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10 Best AI SEO Tools of 2024: Reviewed & Compared

Explore the top 10 AI SEO Tools of 2024 with our comprehensive guide. These tools leverage advanced algorithms and data analytics to enhance keyword research, content creation, and overall SEO performance. 

Whether you're looking for robust all-in-one SEO solutions like SEMrush or specialized platforms for content optimization like Scalenut, we provide a detailed comparison to help you find the perfect AI SEO tool

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10 Best AI Tools for SEO to Boost Organic Traffic in 2024

Whether you're a small business, a large enterprise, or an SEO professional, these AI tools provide an efficient and effective way to elevate your SEO game, attract more organic traffic, and improve your website’s ranking on SERPs. So, let's jump in and discover which AI SEO tool is right for you.

Comparison Table for AI SEO Tools 

Comparison of AI SEO Tools
Tool Name Free Plan Free Trial Best For What You Can Do Main Goal
Semrush ✅ 7-days Marketers, SEO pros, and agencies Keyword research, on-page SEO, content, backlink analysis On-Page Optimisation, Keyword Research and Content Creation
Market Brew Large companies, e-commerce, SEO agencies SEO predictions, website performance, task suggestions SEO Strategy and Competitor Analysis
Alli AI ✅ 10-days Marketing agencies, developers, e-commerce Automate on-page SEO, content edits, SEO strategy adjustments Technical SEO, On-Page Optimisation
Frase.io Marketing agencies, e-commerce Bulk SEO updates, content editing, optimize SEO elements Content Creation and On-Page SEO
Narrato ✅ 7-days Content marketing teams, web developers AI-driven content generation, workflow automation Content Creation and Project Management
CanIRank ✅ 7-days Small businesses, startups, SEO agencies Actionable SEO strategies, keyword discovery, link building Keyword Research, Performance Tracking and Adjustments
Jasper AI ✅ 7-days Content writers, SEO professionals, marketers Content creation, SEO optimization, plagiarism detection Content Creation and On-Page SEO
ChatGPT ✅ 7-days Marketing agencies, SEO writers Generate SEO content, automate customer interactions Content Creation, Keyword Research
Surfer AI SEO professionals, content creators Content optimization, SEO audits, staff training On-Page SEO, Content Strategy

1. Semrush

Best for: Marketers, SEO professionals, and agencies managing client websites, as well as entrepreneurs and small-to-mid businesses focused on enhancing their online visibility and rankings.

What you can do: Conduct in-depth keyword research, optimize on-page SEO, analyze backlinks, uncover competitor insights, and craft content guided by AI-driven data.

Free plan/trial: ✅ 7-day free trial

Screenshot of the homepage of Semrush, the Best AI Tool.

Semrush is a comprehensive online marketing platform that offers tools and features for SEO, social media management, PPC advertising, content marketing, competitor analysis, and more.

It helps businesses improve their online presence and optimize their digital marketing strategies.

Top Features of AI SEO Tool: Semrush

  • ContentShake AI: ContentShake AI blends ChatGPT's AI and Semrush's advanced SEO data. This tool generates 25 new content ideas per week and provides SEO-enhancing suggestions. It is also available as a standalone app, costing $60/month.
ContentShake AI, feature of AI SEO Tool: Semrush
  • SEO Writing Assistant: Offers real-time guidance on SEO, readability, and originality, ensuring optimized content for better search engine visibility.
  • Market Explorer AI: Uses a huge amount of user browsing data from its own and other sources. It processes this data using Semrush's AI to give detailed market information and competitor analysis.
  • Position Tracking Tool: Monitors keyword rankings daily with AI-driven recommendations.

Pricing: Semrush offers three pricing plans: Pro at $129.95/month for beginners and small teams with limited features, Guru at $249.95/month for mid-sized businesses with advanced tools, and Business at $499.95/month for enterprises with various expert features.

2. Market Brew (marketbrew.ai)

Best for: Ecommerce sites with extensive product listings, large companies needing detailed SEO data, enterprises, and SEO agencies needing advanced analytics.

What you can do: Analyze search engine behavior, make accurate SEO predictions, conduct in-depth website performance reviews, and efficiently optimize SEO efforts with intelligent task suggestions.

Free plan/trial: ❌

Screenshot of the homepage of Market Brew, the Best AI Tool.

Market Brew is an advanced SEO software platform that offers calibrated search engine models, predictive ranking, advanced web crawlers, and intelligent task generation. It provides businesses with a clear understanding of search engine behavior and the ability to predict SEO rankings accurately.

Market Brew’s Top AI Features for SEO:

  • Machine Learning Calibrated Algorithms: Market Brew adjusts to any search engine's patterns, helping better predict SEO trends.
  • Advanced Crawlers and Predictive Ranking: With advanced web crawlers, the tool provides deep SEO insights. Users can also predict how changes may impact their website's ranking.
  • AI-Driven Tasks and Fast A/B Testing: Market Brew uses AI to suggest tasks, improve SEO, and let users quickly test various strategies for optimal results.
  • Competitor Analysis and Tracking Changes: Provides task suggestions based on high-performing competitors. Additionally, it tracks all changes made, providing a historical record to understand the impact of the strategy and refine future plans.

Pricing: Market Brew's pricing is customized based on each client's specific needs.

3. Alli AI

Best for: Marketing agencies, developers, enterprise-level businesses, and e-commerce platforms seeking efficient, large-scale SEO optimization solutions.

What you can do: Automate and customize on-page SEO across the site, visualize and implement content edits in real-time, instantly deploy SEO changes, and dynamically adjust SEO strategies to evolving algorithms.

Free plan/trial:  ✅ 10-day free trial

Screenshot of the homepage of Alli,AI the Best AI Tool.

Alli AI is a versatile AI SEO tool designed to streamline site optimization processes, making managing your site’s SEO easier and faster from a single platform. This tool is great for large-scale SEO operations because it has features that allow users to make site-wide modifications with a few clicks.

Alli AI's Top AI Features for SEO:

  • Bulk OnPage Optimization and Real-Time Deployment: Alli AI enables users to create and apply site-wide SEO rules instantly, making it easy to adjust page titles, meta descriptions, and content without manual intervention.
  • Live Visual Editor and Direct Front-End Editing: Features a live editor that allows users to directly edit and optimize content on the front end of any CMS, providing immediate SEO feedback and changes.
  • Automated SEO Adjustments and Schema Markup Implementation: Automatically generates and implements optimal SEO adjustments and Schema Markup across all pages, enhancing search visibility and interlinking without developer intervention.
  • Customizable Automations and Instant Code Changes: Offers the flexibility to customize SEO automations for individual pages or the entire site, capable of executing between thousands to over a million changes instantly.
Customization feature of AI SEO Tool: Alli AI

4. Frase.io

Best for: Marketing agencies, e-commerce platforms, and enterprises seeking scalable and efficient SEO optimization.

What you can do: Automate bulk SEO updates site-wide, edit content in real-time with a visual editor, deploy instant code changes without developer involvement, and optimize SEO elements like meta tags and page titles across various CMS platforms.

Free plan/trial: ✅ Free trial with 1 user and 1 search query.

Screenshot of the homepage of Frase, the Best AI Tool.

Frase is a cutting-edge SEO content creation platform that enables content creators to efficiently transition from keyword research to crafting well-researched, SEO-optimized articles.

Top Features of Frase's AI SEO Tool:

  • SERP Analysis: Rapidly analyzes and extracts insights from top search engine results to streamline research and outline creation.
  • AI Writing and Optimization: Integrates AI to generate comprehensive content briefs, outlines, and fully drafted articles, optimizing them for SEO with automated tools.
AI Writing & Optimizing feature of AI SEO Tool: Frase
  • In-editor Writing Assistant: Enhances the writing process with an AI assistant that suggests improvements and ensures the content aligns with SEO best practices.
  • AI Article Wizard: This feature uses GPT-4 and Frase's SEO tool to write articles by using key topics from the top 20 Google search results. This ensures your content has a solid SEO base. You can also add custom instructions before drafting to make the content more specific and accurate.
  • Team Collaboration and Project Management: Facilitates seamless collaboration within teams and efficient management of content projects through integrated workflow tools.

Pricing: The platform offers a Free Trial with 1 user and 1 search query and paid plans, including Solo at $15/month with 10 search queries, Basic at $45/month with 30 search queries, and Team at $115/month with 3 users and unlimited queries. Add-ons are available with Pro Add-on at $35/month for up to 30 AI articles and API Add-on at $50/month for advanced data processing capabilities.

5. Narrato

Best for: Content marketing teams, marketing agencies, content publishers, and web developers aiming to streamline content creation and management.

What you can do: Utilize AI-driven tools to generate and optimize content, streamline workflows with automated planning and collaboration features, schedule content seamlessly, and manage projects efficiently through a unified platform.

Free plan/trial: ✅ 7-day free trial 

Screenshot of the homepage of Narrato, the Best AI Tool.

Narrato AI  is an AI content creation tool that offers numerous SEO features to ensure your content is optimized for search engine algorithms and engaging for readers. Plus, it has over 100 AI tools and templates to cater to all your content creation needs, whether it's blog writing, copywriting, email writing, social media content creation, or anything else.

Narrato’s Top AI Features for SEO:

  • AI SEO Content Brief Generator: Creates a comprehensive SEO brief, with suggestions for keywords, questions to answer, target length, and competitor references.
  • AI Keyword Generator: Generates a list of keywords (along with search volume data) based on the provided content topic. 
  • AI Topic Generator: Generates SEO-friendly topics for any theme. 
  • AI SEO Writing Assistant: 100+ AI writing templates to create SEO-friendly content for any project, whether blogs, product descriptions, or anything else.
AI SEO Writing Assistant , feature of AI SEO Tool: Narrato
  • AI SEO Meta Description & Title Generator: Generates an SEO meta title and description within appropriate character limits based on your content topic.
  • AI Image Generator and Content Enhancement Tools: Turns text prompts into AI images and offers various AI templates to enhance your content (like AI Content Improver, AI Paraphraser, AI Text Simplification tool, and more)

Pricing: Narrato offers three pricing options: Pro at $36/month for small teams or solopreneurs with 4 user seats and 400,000 AI writing characters per month, Business at $76/month for larger teams with unlimited AI writing and 4 seats at $19 per additional user, and a Custom plan for flexible solutions.

6. CanIRank

Best for: Small businesses, startups, and data-driven marketers aiming for quick improvements in Google rankings, as well as SEO agencies seeking comprehensive SEO metrics and insightful data analysis.

What you can do: Generate comprehensive SEO strategies backed by AI, discover and target unique, high-potential keywords, deploy easy-to-follow action recommendations, monitor search engine algorithm changes, and automate link-building strategies.

Free plan/trial: ✅ ✅ Forever free plan, 7-day free trial

Screenshot of the homepage of CanIRank, the Best AI Tool.

CanIRank is an AI-driven SEO software that analyzes website data to provide specific action recommendations rather than just raw data. This enables businesses, especially small businesses and startups, to swiftly enhance their Google rankings by implementing high-impact SEO strategies efficiently and accurately.

CanIRank’s Top AI Features for SEO:

  • AI-Driven Action Recommendations: Leveraging advanced AI, CanIRank offers tailored recommendations for effective SEO tactics, turning complex data analysis into simple, actionable insights.
  • Automated Keyword and Competitive Analysis: This feature rapidly performs deep keyword research and competitive landscape analysis, providing clear guidance on what it takes to outrank competitors.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: CanIRank keeps users ahead of the curve by continuously monitoring SEO dynamics and notifying them about key changes, such as new ranking opportunities and potential link-building avenues.
  • Integrated Task Automation and Direct Implementation: With tools to follow detailed DIY instructions or delegate tasks with a single click, CanIRank streamlines the SEO process from insight to execution, ensuring faster results and reduced workload.
Task Automation, feature of AI SEO Tool: CanIRank

Pricing: The platform offers plans from Free for basic features, DIY Individual at $49/month, DIY Pro at $79/month with increased reporting and tracking, to DIY Agency at $299/month with comprehensive tools for larger needs.

7. Jasper AI

Best for: Content writers, SEO professionals, site owners, and marketing agencies looking to elevate their content creation to new heights.

What you can do: Create diverse content forms such as blog posts, social media posts, website copy, etc. Detailed and accurate SEO content optimization, plagiarism detection, brand voice alignment across all campaigns, and efficient scaling of content creation. 

Free plan/trial: ✅ 7-day free trial.

Screenshot of the homepage of Jasper, the Best AI Tool.

Jasper’s Top AI Features for SEO:

  • Multilingual Support: Supports content creation in over 30 languages, making it an indispensable tool for global content strategies and reaching diverse audiences.
  • Plagiarism Detector: Integrated plagiarism checking ensures that all content is not only unique but also stands up to the highest standards of originality, which is crucial for SEO and credibility.
  • SEO Content Optimizer: By leveraging advanced algorithms, JasperAI optimizes content for search engines, enhancing visibility and driving organic traffic efficiently.
  • Campaign Management Tools: JasperAI allows users to seamlessly plan and execute entire marketing campaigns from a single platform, ensuring consistency in tone and style across all types of content, including blog posts, ad copy, and email marketing.
  • Brand Voice Customization: Users can teach JasperAI their specific brand voice and style guide, ensuring that every piece of content resonates with their unique brand identity and communicates effectively with their target audience.

Pricing: Jasper offers three pricing plans; Creator plan at $39/month/seat for individuals, a Pro plan at $59/month/seat for advanced content creation and team collaboration, and a Business plan for personalized AI features and support with custom pricing.

8. ChatGPT

Best for: Marketing agencies, SEO writers, content creators seeking innovative ways to improve SEO strategy, and businesses aiming to boost user engagement and website visibility.

What you can do: Generate high-quality, SEO-friendly content, brainstorm initial keyword ideas, craft compelling titles and meta descriptions, automate customer interaction to enhance website engagement, and refine existing content to align with SEO best practices.

Free plan/trial: ✅ Forever free plan.

Screenshot of the homepage of ChatGPT, the Best AI Tool.

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, leverages the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models to facilitate natural language processing, providing remarkably human-like interactions. This AI chatbot simplifies complex SEO tasks through an intuitive interface where users input prompts and promptly receive accurate, contextually appropriate responses.

ChatGPT’s Top AI Features for SEO:

  • Automated Content Generation: Quickly produces SEO-friendly content based on keywords or topics.
  • Keyword Suggestions: Generates relevant keyword ideas to target in content and meta tags.
  • Content Optimization: Reviews and suggests improvements for existing content, including meta descriptions and headers.
  • Voice Search Optimization: Uses NLP to optimize content for voice search and conversational queries.
  • ChatGPT Prompts for Targeted Content Creation: Allows users to input specific prompts to guide the creation of content that aligns with their SEO goals, ensuring precision and relevance in content strategy.
  • FAQs and Content Gap Analysis: Helps create SEO-friendly FAQs and identifies content gaps for improved user experience and featured snippet capture.

Pricing: ChatGPT offers a Free plan for basic access, a Plus plan at $20/user/month for advanced features, including GPT-4 access, and plans for businesses, including Team at $25/user/month when billed annually for collaborative tools, and an Enterprise solution with custom pricing for comprehensive needs.

9. Surfer AI

Best for: SEO professionals, content creators, businesses, individuals, new SEO practitioners, e-commerce companies, bloggers, and website owners.

What you can do: Content optimization, competitor analysis, data-driven SEO decision-making, efficient content generation, SEO staff training, e-commerce SEO enhancement, blogging assistance, multi-language content creation, and comprehensive website audits.

Free plan/trial: 7-day free trial

Screenshot of the homepage of Surfer AI, the Best AI Tool.

Surfer SEO is a comprehensive AI-driven platform that optimizes your search engine strategy through data-driven insights and automation. Surfer SEO provides an array of powerful tools that streamline the process of content creation and optimization, helping businesses increase their organic traffic efficiently.

Surfer SEO’s Top AI Features for SEO:

  • Content Editor and Surfer AI: Utilizes advanced algorithms to guide users in creating SEO-optimized content, with the additional capability to generate complete articles through AI, ensuring high-quality content is aligned with SEO best practices.
Content Editor feature of AI SEO Tool: Surfer SEO
  • SERP Analyzer: This tool dives deep into the top-ranking pages, providing critical insights that help users understand competitive landscapes and optimize their content to outperform rivals.
  • Keyword Research Tool: Offers extensive keyword exploration capabilities, suggesting semantically related keywords to broaden content scope and enhance visibility.
  • SEO Audit: Automatically evaluates your pages against top competitors and offers detailed recommendations for optimization to boost rankings.
  • Grow Flow: Delivers weekly, actionable tasks based on AI analysis to improve site performance and SEO results continuously.

10. Writesonic

Best for: Content creators, marketing teams, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking for efficiency in digital content creation and SEO optimization.

What you can do: Automate blog and article writing, rephrase content, expand sentences, create compelling product descriptions, generate social media ads, respond to Quora questions, generate SEO meta tags, craft YouTube content, compose emails, generate ideas for listicles, summarize articles, and more. 

Free plan/trial: ✅ Forever free plan

Screenshot of the homepage of Writesonic the Best AI Tool.

Writesonic is an AI-powered content creation tool that leverages advanced AI technology to automate and optimize various aspects of digital content creation. Writesonic offers various features, from generating high-quality blogs, ad copies, and social media posts to designing interactive chatbots for customer engagement.

Writesonic’s Top AI Features for SEO:

  • AI Writer and Content Tools: Writesonic employs AI technologies like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to create content in over 25 languages and integrates with SurferSEO for search-engine-optimized content.
AI Writer , feature of AI SEO Tool: Writesonic
  • Chatsonic AI Chat Assistant: An intelligent chat interface that simulates real-time conversations, offering users personalized assistance for many tasks.
  • Botsonic AI Conversational Chatbot: This feature allows businesses to automate customer interactions with real-time chats and smart suggestions, enhancing customer experience and engagement.
  • Multi-Channel Functionality: Writesonic offers a range of features, from crafting compelling articles, rephrasing content, and generating product descriptions to creating ad copies for multiple platforms, including Facebook and Google.

Pricing: Writesonic presents several plans, with a Free tier for basic use, Chatsonic at $12/month billed annually for AI chat, Individual at $16/month billed annually for freelancers, Teams at $25/seat/month billed annually as the most popular choice and a customizable Enterprise plan.

How to Use AI for SEO?

Using AI for SEO is a multifaceted approach that includes automation, data analysis, content creation, and strategy optimization. Here's how to leverage AI effectively for SEO purposes:

  1. Keyword Research: AI tools such as Semrush can help recommend appropriate keywords and related topics for your content.
  2. Optimizing Content: You can enhance content readability and keyword usage with AI writing assistants like Jasper and Writesonic.
  3. Creating Content: AI can help draft high-quality content quickly. Writesonic, Jasper, and Frase.io's AI Article Wizard are excellent examples.
  4. Technical SEO: Tools like Alli AI can streamline technical SEO aspects, like site-wide schema markup implementation.
  5. Analyzing Backlinks and Competitors: Platforms like Semrush and Market Brew can help assess your backlinks and competitors.
  6. Performance Tracking: AI can monitor your site performance. Semrush's Position Tracking tool is a prime example.
  7. Improving Strategy: AI can analyze massive amounts of data, providing valuable insights to improve your approach. Market Explorer AI by Semrush and Market Brew's trending predictions utilize AI for this purpose.
  8. Boosting User Experience: AI chatbots and voice search optimization improve site interaction, benefitting SEO.
  9. Scaling and Managing Content: AI aids in maintaining content consistency and quality while scaling up. Jasper AI supports this, and Narrato helps in project management.
  10. Learning: AI tools improve over time, providing increasingly accurate SEO advice. Use them for their analysis ability to stay updated on SEO best practices.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Best AI Tool for SEO?

To wrap up, for those seeking the best AI SEO tools tailored to specific needs—whether it's comprehensive functionality, ease of use, or affordability—here are the top recommendations:

  • Most Comprehensive Tool: Semrush - We choose Semrush for those who want lots of features in one place. It does everything from finding the right keywords to creating content and studying the competition. Semrush's ability to handle multiple aspects of digital marketing, from SEO to social media and PPC, makes it the most comprehensive tool available.
  • Easy-to-Use Tool: Jasper AI - We select Jasper AI for those who value simplicity. Its tools help you write good content and make sure it’s unique. Plus, it works in many languages and platforms, which is great even for beginners.
  • Budget-Friendly Tool: CanIRank - We pick CanIRank for those who need affordable options. Despite its lower costs, CanIRank offers essential SEO tools like keyword research and tracking of your site's performance. They even have a "Forever Free" plan, ideal for small businesses and startups just starting their SEO journey.

So, depending on whether you need an all-around tool, a user-friendly program, or a cost-effective solution, there’s an AI SEO tool right for you.


1. How Does AI Work With SEO?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances SEO by processing extensive data to identify patterns and insights, enabling optimized strategies. Here are the key methods:

  • Machine Learning: It trains systems to learn from data like website statistics and user behavior, allowing them to predict search engine responses and SEO outcomes.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): It helps AI understand human language and user intent behind search queries. This aids in creating targeted content and understanding how search engines deliver results based on synonyms and meaning similarities.
  • Automation and Learning: AI systems are designed to learn and improve accuracy over time, automating repetitive SEO tasks. As they process more data, they better predict outcomes and make recommendations.

In essence, AI uses these techniques to uncover hidden trends and make accurate predictions that can boost SEO performance.

2. How to Use AI For Technical SEO?

You can leverage AI tools like Alli AI, enabling site-wide SEO automation, instantly deploying changes, and optimizing elements like meta tags and page titles. Moreover, AI tools can efficiently analyze site performance, mobile optimization, website crawlability and even assist with semantic markup, further enhancing your site's technical SEO.

3. Can AI automate SEO?

Yes, AI can automate many aspects of SEO, including:

  • Content generation and optimization.
  • Technical SEO audits and corrections.
  • Backlink analysis and link-building campaigns.
  • Real-time adjustments to SEO strategies based on algorithm updates.

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