# How to Connect Your Popupsmart Campaign with a Webhook

You can use Popupsmart’s webhook integration if you want to configure a webhook for your campaign with ease.

Follow this guide below to easily connect a webhook to your popup campaign to receive your campaign’s submitted data.

1. After creating your popup, go to "Publish". Scroll down to "All Integrations".

how to connect with webhook

2. Click on "Webhook". Write a name for this webhook connection.

add a webhook integration

3. Paste the entire URL that the Webhook will send users to. Then, 'Save and Close'.

4. Click on "Added Integrations" to see the webhook.

webhook integration

Now your webhook connection is ready to be configured.

# Notes

What a webhook does is notify you any time an event happens. Then, the data is sent over the web from the app where the event originally occurred to the receiving application. This exchange happens through a “webhook URL.

The receiving application provides a webhook URL, which works like a phone number that the other app can call whenever an event occurs.

The data about the event is sent to the webhook URL in JSON or XML format. This is referred to as the “payload.”

Here’s an example of what a webhook URL looks like with the payload it’s carrying:

webhook integration data

You can use Pipedream to inspect, test, or automate any incoming HTTP request or email.

Do you have further questions about the webhook connection with your Popupsmart campaign? Contact Us!