# How to Integrate Popupsmart with Hubspot

Popupsmart brings an easier way to grow your Hubspot lists; Hubspot popups. By following the step by step guide on how to integrate Popupsmart popup builder with Hubspot, you will be able to acquire new leads with smart popups, and they will be automatically added to your Hubspot list.

1. Create a Popupsmart account or log in to Popupsmart.

Learn how to set up Popupsmart.

Popupsmart login

2. Create a new popup on the dashboard.

Learn basics

3. Customize your popup, set up its display options, and targeting settings.

Click to find out how to customize your popup.

create popup campaign

4. Go to “Publish” and click on Integrations. Then, select Hubspot to add integration.

select hubspot

5. Log in to your Hubspot account.

Hubspot Login

6. Go to the settings by clicking the settings icon from the top bar.

Account settings

7. Click on Integrations and select API Key.

Hubspot API

8. Create a new API Key.”

Create API

9. Copy the provided API Key and go back to the popup builder.

copy API key

10. Give a name to your integration that you will remember. Paste the copied API key into the API box. Then, select the Hubspot list you want your popup to connect to.

paste API key

11. Fill out the rest of the required fields. Remember to turn the status toggle on.

fill remaining fields

12. Save & Close. Now your Popup is ready to publish.

save and close

Do you have further questions about Hubspot integration with Popupsmart? Mail Us!