# How to Integrate Your Popupsmart Account with SendGrid?

Popupsmart offers seamless integration with your SendGrid email marketing service provider. Follow our guide below to easily connect your SendGrid account with Popupsmart.

1. Log in to your SendGrid account.

Sendgrid login

2. Click on the "Settings" at the end of the menu on the left. Select "API Keys".

sendgrid settings

3. "Create API Key". Write a name for the key and select one of the permission options. Then, click on "Create & View" to access your API key.

sendgrid api key

4. Copy the created API key.

api key

5. Go to your Popupsmart dashboard. After creating your popup, continue with the "Publish" step of the popup builder. Scroll down to "All Integrations" and select SendGrid.

popup integrations

6. Enter the name and paste the API key.

7. Select the SendGrid list you want to connect your popup form, then select field name. Save and close.

popupsmart sendgrid integration

That's it! Now you can enjoy gathering new email leads with your smart popup while they automatically enroll in your SendGrid subscriber list.

Have further questions about SendGrid integration with Popupsmart? Contact Us!