How to Integrate with Popupsmart

If you would like to use for automated SMS and email marketing to grow your list, a popup is what you need.

Popupsmart can seamlessly integrate with and allow site owners to create popups in just a few minutes.

Follow this detailed guide to connect your Popupsmart account with your account.

To start the integration process, you need to have some default features:

• You need to have a account.

• You need to verify your website on your Popupsmart account.

1. Firstly, you need to sign in to your Popupsmart account and create a new campaign. Then, choose a blank popup or from ready templates to customize.

campaign dashboard

2. For’s integration, you need at least one of the form input elements to add the integration. You can add a form element or choose a popup with a form element.

form popup

3. To add integration for the popup, you need to click “Integration” and “+ Add integration.”

form popup integration

4. Choose “Connect” on among the other CRM tools.

customer io integration

5. For the Setup, you can select API from the dropdown if you have added it before. Or, you can add a new API.

api selection

6. Going forward, you need to sign in to your account. Then, click the profile button and Account settings on the top right of your page.

customer io account

7. Click "API Credentials."

customer io api settings

8. Copy the Site ID and the API Key to paste them later for the dashboard.

customer io api management

9. On the Setup, name your connection and paste the Site ID and API Key. Then, "Save" the connection.

customer io integration setup

10. On the Match fields, click "Save." The fields you will see may change based on the elements you use on your popup.

customer io match fields

These fields may change according to the elements you include.

✅ Form Field: It is used if you put one of the form elements in your popup. If you don't use any form element, you will see 'No options' on the dropdown.

✅ System Field: You need to choose your option based on what you demand to get as data. For example, you can get the Browsers or Devices of the people who filled the popup.

✅ API Field: You can transfer the data you sent to Popupsmart JS API with the integration again. You can get your data from your account.

✅ Static Field: You need to determine the specific data you want. For example, you may want to have sales or downgrades so that you can put them as 'sales' or 'downgrades'.

That’s it! When you save the integration, the integration will be seen on the left side.

The status will be "on" by default. You can change its status from the three-dot by toggling it on and off.

customer io integration status

❗️Note: You can also go to Settings to integrate Popupsmart and seamlessly. All you need to do is follow the same process here as well.

Your integration is done! If you have any other questions about integration, feel free to mail us!