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What to Sell on Shopify: 23 Best Ideas to Get Inspired

The question, what to sell on Shopify can have many different answers. However, do we really know what we can sell on Shopify?

If you have a business to start and think Shopify is the right platform for you. You can have the answer through this article.

From the digital world to the physical one, we have collected the most searched products that can be sold on Shopify.

If you are ready to observe this comprehensive list about selling products on Shopify, enjoy reading!

Selling on Shopify

Selling on Shopify has always been popular. Also, according to the data of Builtwith about Shopify Usage, the number of online stores created on Shopify is 6 million since the foundation of Shopify.

Therefore, Shopify is nominated as the best e-commerce platform to prefer, whether it is a physical product or service.

selling on Shopify action with a hand holding a smart phone displaying Shopify page

It is not a challenging process to lead, yet you need to follow Shopify's rules and procedure.

There are some basic steps, like:

Things to Sell on Shopify

This is undeniable that there are many products and services you can sell on Shopify.

While you have many options, you might struggle with which one to follow. However, we collect the things for the ones who think about what to sell on Shopify.

You can observe them with different categories to see the effectiveness and the diversity more clearly.

Products to Sell on Shopify

The first category is the physical items. That is, selling physical products on Shopify requires the process of preparing the product, inventory checks, the status of vendors, or stocking the products.

In addition to these, it is vital to have knowledge about the print-on-demand and the process of dropshipping based on what you sell.

These two will effectively prepare the products and ship them to the customers when the time comes.

To get further information about the products, let's see the most popular options one by one.

1. Clothing

what to sell on Shopify clothing a woman wandering and checking the clothes in a store

Clothing may sound and seem simple when you start. However, not all people have the same style, and since it is a very well-known area, you will have to work harder.

You may specify your brand in clothing or address all types of clothing. That totally depends on you.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: FashionNova, Adored Vintage, BeeInspired.

2. Shoe-Trade

This area is like the clothing area, but if you really figure your customers out, it is inevitable to make purchases.

Shoe-trade can be classified as street, casual, business, chic, elegant, and many more. In this sense, you can handle them all, or you can choose among them.

There is no need to rush or worry without thinking about it because there are brands that can do it and have success. You can find some of them here.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Allbirds, Hanon, Steve Madden.

3. Jewelry

a necklacce with two symbols moon and shining diamond

If you want to make people shine and look stylish when you are trying to shine, you can try getting into the jewelry area.

You don't need to choose a traditional way to follow; you can also aim at creating distinct ways for people to express themselves.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: King Ice, Paolo Costagli, QALO

4. Health and Wellness

This is one of the broadest areas in this list because health is the most crucial thing from hair to the entire body.

Therefore, as long as you can guarantee the health of the items you produce, it is likely to be achieved.

Also, you can prefer food, original products, supplements, or any health product to support common wellness.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Brio Geo, Eden's Garden, The Nue Co.

5. Sports

From the gears to the clothing, sports is another field you can concentrate on. You can focus on sports generally, fitness per se, or workout and training goods to sell.

Because sports is a creative space, you can do seasonal campaigns if you want to be a brand uncliched.

✦ Some Shopify Stores:Decathlon, Fab, Threo.

6. Beauty and Cosmetics

beauty products with beige color tones

The most well-known brands of Shopify may belong to beauty and cosmetics because the current stores have familiarity with the public already.

You have the potential of being successful for sure like the sample brands do. However, it is a warning that rivalry can be challenging to deal with.

So, the thing you need to do is to give your attention to your own business entirely and show your endeavor for marketing and selling.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, ColourPop.

7. Food and Beverages

Though selling food and beverages is tough to get a place like the other areas, the issue is to find the right target market.

Famous brands are working with Shopify, and why wouldn't you be one of them by starting your own business on Shopify?

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Nestle, Heinz, Huel.

8. Vegan Product

vegan products on a table including cottons, bamboos, papers

Specifying your target market can be difficult to cope with. However, with the increasing rate of veganism, the number of stores also starts to multiply.

As products, you can choose to sell clothes, garments, cosmetics, foods, drinks, and many more.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Go Vegan Revolution, Fairy Girl Cosmetics, Vegano.

9. Pets' Products

a cat and a dog caressing each other

If you have a pet owner, you know they have many things for their care. If not, you can be sure that they have lots of needs, so that is a good way of marketing.

You have many options to evaluate from their foods and cat litter to their accessories.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Heads Up For Tails, Only Natural Pet, Crown and Paw.

10. Environment and Sustainability

the systems representing sustainabilit in nature

When the attention to the environment has increased that much and sustainability has become vitally important, this is one of the best options to start a business.

The scale of products is wide because the awareness of protecting the environment and natural resources gets higher day by day.

Thus, being eco-friendly must be your priority, and the ingredients in products should be harmless to nature.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: EcoFlow, Five12, EcoJot.

11. Office/ Home Office

a clock and a calendar in pink-oriented image

People get used to working remotely for a long period of time, so the usage of home offices has increased. Also, the brands arranged their products according to the offices and home offices.

Products may include desks, notebooks, technological devices, or any kind of belongings that might be related to work. Therefore, it is bountiful to deal with these products as well.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Multitasky, Oaky Wood, Mojo Desk.

12. Garden and Home

a woman watering her flowers on the window

Homes have their own needs. Starting from the furniture, everything we can find in homes can be a way of selling.

Besides, gardens should not be forgotten because they need as much attention as the homes inside.

Air cleaner, turfing iron, or blankets may be the products that you can sell on Shopify by creating a store.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Urban Leaf,Fyrn, Design\Milk.

13. Transportation

When we say transportation, you can focus on individual means of transport, like cars, bikes, and motorcycles, because it is more specific to talk.

Because the vehicles are inevitable parts of our lives, we might need to ornament them or want to raise their performance of them, so it would be profitable to sell them.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Exporso, AEPERF, Two Step Performance.

14. Digital/ Smart Devices

a laptop, a pen, mouse pad, disks on a table

In daily lives, homes, offices, streets, and everywhere, we can see and experience smart devices.

The prevalence of using smart devices has gained wide currency, so the favorable brands are as follows…

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Noise, VAVA, Renpho.

15. Hobbies

You can address people with books, candles, or gifts in your store. It may be so common to have a store like this, but the important thing here is to be able to catch the attention of the people.

Hobbies can range from books to yoga and playing board games to trekking. So, as long as people have hobbies, these stores can earn you.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Bookly, Manduka, Homesick

Besides these categories and brands, you can also take a look at the table prepared by Louis Vieira!

Online Services to Sell on Shopify

Other than physical products, there is another category that you can consider, which is online services to sell on Shopify. You can have them online for your activities and needs.

They might be websites or apps to use. To have a deeper look, there you are!

16. Digital Products

This time the term digital products have a different meaning than usual because it represents the products in a visual format.

You can reach the files, designs, and products online, and the apps provide them for you. In addition, these apps do more than only provide but guide you through the process, so they are likable products by many.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Easy Digital Products, SkyPilot.

17. Digital Gift Cards

For special days or for your customers… The objects are not important, but the aim is to celebrate and reward.

Businesses do it to improve their customer loyalty program and support store credits, and people do it to make their beloved ones happy.

Nevertheless, the stores and the apps on Shopify do it instead of you efficiently.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Apt2B, Rise.ai.

18. Donations

people carrying bags

People used to arrange events for collecting donations, yet the new era supports them with apps.

With the apps and stores encouraged by Shopify, donations are raised more handily. Thereby, nonprofit organizations can make ground.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: DonateMate, Easy Donation.

19. Subscriptions/ Memberships

Subscriptions and memberships are a sustainable way of keeping contacts.

Even the brands work the maintenance of supporting their customers by keeping them updated all the time with such kinds of communication ways.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Simply Memberships, Botanical Gardens.

20. Courses (Classes and Workshops)

an informative workshop with designs and new knowledge

The first time everything started to be online, the different courses entered the web world, especially with COVID-19.

However, it leads some people to earn money because training online in terms of planning life, goodness, workout,

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Gauge Girl Training, Courses & Membership.

21. Live Streams

a concert area with empty seats

Live streams have become the new version of finance because people have started to sell their products online as well.

Simultaneously with the live streams, the customers catch the flow of the products and see them while being tried. So, since their usage in live is a good way of persuasion, they have become the new mainstream.

Also, people raise donations through live streams, so it is significant to create live streams properly in this sense.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: Streams.Live, Channelize.io.

22. Event Tickets

buying tickets for the travelling

What if you could arrange the tickets through the apps and not need any physical contact?

It is more possible to go with this option since Shopify has that too.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: EventTicketing, Evey Events & Tickets.

23. Service Appointments, Bookings, and Rental

booking activity of a person on the phone

For the activities people will do in their daily lives or for special occasions, they can benefit from some apps to catch their schedules. It is way much easier to do in that way.

Selling an app for scheduling their appointments, bookings, and doing related rentals in a regular way will make people get rid of thinking about their next moves.

With the help of these online services, they both know what comes next and how the scheduling can be more straightforward to pursue.

✦ Some Shopify Stores: IzyRent, Appointo, Cowlendar.

These are most of the categories of the stores and the apps that collaborate with Shopify.

Therefore, there is nearly everything under the general titles to the question, what you can sell on Shopify.

To Cover All

Shopify is one of the leading online platforms, giving both good ideas to beginners and the opportunity to display creative ones.

As far as you can understand from the list we have shared, the products and services you can sell are vast. Though choosing is not an easy decision, Shopify can help you with the current products it has.

examining what to sell on Shopify through the phone locating alone on a table

After deciding and applying all the needed steps, you have to focus on your selling process. There is no need to worry about this also because Shopify has its own advantages.

Besides, you will be more able to sell through Shopify's integration with YouTube provided that you consider having a channel to support your products on Shopify.

We hope that now you are more knowledgeable about what to sell on Shopify and how you can do it.


Here are some answers to common questions!

Can You Sell on Shopify?

Yes. Shopify is not a marketplace but an e-commerce platform where you can display your products through online stores and apps. Many dropshipping and print-on-demand apps build their profession through exhibiting the apps on Shopify.

How Can You Choose What to Sell on Shopify?

You should follow the trends and do your research deeply. For instance, knowing your target audiences and their needs is essential. Additionally, it is useful to see niche products to address people from every walk of life. Besides, it would be best if you caught up with the volumes and the demand rate of the product you choose. After all, you can lead your market accordingly.

Why Should Shopify Be Used?

Because this is effective. Most people know Shopify, and the meaning of your store on Shopify is crucial, like being in the limelight. Also, since Shopify does not include all the apps, it is a good reference to work with it. Plus, it will increase your visibility, and people can reach you from different platforms.

What Not to Sell on Shopify?

As you know, you can sell anything, whether it is a physical product or a service. However, there are some prohibited activities in Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), such as:

  • Child exploitation
  • If they don't comply with the rules and the services in COVID-19
  • Harassment, bullying, defamation and threats
  • Hateful content
  • Illegal activities
  • Intellectual property
  • Malicious and deceptive practices
  • Personal, confidential, and protected health information
  • Restricted items
  • Self-harm
  • Spam
  • Terrorist organizations

What Are the Advantages of Selling on Shopify?

The main advantages are that Shopify has customer support, and you can have ideas any time. Plus, Shopify guarantees your reliability and security. There is no need to tell, but Shopify is one of the easiest platforms you can set up.

Can a Beginner Use Shopify?

Exactly. Shopify is robust, straightforward, and trustworthy to start an e-commerce business with. Besides, it will not cost you much because it is a budget-friendly platform. You can also estimate that since there are many apps available on Shopify currently.

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