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18 Best AI Chatbots to Maximize Efficiency in 2024

AI chatbots have become increasingly popular with the rise of ChatGPT towards the end of 2022.

But with so many AI chatbots available on the market, it can be a struggle to determine which ones are the best for your needs. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the 18 best AI chatbots and what makes them stand out from the rest with their top features.

These tools can automate your customer service, accompany you in your marketing and sales efforts, and so on!

Let's explore them & keep up with the AI chatbot hype!

What is an AI Chatbot?

An AI chatbot is software that communicates with visitors via text or voice messages using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). These chatbots provide a variety of functions, including responding to frequently asked inquiries, making tailored recommendations, and finishing simple chores.

They are created to mimic human communication. Machine learning techniques are used by AI chatbots to analyze user input and enhance their responses over time. They can be included in a range of platforms, including messaging apps and websites.

Chatbots can be used for a variety of purposes, such as customer service, sales, and marketing. Businesses can enhance user experience, boost efficiency, and deliver better customer service by utilizing AI chatbots.

14 Best AI Chatbots You Can Use in 2024 with Top Features

Here you can find the18 best AI chatbot tools of 2024 with their top features. Explore them and find the one that can work for your use cases!

1. LiveChatAI

a screenshot of the landing page of LiveChatAI

LiveChatAI is a GPT-4 powered AI chatbot with solutions to create your own AI bot. You can use this tool to create AI chatbot assistant on your website. Moreover, it allows to combine AI bot & live chat at the same time.

Using this tool, you can reduce your response time and form better relationships with visitors by providing quick customer support.

Top Features:

  • It provides support for images and other media formats to enhance customer interactions
  • Thanks to the deployment of AI agents, you can reach customers on platforms like Intercom, Slack, & emails
  • The tool uses ChatGPT 3.5 by default, but you can use GPT-4 as well
  • Your content is securely stored on GCP/AWS servers, guaranteeing the confidentiality and safety of your data
  • LiveChatAI adheres to GDPR regulations, ensuring the highest standards of data protection, privacy, & security
  • You can easily integrate it into your website using an embed script
  • Live chat feature allows you to reply to all of the conversations AI replied and assign them to anyone in your team


  • The Basic plan starts from $39 per month and is suitable for personal use. It includes 5.000 messages, one website, one chatbot, and 1 million character data import.
  • The Pro plan starts from $89 per month and is suitable for small businesses. It includes 10.000 messages, ten chatbots, unlimited websites, 8M character data import, and API access.
  • The Expert plan starts from $389 per month and is perfect for experts. It provides unlimited messages, 50 chatbots, unlimited websites, 50M character data import, API access, human chat routing, GPT 4 support, and the ability to remove branding.

2. ChatGPT

a screenshot of the landing page of ChatGPT

ChatGPT went viral in 2022, and many applications were developed by getting inspired by this chatbot.

Being the industry leader, ChatGPT offers various solutions, and plugins are added to the bot. That way, users can use third-party applications for different needs.

Top Features:

  • OpenAI GPT-3 and GPT-4 models are used
  • Easy-to-use tool with a simple user interface
  • Offers a wide range of topics and answers to many expertise questions
  • Having human-like and clear conversations is possible
  • Free to use, but the premium version with more features is available
  • It remembers the previous prompts in the same conversation

Pricing: Free to use. The ChatGPT Plus plan with advanced features is $20 per month.

3. Google Bard

a screenshot of the landing page of Google Bard

Google Bard is Google's AI chatbot, and it is among the most significant competitors of ChatGPT. It uses a different language model, which is LaMDA, and recently became available for all countries.

It includes various solutions, such as advanced coding and images. It is still in the improvement process, and more features are expected to be added to this chatbot.

Top Features:

  • Uses the Google LaMDA language model
  • It has a conversational style
  • Bard connects to the internet and finds sources for the answers it provides
  • It has access to more than 180 countries
  • Integration solutions with Google's own apps and services are available
  • Images can be added to prompts thanks to Google Lens integration, which will allow users to come up with detailed prompts supported by images

Pricing: Free to use.

4. Microsoft Bing AI

a screenshot of the landing page of Microsoft Bing AI

Microsoft Bing AI is another prominent tech company, Microsoft's chatbot tool.

Bing AI allows you to ask related questions in the same conversation and remembers previous chats so that you can ask follow-up questions. It became available for Microsoft Edge users in 2023 and aims to improve itself continuously.

Top Features:

  • Users are able to do a multimedia search
  • You can keep your chat history while you are browsing on the internet
  • Ideas can be turned into images with an AI-powered Image Creator solution
  • It provides sources of the answers with their links and surfs the internet to find responses
  • Create and compose solution allows users to set the tone and format of the copy they want to create
  • It is available on mobile devices as well

Pricing: Free to use.

5. Jasper Chat

a screenshot of the landing page of Jasper Chat

Jasper's Jasper Chat is a conversational AI chatbot with a generative AI solution. GPT 3.5 is used as one of the language models of this tool.

It is mainly built for marketing and sales business use cases. It is trusted by more than 100,000 marketers at various famous companies such as Canva, Amplitude, IBM, HarperCollins, and so on.

Top Features:

  • It remembers the previous answers to you can keep on talking with the bot to clarify information and specify your requests
  • The tool knows the internet information before mid-2021
  • Conversational AI interface makes it easier to interact with the chatbot, allowing you to have natural conversations
  • Jasper Chat can be used in 29 different languages
  • It can be used to generate ideas for a specific topic, revise content, and more

Pricing: Free trial is available. Jasper's plans start from $39 to $99 per month and include various solutions. Also, the business plan has a custom pricing model.

6. YouChat

a screenshot of the landing page of YouChat

YouChat is an AI chatbot tool with a simple user interface. It functions as a search engine backed with AI, and once you type in your question from the Chat part, it answers your question in a detailed way.

Top Features:

  • You can ask follow-up questions since it remembers the previous questions in the same conversation.
  • Sharing searches with others is possible
  • You can browse search results from the web after you enter your prompt as well
  • Thanks to the multi-dimensional interface and various sections like chat, images, videos, news, and more, it allows users to explore related information quickly
  • A free Chrome extension to get AI answers instantly is available
  • Search experience can be personalized with more than 150 applications

Pricing: Free to use.

7. ChatSonic

a screenshot of the landing page of ChatSonic

Chatsonic is a GPT-4 powered AI chatbot tool of Writesonic. It is among the most used ChatGPT alternatives and allows users to have natural conversations with its conversational style.

It is also trained by Google Search, so it is up-to-date with current events and trending topics.

Top Features:

  • It helps to create digital AI artwork with the image generation solutions of DALL-E and Stable Diffusion
  • Chrome extension is available so that you can get content suggestions while surfing the web
  • It understands voice commands and responds accordingly
  • It is mainly designed for content creation but can be used for other purposes too
  • You can set the personality of the AI for different purposes to get better results from your prompts
  • Thanks to AI prompt marketplace, users can benefit from the free prompts library built inside Chatsonic

Pricing: ChatSonic is a tool of Writesonic, and it is available in the free plan.

8. HuggingChat

a screenshot of the landing page of HuggingChat

HuggingChat is an open-source AI chatbot powered by Hugging Face. It has a simple and easy-to-use user interface, similar to ChatGPT's interface.

Top Features:

  • OpenAssistant LLaMa model is being used in this tool
  • Asking follow-up questions to provide more details about a prompt is possible
  • Starts answering prompts in an enthusiastic way by saying, "Sure!" "Got it!" and so on. It also has a conversational and natural tone
  • Provides a public URL if you want to share the conversation with your friends or family
  • The theme can be changed into dark mode
  • You can turn on or off sharing conversations with model authors

Pricing: Free to use.

9. Perplexity AI

a screenshot of the landing page of Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is an AI chatbot tool that works as a search engine. It surfs the internet and provides sources for the answers.

Perplexity AI uses OpenAI GPT-3 and GPT-4 models. It has a simple yet modern user interface.

Top Features:

  • Quick answer provides concise answers in a short amount of time
  • Enhanced answer option of the Perplexity AI is powered by GPT-4, and it can be used for hard questions with richer answers
  • It provides related questions to your searches and enriches the topic more
  • Sources are given in the output with their links
  • iPhone application is available, and Android users can join the waitlist for the Perplexity app
  • Asking follow-up questions is possible

Pricing: Free to use.

10. KoalaChat

a screenshot of the landing page of KoalaChat

KoalaChat is among the free AI chatbot tools with a premium plan. It also offers a KoalaWriter tool that generates blog posts.

It has a user-friendly and straightforward interface. The tool also has a Discord community, allowing users to connect with the team and other users.

Top Features:

  • The tool is powered by the GPT-3.5 Turbo model
  • Real-time data toggle can be turned on or off according to needs
  • Asking follow-up questions is possible, and by improving prompts, better answers can be get
  • Premium plans include AI-powered SEO, real-time search results integration, API access, and Google Sheets integration
  • KoalaWriter writes long-form and SEO-friendly blog articles quickly

Pricing: Premium plans start from $9 to $350 per month.

11. Chat by Copy.ai

a screenshot of the landing page of Chat by Copy.ai

Chat by Copy.ai is the popular AI writing tool Copy.ai's chatbot tool.

The tool uses OpenAI GPT-3 model and scrapes the web for real-time data. It has a simple and modern-looking user interface and can be used by anyone who wants to create a copy.

Top Features:

  • The tool scrapes websites for public data and generates up-to-date answers with real-time data
  • Personalized copies can be created for sales outreach activities
  • It allows you to create long-form content by brainstorming through the chatbot
  • Using the "Improve" feature, you can improve the answers you get as you write your copy
  • With Infobase, texts can be saved and reused. Also, asking follow-up questions is possible
  • It includes various prompts for categories such as content/SEO, email marketing, paid ads, PR, recruiting, sales, and social media

Pricing: Chat by Copy.ai is included in the tool itself, and the pricing details of Copy.ai are as follows:

  • Free plan is available, includes 2,000 words per month, only one user seat, more than 90 copywriting tools, unlimited projects, the blog wizard tool
  • The pro plan starts from $36 per month, offers everything in the free plan and unlimited words, five user seats, priority email support, more than 29 languages, access to the newest features
  • The enterprise plan has custom pricing, and it provides API access, chat interface, prebuilt workflows library, private company infobase & SOC 2 compliance

12. ZenoChat

a screenshot of the landing page of ZenoChat

TextCortex's ZenoChat is, according to its own words, "superior ChatGPT alternative."

ZenoChat uses different proprietary models such as Sophos, OpenAI's GPT-3.5 & GPT-4. The tool works as a Google Chrome extension and can be used while writing copy easily.

Top Features:

  • It remembers what you said in the same conversation earlier
  • The chatbot has various personas such as Zeno, standup comedian, math teacher, travel guide, interview, and so on. Also, you can create your own persona for a more personalized chatbot experience
  • It has up-to-date knowledge and states the relevant cited sources on outputs. You can add your own data sources as well
  • It supports more than 25 languages for translation
  • The tool works on more than 2000 platforms, such as Google Docs, Gmail, Notion, and more

Pricing: It offers a free plan and includes ten creations every day, rewriting and paraphrasing, and email writer solutions.

  • The Pro plan starts from $19.99 per month and includes unlimited creations, translation in more than 24 languages, summarizer, tone changer, up to 200-word creations at a time, and more
  • The Business plan starts from $49.99 per month and includes everything in the pro plan and up to 300-word generations, up to 1900-word rewrites at a time, more than 80 AI writing temples, unlimited, customizable AI personas, and more.

13. Personal AI

a screenshot of the landing page of Personal AI

Personal AI does not use generic data, unlike other AI chatbot tools. Instead, it uses the individual data and the messages users send.

The models Personal AI uses are OpenAI's GPT-3 and Proprietary GGT-P.

Top Features:

  • Autopilot AI reply feature responds on users' behalf
  • Multiple AI profiles can be created, and different people and groups can access them
  • With personal AI lounges, you can invite and group chat with your friends
  • Since you train it personally, it gives a personal score to each message to represent the real you
  • You can manage the memory stack to add or delete knowledge


  • Free plan is available and includes free messaging, free personal AI training, one primary AI, two AI profiles, access to personal AI copilot and autopilot, integrations with Google Drive & Clipboard, limited access to ChatGPT, GPT-3 & DALL-E.
  • The Launch plan starts from $40 per month and provides everything in the free plan, multiple AI profiles, five integrations, priority access to ChatGPT, GPT-3 & DALL-E, custom personal.ai branded AI domain, API access for AI messages and API access to create memory blocks.

14. Netomi

a screenshot of the landing page of Netomi

Netomi is an AI chatbot tool that offers solutions for customer service.

Thanks to its automated customer service, you can improve your customer relationships and response times.

Top Features:

  • It helps businesses resolve their customer service tickets through chat, email, messaging, and voice
  • Generative AI technology that has administrative control is used
  • It integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Shopify, Freshdesk, Khoros, Zoho & Sprinklr
  • More than 100 languages are supported, which will make it easier to offer multilingual customer services
  • Netomi provides human-like and natural conversations thanks to its Natural Language Understanding feature

Pricing: Contact the sales team for pricing details.

15. Claude

a screenshot of the landing page of Claude

Claude is an AI research company, Anthropic's AI assistant product with chatbot capabilities.

It aims to be a helpful and harmless AI tool and has been trained to handle unpleasant conversations properly. You need to request access and join the waitlist to use Claude.

Top Features:

  • Personality, tone, and behavior of Claude's chatbot can be customized according to various needs
  • The tool can be integrated via standard APIs
  • It can be used for various use cases such as customer service, search, back-office, sales, and coaching
  • It uses a proprietary model, and it is training to be a trustworthy AI chatbot
  • Provide conversational answers with simple language

Pricing: Claude has a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

  • Claude Instant's prompt is $1.63 per million tokens, and completion is $5.51 per million tokens. It is suitable for low latency, high throughput use cases.
  • Claude-v1's prompt is $11.02/million tokens, and completion is $32.68/million tokens. It is suitable for superior performance on tasks.
  • You can contact the sales team for further details.

16. LivePerson

a screenshot of the landing page of LivePerson

LivePerson is a platform with generative and conversational AI capabilities that offers various solutions.

Using this tool, companies can enhance their customer support capabilities and aim to provide faster response times.

Top Features:

  • Conversation archiving and personalizing responses are possible
  • It uses conversational AI with natural and easy-to-understand language
  • Conversational AI solution combines NLU, which is natural language understanding, with NLP, which is natural language processing, to offer better results
  • It includes LLM-powered data ingestion so that users can automatically upload web pages, PDFs, FAQs, and documentation to improve customer services' response times
  • The tool integrates with various CRM and CMS platforms

Pricing: You can get a demo and contact sales for pricing details.

17. Fin: Intercom's AI Chatbot

a screenshot of the landing page of Intercom’s chatbot Fin

Intercom's chatbot Fin is an AI chatbot solution for customer service.

The tool is powered by GPT-4 and aims to provide instant and accurate answers to customer support questions.

Top Features:

  • The chatbot asks clarifying questions to provide better and more accurate answers
  • With custom answers, companies can create their own answers for essential questions
  • When it encounters complex issues, Fin redirects visitors to human support teams
  • It uses and ingests content from multiple sources like Intercom Articles, Zendesk Help Center, or public URLS to come up with the proper answer
  • It understands complex queries and uses conversational and natural language while answering them
  • Fin can be renamed, customized, and personalized according to various business needs and interests

Pricing: Fin's pricing depends on the Resolutions, meaning that the support ticket is solved and the customer confirms the answer as satisfactory.

  • Each Resolution costs $1.90.
  • For further information about Intercom's Fin's pricing, you can contact the sales team.

18. Kommunicate

The homepage of Kommunicate.io

Kommunicate is a customer support automation tool that facilitates seamless communication between businesses and customers. With its user-friendly interface and multi-channel support, Kommunicate allows companies to engage with customers through various platforms.

It also provides automation capabilities to streamline support processes. By leveraging Kommunicate, businesses can effectively manage customer inquiries, resolve issues promptly, and build stronger client relationships.

Top Features:

  • You can easily integrate custom-made bots or bots made on any popular third-party platforms
  • Use various rich messaging templates for an exquisite customer support chat experience
  • You can measure and analyze customer satisfaction and feedback using Customer Satisfaction ratings
  • Managing customer requests from live chat, email, chatbots, and social media in a single place is possible


  • Lite plan for growing companies with small teams $100 /mo billed monthly. Websites and e-commerce, Bot to human hand-off, Unlimited bots with Flow Designer, Kompose GUI bot builder, Dialogflow ES & CX, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson.
  • Advanced plan, For high growth companies and large teams $200 /mobilled monthly, Multilingual bots, Ready to use bot templates, Train bots on documents, Omnichannel support.
  • Business plan for enterprises with customized needs, custom Pricing, New Generative AI, Auto-resolve, Whitelabel solutions, Professional Services

Wrap Up

AI chatbots are revolutionizing business activities and customer relationships nowadays. By automating repetitive tasks and creating customized experiences, they offer a unique value proposition for businesses looking to streamline their operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Although the chatbots covered in this post are some of the greatest options out there, we can expect to see even more exciting advancements as technology develops each day.

As long as companies continue to invest in them, AI chatbots will surely play a bigger and bigger role in shaping how customer service and marketing will operate in the future.

We hope you liked reading about the 18 best AI chatbots and found the suitable ones for your needs. Feel free to share your favorite tools in our comment area! 🤓

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Choose The Best AI Chatbot For My Business?

Consider your unique requirements and objectives while selecting the best AI chatbot for your company. Then, be on the lookout for chatbots that can be scaled, customized, and integrated with your current technological stack.

The user interface, language skills, and quality of customer assistance of the chatbot should also be taken into account.

What are The Benefits of Using An AI Chatbot for My Business?

AI chatbots can benefit businesses in a variety of ways, including 24/7 accessibility, individualized customer experiences, and improved productivity. By automating repetitive tasks and allowing employees to work on more complicated problems, chatbots can also help reduce costs.

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