrefs Product Description Generator with the related generation box

Free AI Product Description Generator of Ahrefs is the first AI product description generator on our list.

It is user-friendly and practical to create a product description in minutes with an image to describe.

When you upload an image, determine the writing tone, and click on the “Generate Description” button, the only thing left is to get the description for your product page.

Top Features:

  • Multilingual description
  • Writing length as 1,2 or 3 paragraphs
  • The intensity of the description
  • Exporting answer after modifying


  • The features can be multiplied since the interface looks insufficient.


  • As its name suggests, there is no pricing to create a product description with Ahref’s free tool.

Ratings of Ahrefs:

🌟G2 Rating of Ahrefs: 4.5 out of 5.

🌟Capterra Rating of Ahrefs: 4.8 out of 5.

2. Copy.ai- Free Product Description Generator Powered By AI

Copy.ai has a colorful orbit to use for different aims, such as creating articles, email marketing, social media, or translations.

Copy.ai Product Description Generator on a fair blue background

The Product Description Generator of Copy.ai is much simpler than Ahrefs.

Unlike Ahref’s description generator, Copy.ai requires more explanations on the Product Information and Specs field to elaborate.

For user experience, there only appear only two fields to go.

However, remember that if you want a proper product description, you should provide details to the tool and get the best result.

Top Features:

  • Product name
  • Product information field
  • Copying the results right away
  • Request for another answer submission


  • Some users tend to fill in sections rather than write details, so if there were different parts to complete, that would be better.


  • It is totally free. There is no cost for creating an engaging product description.

Ratings of Copy.ai:

🌟G2 Rating of Copy.ai: 4.7 out of 5.

🌟Capterra Rating of Copy.ai: 4.5 out of 5.

3. Frase- Product Description Generator

Frase is an AI SEO tool that serves for content creation and SEO by providing free tools, like the Paraphrasing Tool, Blog Title Generator, and AI Content Generator.

Frase Product Description Generator on a dark blue background

The Product Description Generator of Frase is composed of three sections: Product Name, keywords, and creativity sale.

When you directly enter the related information to the tool and click the button to generate, of course, you will have an appropriate product description.

If you don’t like the description, the re-generation button is all set to go.

Besides, there is a ‘Load More’ button to expand the product description, but it needs a membership if you hit the daily limit.

Top Features:

  • Guiding with steps
  • Keywords to generate product description
  • Arrangeable creativity level
  • Load more button for a longer description


  • After a few trials, there appears to be an error that needs a sign-up for the tool.


  • It is free for public demos, but there is a daily limit. Plus, if visitors want to use the Generator more, they should sign up.

Ratings of Frase:

🌟G2 Rating of Frase: 4.8 out of 5.

🌟Capterra Rating of Frase: 4.8 out of 5.

4. AISEO- Product Description Generator

AISEO is an AI productivity tool that helps writers, SEO specialists, and marketers about creating content.

Aiseo Product Description Generator with the two-sided tool page

The Product Description Generator of AISEO is one of the most advanced tools in this list.

By starting with direct questions, you will answer your aim with the target product and its main points.

AISEO customizes the tone of voice with options and language, and it needs keywords to focus on the subject.

After creating content, the product description can be copied, added to the editor, or removed.

Top Features:

  • Keywords for clues
  • Setting goals for the brand voice
  • Main points field to inspire
  • Free Style Editor to edit description


  • The interface can confuse people because the generated description is under the tool. The right side is for editing the content.


  • The tool is free, but some premium features need payment to be used.

Ratings of AISEO:

🌟G2 Rating of AISEO: 4.7 out of 5.

🌟Capterra Rating of AISEO: 4.5 out of 5.

5. Narrato- AI Product Description Generator

Narrato is a workspace for content marketing specialists, and this tool is not the only one that serves for product description generation.

the dashboard of Narrato Product Description Generator with simple fields

To focus narrower, Narrato AI Product Description Generator is different from the previous generators because you need to have an account to create a product description.

Yet, the AI Product Description Generator of Narrato is one of the enhanced tools with its features.

It has an editor-like system, so you make the changes at the left sidebar and finally activate the editor.

You can make changes to the content with the help of AI with smart assistants of Narrato.

Top Features:

  • Content editor with customization options
  • Target length section
  • The description format
  • Publishing opportunities on different CMS


  • People who want a simple product description generator may not want to create a new account for Narrato.


  • It is free to create a product description within your account, which was created for free.

Ratings of Narrato:

🌟G2 Rating of Narrato: 4.8 out of 5.

🌟Capterra Rating of Narrato: 4.9 out of 5.

6. Writesonic- Product Description Generator

Writesonic is a famous AI-led brand that works in the field of content creation as well.

the dashboard of Writesonic Product Description Generator with the features and the editor

Writesonic Product Description Generator is another practical AI product description generator with an AI-powered keyword search.

When you create the content and edit it on the Sonic editor, you will see “Ask AI” to enhance what you have written.

Plus, since you can determine the number of outputs, you can eliminate or optimize the descriptions for other products.

Top Features:

  • Product description history
  • Word length options
  • Brand voice to shape content
  • Output number determination


  • Writesonic should provide the fundamental brand voice to give an idea to users.


  • You can freely give a try for Writesonic’s AI Product Generation Tools, but reaching Premium needs a pricing plan.

Ratings of Writesonic:

🌟G2 Rating of Writesonic: 4.8 out of 5.

🌟Capterra Rating of Writesonic: 4.8 out of 5.

7. Jasper- Product Description Generator: Powered by AI

Jasper is a content-based digital marketing tool with the solutions it provides and the industries that it serves.

the product page of Jasper Product Description Generator with the product name and trusted brands

The Product Description Generator of Jasper needs an account, just like Writesonic.

Jasper’s tool offers a basic way of creating product descriptions.

With the needs of the product name and description, Jasper creates the content and allows you to edit within the account.

Top Features:

  • Boss Mode to dictate
  • Tone of voice determination
  • Keywords for SEO choice
  • Arranging as favorite and copying from the editor


  • Users are not a fan of entering their credit card information for the free trial of Jasper.


  • Jasper has no free plan, but it offers a free trial with your credit card information.

Ratings of Jasper:

🌟G2 Rating of Jasper: 4.7 out of 5.

🌟Capterra Rating of Jasper: 4.8 out of 5.

8. HIX.AI- Product Description Generator

HIX.AI is an all-in-one tool for managing your web-related needs, like Notion, Translate, ChatGPT and more.

HIX.AI's Product Description Generator's generation box located at the top center of the page

HIX.AI’s Product Description Generator is in a toolbox with the settings and editor.

From target audience to tone of voice, this tool offers language options and lets you decide on the number of outputs before generating.

Also, the details of the already generated description can be found easily in the editor.

Top Features:

  • Determining the target audience
  • Choosing the GPT version
  • Talking points to specify
  • Tone of voice for coloring the description


  • There is a free word limit per week.


  • It is free to use. Yet, if you want to upgrade, there are plans to start.

Ratings of HIX.AI:

🔭 No reviews are found about HIX.AI.

9. Hypotenuse AI - AI Product Description Generator

Hypotenuse AI is also a content creation software that provides all content-related solutions like writing articles, summarizing content, or generating product descriptions.

the product description generation field of the Hypotenuse Product Description Generator within the account

Hypotenuse AI’s Product Description Generator needs an account to try or use the tool.

Different from the other tools, Hypotenuse AI leads the way in generating product descriptions and shows the steps one by one.

Then, the tool offers simple sections to fill in, like the product name, brand, and features.

It allows you to change the language settings and edit the catalog of your products.

All in all, Hypotenuse AI treats you like you are the number one supporter while creating your catalog and bulk-generating your product descriptions.

Top Features:

  • Bulk generation possibility
  • Tooltips to follow
  • Brand name necessity
  • Keywords for SEO optimization


  • This is not an enhanced tool, so there is not much review about this.


  • There is a free trial for 7 days, so you need to upgrade a plan if you want to move forward with Hypotenuse AI.

Ratings of Hypotenuse.AI:

🌟G2 Rating of Hypotenuse AI: 4.1 out of 5.

🌟Capterra Rating of Hypotenuse AI: 5 out of 5.

10. Simplified - Best Free AI Product Description Copy Generator

Simplified is a comprehensive software for providing the needs of modern marketing for modern marketers.

Simplified Product Description Generator appearing as a modal with a dark mode of the brand as the background

Simplified’s Best Free AI Product Description Copy Generator is vital for its reachability.

Among many other templates of Simplified, the Best Free AI Product Description Copy Generator is practical with its few fields to complete.

When the results are ready, you can choose from them or check the history anytime you want.

There is a possibility to use the editor, and it gives you the freedom to customize your product description as you like.

Top Features:

  • Video tutorial to help
  • Creativity level determination
  • Output language options
  • The number of results


  • Creating an account is needed at some point.


  • There is a free version, but there are some premium features that need to be paid for.

Ratings of Simplified:

🌟G2 Rating of Simplified: 4.6 out of 5.

🌟Capterra Rating of Simplified: 4.7 out of 5.

How to Choose the Best AI Product Description Generator Tool?

You know when you choose the best tool for yourself, but choosing the best AI product description generator can be difficult.

To make your decision using all these effective tools, we have some criteria that you might want to follow and check.

  • Prioritize your needs before stepping into this way. Ask the question, “Why do you need this tool?”
  • Measure AI capabilities. Based on your needs, the generator’s NLP skills can make you feel sufficient for the description you want to see.
  • Check SEO capabilities. If your tool considers SEO, your product page will have a positive rank on SERP as well.
  • Search for multilingual tools. The more languages a tool has, the better.
  • Choose a product description generator without a learning curve. To have a seamless user experience, an easy tool is always a good option.
  • The integration can be the key. If your tool can integrate with CMS or other platforms, we can count that as a step further.

To Conclude

All in all, if you need to generate effective product descriptions for your e-commerce stores, there are many alternatives.

It is easy to use all these generators for having thousands of alternatives for describing your products.

Choose the best AI product description generator tool and create the best description for your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions when people generate product descriptions for their stores!

Do I Need Expertise to Use Product Description Generator Tools?

No, you don’t. Generally, these product description generator tools are straightforward and practical to handle. Therefore, all you need to do is to provide the necessary information for the tools.

What Is An Ideal Length Of A Good Product Description?

The ideal length of a good product description ranges between 100 and 500 words. Expanding or reducing depends on you, but if you follow the rule, your description will convey your message with an impact.

Can Product Description Generator Tool Enhance User Experience?

Yes, they can. Since they will provide engaging and clear information for the visitors, people will easily reach the details about the product.

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