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50+ Webflow Statistics To Pay Attention for Your Business

Learning these Webflow statistics will help you more than you assume.

If you want to have the best website, you should have the most effective website builder.

After determining your goals in business, you need to design your website as impressively as possible.

Since the website is one of the first contacts with the customers, it is essential to know some statistics while building a website with Webflow to improve the journey of your website.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a website builder that enables customers to design and customize their websites as they like with various features.

webflow webpage

Some features that stand out are

  • The animations,
  • enhanced typography,
  • distinct fonts,
  • the drag-and-drop technique.

These features offer people to design their pages with interactivity, liveliness and simplicity.

Additionally, since Webflow is a no-code tool, it is highly straightforward to use it for web designers' work.

50+ Webflow Statistics

There are many essential Website statistics, and if you need to learn the most critical ones, jump into the discovery!

To make things easier, we categorized the statistics based on your curiosity.

Webflow Usage Statistics

Currently, Webflow is used by 544.053 websites.

These five countries use Webflow more than others, and their usage statistics are as follows:

  • The USA has the highest number with 160.696 websites
  • The United Kingdom is in second place with 14.891.
  • The third place belongs to Germany with 14.510 websites.
  • Australia is the fourth country using Webflow with 8.233 websites.
  • Canada is at the fifth rank with 8.106 websites, a very near number to Australia.

Also, the 320.617 live websites use Webflow for the website building since they find it and the features effective.

live website users showing a laptop screen

Webflow's user base is increased by 67% in the last year.

As another website that integrates with Popupsmart, Hubspot is used by the 13.225 Webflow users.

4.795 Webflow sites also use Shopify, an eCommerce website known and loved by many.

Webflow Awards Statistics

As we can comprehend, Webflow is highly popular and appealing for its features for the people.

a woman employer rewarding a male employee and people applauding them

Therefore, according to its popularity, Webflow is awarded diverse gradings in the Content Management System category. To order them;

  • In Anguilla in CMS category- the 3rd most popular
  • In Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in CMS category- the 2nd most popular
  • In Somalia, in the CMS category- the 3rd most popular
  • In Faroe Islands in the CMS category- the 4th most popular
  • In Guernsey in the CMS category- the 5th most popular
  • In Micronesia in CMS category- the 5th most popular
approval of users are shown with thumbs up as only the hands shown
  • In the Top 10k sites in the CMS category- the 13th most popular
  • In the Top 100k sites in the CMS category- the 16th most popular
  • In the Top 1 Million sites in the CMS category- the 16th most popular
  • On the entire Internet in the CMS category- the 19th most popular

Webflow General Statistics

Webflow's annual revenue is told to be $200.0M-$500.0M.

According to the news of Forbes, the total capital of Webflow is $335 million.

The company Webflow has around 400 employees.

The site's total visits, last calculated in April 2022, is 8.1 million.

people sitting and visiting webpages with their mobiel phones

Webflow gets a 43.38% bounce rate, and when we consider that 26-40% is ideal, Webflow can be regarded as approximately average.

Also, people mostly between the ages of 25 and 34 used the website for their needs and interests.

users of webflow and group of people

Webflow has its traffic from both organic and paid parts. The organic traffic is 86.74 while the paid traffic is less than that, 13.26%.

To examine the traffic, it can be much better to take a look at the blog posts from which Webflow has benefited.

Webflow Blog Posts Statistics

Webflow blog page on a white background with large and small covers and titles

Webflow has a wide range of blog post topics, but what are they?

distribution of webflow blog posts as a pie chart with blue colors

Webflow Ranking Statistics

When we consider the ranking statistics of Webflow, there are three categories:

For the Graphics Multimedia and Web Design rank, Webflow has 13th place.

The global rank shows that Webflow belongs to 6300.

Lastly, Webflow's country rank is 4187.

Webflow's Social Network Distribution

Webflow uses social media channels effectively. Though the rates are not balanced, it uses distinct ways to provide a network.

webflow social networks with a facebook icon

It looks like Youtube has an excellent effect on Webflow to set the world alight, and Facebook and Twitter follow Youtube at the rates.

Here are the rates of Webflow's use of social networks!

Webflow's Social Network Distribution
Social Networks How Webflow Uses
 YouTube   56.79%
 Facebook  9.77%
 LinkedIn  9.25%
 Twitter  7.32%
 Whatsapp  5.16%
 Others  11.71%

Webflow's Marketing Channels

Indeed, Webflow is recognized by a respectable number of people, and there are some ways to maintain it with the help of different marketing channels.

Marketing Channel Distribution
Channels Rates
 Direct Marketing  44.97%
 Search Marketing  29.27%
 Referral Marketing  13.60%
 Social Marketing  5.97%
 Email Marketing  4.70%
 Display Marketing  1.48%

Webflow Top Categories

We must mention the top categories because of the comprehensive nature of Webflow, and it touches upon many categories.

To specify the categories, the top four categories can be shared.

  • Digital marketing→ By focusing on the future, it helps build the marketing world.
  • Web→ It is not merely part of its name but part of Webflow's scope.
  • Programming and developing software→ To ease the profession of web developers, Webflow is pretty advantageous.
  • Computer technology→ Since computer technology guides the web, Webflow has no choice but to follow.

Webflow Industries Statistics

In addition to all, Webflow has various connections with several industries.

Webflow Industries Statistics
 Industries  How Webflow Uses
 Computers Electronics & Technology  8.85
 Business and Consumer Services  2.63
 Finance  2.17
 Science and Education  1.64
 Others  84.71

A Little Reminder…

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After building a website, it will not always be all about the building, and in case of need, you might give a chance to a popup builder that can help you.

Webflow and Popupsmart integration page

Here is how you can create popups and the cost of Webflow to start:

To Sum Up

Webflow is a tool that you can use for a visual and interactive user experience, and it is so probable that you will not have too much trouble while using it.

The statistics we have shared with you effectively inform you about Webflow because if you have more knowledge of it, you might know when and how you should prefer it.

Though you will not need it, good luck with Webflow! ;)

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You have learned the details related to Webflow statistics.

Now it is time to answer the frequently asked questions!

Who Should Use Webflow?

Although Webflow is announced to be built for professionals, it is an excellent easiness for those who handle web designing as well.

And whether you are a professional or not, Webflow is one of the remarkable tools you might want to apply.

The Professionals

Firstly, if you are a professional dealing with the front-end part of your business, Webflow saves time rather than wasting your effort.

With the straightforward UI, it is suitable for your usage. Since the UI controls the CSS and HTML, the professionals will feel as if they are coding themselves in a hassle-free way.

The Unprofessional

Though Webflow is known to be built for professional web designers, the learning curve can be overcome due to their documentation, webinars, live online, and video tutorials.

Also, we should not forget the drag-and-drop technique, so the keener you use Webflow, the more you will get used to it.

What Do the Users of Webflow Say?

We have compiled the reviews from G2 and the evaluations in Capterra.

They suggest both positive and negative sides to Webflow.

Firstly, the advantageous features of Webflow are…

  • Very straightforward to use
  • Freedom of design- what you like and how you like
  • Useful tutorials
  • Constant improvement and optimization
  • The guided demo is quite helpful
  • Pleasing UX
  • Free version available
  • Intuitive UI

On the other hand, the disadvantages of Webflow are…

  • More plugins should be added.
  • Learning curve needs patience.
  • Support team has to be developed.
  • It might not be enough for very advanced websites.
  • There are limited language options.

Why Should People Use Webflow?

Webflow is an interactive tool that offers many things and features.

However, if you still ask why people should use Webflow. Let's see the reasons:

  • Customization→ Webflow presents the customization options as no other company does.
  • Interactions and Animations → Webflow deals with your illustrations with dignity and gives you the chance to make them live.
  • Content Management System (CMS) → Adding services, blogs we mention, portfolios, etc., enhances the website.
  • Screen Sizing→ About screen sizing, Webflow also helps you have multiple screen sizing and adapts the websites to mobile or any technological devices.
  • Plug-ins→ Webflow is improved in terms of plug-ins, and it offers too much because it is an embracive tool.

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