# How to Create an ActiveCampaign Popup For Free

ActiveCampaign offers limited form-building options for its users who want to collect customer emails from their websites. However, ActiveCampaign forms are only available for Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans, and they lack advanced targeting settings that you need to segment users.

Instead, you can use Popupsmart popup builder to create an ActiveCampaign popup for free and use various design and targeting options with a simple integration process. Follow the steps below to learn how to create an ActiveCampaign popup for free.

1. Create Your Campaign

First, log into your Popupsmart account. Once you are in the dashboard, click on “Create a New Popup.”


Now, you’re all set to choose a campaign objective. Then, name your campaign and select the domain you have already added. See how to set up Popupsmart in 5 minutes.


Next, you need to choose a template for your ActiveCampaign popup.


2. Customize Your ActiveCampaign Popup

We won’t be explaining popup customization in detail on how to create an ActiveCampaign popup. But if it is your first time with Popupsmart, you can find instructions on customizing your popup in the related guide.

You can customize your ActiveCampaign popup’s headline, descriptions, color, button, font, image, and more.

Also, you can add a privacy policy checkbox, countdown, and extra form fields. There are endless personalization combinations you can achieve with Popupsmart.


You can add a success popup that will show once the customer successfully subscribes to your ActiveCampaign email list.

If you add a teaser popup, your primary popup will show when visitors click on the teaser popup.

3. Set up Display and Targeting Settings

Once you have customized your ActiveCampaign popup, go to the 3rd step to set up when and where your popup appears and your target audience.

If you are not sure about which settings would be optimal, try the “Smart Mode.” It will find the best display settings for your website based on data collected by AI.

Get detailed instructions about popup targeting.


4. Integrate with ActiveCampaign

Now, this is the vital part of creating an ActiveCampaign popup. Go to the last step on the popup builder and click on Integrations.

Select ActiveCampaign and set the status toggle on. Give a name to your campaign.

Go to your ActiveCampaign dashboard. Click on Settings, then Developer.


Copy your API key and go back to Popupsmart builder. Paste the key to the API key field. Don’t forget to set the status on.


Find your account name under Settings in the Account section.


Copy the account name without the “.activehosted.com” part. Then, paste your account name in the Account field.


Select the field name/s. Field names will appear in line with the fields on your popup. Save & Close once everything is set.


Now, you can either publish your popup or save it to publish at a later date.

Additionally, you can choose to receive email lead notifications by adding your email from the “Email Lead Notification” option.


Do you still have questions? We have a detailed documentation page. If you still need help, you can contact us!