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70 “Thank You for Your Order" Messages for Ecommerce

Thanking your customers is key, especially for small businesses. It turns a simple buy into something special. 

But, if you'd like to avoid just saying "thank you for your order," we totally understand. It can feel quite impersonal and standard, as it's something people hear often.

So, we've got 70 fresh “thank you for your purchase” message ideas for you. Choose one that suits your brand! Plus, we'll share tips on the best ways to say thanks and why it matters for your business.

How to Write “Thank You for Your Order” Messages (Do’s & Dont’s)

Expressing gratitude in customer interactions is important across all business sizes but is especially impactful in more personal or niche markets. A Hubspot study showed something interesting. 🔽        

They looked at 21 thank-you emails and found they were opened 42% of the time and got a 14% click rate. This was much better than regular marketing emails, which only had a 12% open rate and a 6% click rate. 

That's why thank you emails work well and are easier to create with our templates!

Aware of this, we will convey the perfect "Thank you for your order" message to you in a concise table:

Do's / Don'ts
Do's / Don'ts Example Outcome
Do: Personalize "Hi [Name], thanks for choosing [Product]!" Builds connection
Do: Be Genuine "We truly appreciate your support, [Name]." Enhances loyalty
Do: Keep It Brief "Thanks, [Name]! Your order is on its way." Respects time
Do: Include a CTA "Share your experience with #OurBrand." Encourages engagement
Don't: Be Generic "Thank you for your purchase." Feels impersonal
Don't: Over-Promote "Here's 10% off your next order!" Seems pushy 
Don't: Use Jargon "We value your patronage." Can confuse
Don't: Delay Sending a thank-you weeks later. Appears indifferent 

This guide offers straightforward tips and steers you away from common pitfalls, ensuring your message resonates with sincerity and personal touch.

Types of “Thank You for Your Order Messages” with Examples & Templates

1. Handwritten Thank You For Your Order Notes (Packaging Inserts)

When it comes to expressing gratitude tangibly and memorably, handwritten notes stand out as a powerful tool. 

Here's a simple guide to crafting and incorporating handwritten thank-you for your order notes into your customer interactions:

  • Choose quality cardstock that feels good to touch. If your brand is eco-friendly -or not- :)  go for recycled paper.
  • Place your brand logo on the card for recognition.
  • Make sure there is plenty of space for your handwritten message.
  • Start with the customer's name to make it personal.
  • Clearly, thank them, mentioning the specific item they bought if you can.
  • Optionally, add a gentle nudge, like following your brand on social media.
  • Sign off with your name or your brand’s name.

Take a look at this lovely example where a customer received a package with a personal card from Amanda, saying, "Enjoy your Scandi Goodies! Packed with love by Amanda." It's a small gesture, but look at how it's shared with joy. 

Here are ready-to-use thank-you for your order card templates:

  • "Dear [Customer Name], just a note about how happy we are for your order. We hope [Product Name] brings you joy!"
  • “Your support for [Brand] means a lot to us, and as a special thank you, we'd like to offer you [special offer] on your next purchase—just use the code THANKYOU20 at checkout. We can't wait to see what you choose next!”
  • "Hi [Customer Name], thank you for choosing us for your [Product/Service]. Enjoy and stay awesome!"
  • "Dear [Customer Name], it's a pleasure to have you as our customer. Thank you for trusting us with your choice of [Product Name]. We hope it exceeds your expectations and brings a smile to your face!"
  • "Warmest thanks, [Customer Name]! We're thrilled to send you [Product Name]. Hope you love it as much as we do!"
  • "Hello, [Customer Name]! We are so glad you chose [Product Name]. Customers like you make our day. We hope the [Product] you purchased makes your day, too."
  • "Thank you, [Customer Name], for your purchase! We'd love to see how [Product Name] fits into your life. Share with us at #[BrandHashtag]."
  • "A big thank you from all of us at [Brand Name], [Customer Name]! Your support means the world."
  • “Just a little note to say 'thank you' as you welcome our [Product] into your story. It's been quite the journey from [Brand Name] to your doorstep, and we're thrilled to be a part of your [occasion, e.g., morning routine, special celebration].”
  • "Hey [Customer Name], you're the best! Thanks for ordering [Product Name]. We can't wait to hear what you think!"
  • "[Customer Name], thank you for being an amazing customer! Enjoy your [Product Name] and let us know if you need anything."
  • “There’s nothing quite like the moment a new [Product] finds its home, and we're so glad that home is with you. We put [describe a unique aspect of the product or creation process], and knowing it's now part of your [relevant lifestyle aspect] is incredibly rewarding.“
  • "To [Customer Name], your [Product Name] was made just for you. Thanks for choosing our handcrafted quality.",

2. Thank You for Your Order Emails 

While they may lack the tactile nature of a note or card, emails can still be crafted to convey genuine warmth and appreciation. ☺️ 

They're an important aspect of online business interactions because they rapidly confirm a customer's order.

Take a cue from this real-world example from Onyx Coffee Lab:

The message reads:

"Hi Smiles Davis, Your support means the world to us, so we just wanted to say thank you for your first purchase from us yesterday! If you have any feedback, or want to say hi, head to our website and send us a message using our chat feature. We'd love to hear from you! -Onyx Coffee Lab”

Here are ready-to-use thank-you for your order email templates:

Template 1: 

Subject: A Special Thanks from [Your Brand] to You, [Customer Name]!

Dear [Customer Name],

We're all smiles here at [Your Brand] because of your recent purchase. A heartfelt thank you for bringing [Product Name] into your life. We crafted it with care, thinking about the joy it would bring to someone exactly like you.

Should you have any questions or want to share your experience, we're all ears. Your feedback makes us better!

With gratitude,

The [Your Brand] Team

Template 2:

Subject: Thank You, [Customer Name]! We're Thrilled You Chose [Your Brand]

Hello [Customer Name],

Just a quick note to say we truly appreciate your choice to shop with us. It's customers like you that allow us to do what we love every day.

Enjoy your [Product Name], and remember, we're here to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Warm regards,

[Your Name], [Your Title] at [Your Brand]

Template 3: 

Subject: Your [Product Name] is on its way, [Customer Name]—Thank You!

Hi [Customer Name],

Your order has been dispatched, and it's time for us to express our thanks. You're the heart of what we do, and we're grateful for your trust in [Your Brand].

Once [Product Name] arrives, we’d be honored if you shared your thoughts with us. Your insights drive us forward!


[Your Name] and the [Your Brand] Crew

Template 4: 

Subject: [Customer Name], Welcome to the [Your Brand] Family!

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for your order—it's more than just a transaction to us, it's an invitation into our community. We can't wait for you to experience the difference with [Product Name].

Join us on [Social Media Platforms] to stay connected with our passionate community.

With thanks,

[Your Name], Founder of [Your Brand]

Template 5: 

Subject: Our Promise to You, [Customer Name]—Thanks for Your Order

Hello [Customer Name],

As you eagerly await the arrival of [Product Name], we want to extend our sincere thanks for choosing [Your Brand]. We stand by our products and our customers, today and always.

Your journey with [Product Name] is just beginning, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Need tips or have questions? Reach out anytime.

Thank you once again for your support.


[Your Name], Customer Care at [Your Brand]

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3. Thank You For Your Order Pages 

Thank you pages greet your customers after they complete a purchase. This is a virtual indicator that confirms that they made a great decision by choosing your brand :D 

This is where you not only confirm their order but also reinforce their positive feelings about their purchase.

You will see a beautiful example of a thank you page in the example we took from Wix's "Mastering your eCommerce thank you page (with examples)" blog post:

As you can see, thank you pages are not only about thanking the customer but also providing them with essential information about the order they placed and even giving preliminary information about the e-mail they will receive about it.

So, what are the key components of thank you pages? Let's see:

  • Personalized Thank You Message: "Thank you, [Customer Name], for your order! We’re thrilled to have you with us."
  • Order Confirmation: "Your order number [Order Number] is confirmed. You’ll receive an email with the details shortly."
  • Product Summary: Display a list of items purchased with a small image, the quantity, and price for each item.
  • Next Steps Info: "You can expect your [Product Name] to ship within [number] days. We'll send you a tracking number as soon as it's on its way!"
  • Customer Support Contact: "Need help? Contact us at [Contact Information] any time."
  • Special Offer for Next Purchase: "As a thank you, use the code THANKS10 for 10% off your next purchase."
  • Social Sharing Option: "Show us how you use [Product Name] with #[BrandHashtag] on social media!"
  • Additional Recommendations: "You might also like [Other Product Suggestions] based on your recent purchase."
  • Easy Navigation Back to Store: A "Continue Browsing" button that takes customers back to the main shop.
  • Feedback Request: "Tell us what you think! We'd love to hear your thoughts on [Product Name]."

Now that you've created the anatomy of the thank you page, it's time to choose your thank you message for your order! 

Here are the messages you can use on your Page:

  • "With every order, our gratitude grows. Thank you, [Customer Name], for your trust in [Brand Name]."
  • "You've made our day, [Customer Name]! Thanks for shopping with [Brand Name]."
  • "In a world full of choices, we thank you, [Customer Name], for choosing us!"
  • "Thank you, [Customer Name], for spreading joy by choosing [Brand Name]!"
  • "Your support means the world to us! Thank you, [Customer Name], for choosing [Brand Name]."
  • "A heartfelt thanks to you, [Customer Name], for embarking on this journey with us!"
  • "Thank you, [Customer Name]! Your order has brightened our day as much as we hope our products brighten yours."

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4. Thank You for Order Notification via SMS

SMS and mobile notifications provide a direct line to your customer's most personal device—their phone. When sending a "Thank You for Your Order" notification via SMS, brevity is key. 

You've got a limited space to convey your message, so every word counts. 

Here are ready-to-use thank you for your order SMS & Mobile Notifications templates:

  • "Hi [Name]! 👋 Thanks for your order. We're getting it ready to ship as we speak. Any questions, we're here to help!"
  • "You're awesome, [Name]! Thanks for your order. Look out for your [Product] to arrive by [Date]."
  • "[Name], thanks for choosing [Brand]! Confirmation #[OrderNumber]. We're thrilled to have you on board."
  • "Hey [Name], your [Brand] order is on its way! 🚚 Keep an eye out for a package full of joy!"
  • "Thanks, [Name]! Your purchase of [Product] is much appreciated. Ready for dispatch! 📦"
  • "[Name], we're jumping for joy because you chose us! Thanks a million. Your order #[OrderNumber] is being processed."
  • "Thank you, [Name]! Your [Brand] order is confirmed. Any questions? Our team is just a text away!"
  • "Gratitude, [Name]! Your [Product] should arrive by [Date]. We can't wait for you to enjoy it. 😊"
  • "Big thanks, [Name]! Look out for your [Product] and a surprise in your inbox soon. Stay tuned!"
  • "Cheers for your order, [Name]! 🎉 Your [Product] is being prepared with care. Excited? So are we!"
  • "[Name], thanks for your order! You've made our day. Track your [Product] here: [Tracking Link]."
  • "Appreciation alert, [Name]! Your [Brand] order is in the works. Fasten your seatbelt for the goodies!"
  • "Thank you, [Name], for your [Brand] order. Get ready to fall in love with your new [Product]! ❤️"
  • "Hi [Name], your order made us smile! 😊 Your [Product] is coming your way. Thanks for being amazing!"

5. Thank You For Your Order with Website Popups 

When a customer finishes buying something from your website, a nice popup saying "Thank you" can make their day even better. 

What if you could do more? You can do this with Popupsmart, a simple tool that lets you create popups without needing to know how to code. With the popup you create, you can offer them a special offer for their next purchase, ask them to write a review, or anything else you can think of.

Here are ready-to-use thank you for your order popup examples:

#Special Offer Pop-Up

You can also use these thank you for your order popup templates for special offers:

  • "A Big Thanks from Us, [Customer Name]! Claim your special 15% thank-you discount on your next purchase. Use code: THANKS15. Valid for 7 days only!"
  • "Appreciation Alert! [Customer Name], snag a surprise bonus on your next order. Click ‘Reveal’ to discover your exclusive offer. 🎁"
  • "Cheers, [Customer Name]! As our newest VIP, you get early access to our upcoming sale. Stay tuned for your exclusive invite. 🌟"
  • "Thank You, [Customer Name]! Dive into our loyalty program with 100 free points waiting in your account. Start redeeming now!"
  • "Thank You, [Customer Name]! We've added a complimentary [Product Name] to your next order. No codes needed, just our way of saying thanks!"

#Review Request Popup:

You can also use these thank you for your order popup templates for review request:

  • "Thanks, [Customer Name]! Your feedback is golden. Share a review of [Product Name] and get a special gift in your inbox. 🎁"
  • "Grateful for You, [Customer Name]! How did we do? Drop a quick review and score an exclusive 20% off your next adventure with us."
  • "Your Voice Matters, [Customer Name]! Help us improve by leaving a review. As a thank you, enjoy free shipping on your next order."
  • "Hey, [Customer Name]! Did [Product Name] meet your expectations? Tell us in a review and unlock a surprise reward."
  • "Thankful for You, [Customer Name]! Share your purchase experience and we'll share a 10% discount code for your next visit."

#Social Sharing Popup

Here are ready-to-use thank you for your order social sharing popup example from Popupsmart

You can also use these thank you for your order popup templates for social sharing:

  • "You're Awesome, [Customer Name]! Flaunt your [Product Name] on IG with #[BrandHashtag] and get featured on our page plus a special perk!"
  • "Thanks a Million, [Customer Name]! Snap & share your unboxing moment with #[BrandHashtag] for a chance to win our monthly fan favorite prize!"
  • "Spread the Joy, [Customer Name]! Post your [Product Name] story with #[BrandHashtag] and enter our weekly draw for exciting prizes. 🎉"
  • "Cheers to You, [Customer Name]! We love seeing our products in action. Tag us with #[BrandHashtag] and receive a 15% discount on your next order as our thanks!"

Why “Thank You for Your Order Messages” Important for Small Business

Saying "Thank you for your order" is very important for small businesses because of a few reasons:

  • Shows You Care: When you say thank you, it shows your customers that you value them. They feel important and know that their business matters to you.
  • Builds Connection: A thank you message creates a human connection between customers and your business. It's not just about buying and selling stuff, and it's about forming a relationship.
  • Encourages Repeat Business: Customers who feel appreciated will likely buy from you again. So, saying thank you can help increase your sales over time.
  • Makes You Stand Out: Not all businesses remember to say thank you. So, doing it can help your business stand out from the crowd.
  • Creates Positive Vibes: A simple thank you can make someone's day. It spreads positivity and goodwill, which is good for your brand image.

So, as you can see, thank you messages are not just polite. They are a powerful tool for small businesses.

Wrap Up

To sum up, writing a nice "Thank You for Your Order" message is really important. It's a smart move that can make your online store's customers happier and more loyal. You can do this through a handwritten note, a personal email, a popup on your site, or a text message. Each "thank you" is a chance to make your customers feel closer to you.

The goal is to make your customers feel important and appreciated, not just like they are there to buy things. Make them feel like part of your brand's family. This can make your small business stand out from all the others, get customers to come back, and help paint your brand in a positive light. 

In the end, a good "Thank You for Your Order" message can turn a first-time buyer into a long-term fan of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Thank You For Your Orders?

To express gratitude for orders in a meaningful way, personalize your message by including the customer's name and specific details about their purchase. A simple, heartfelt "Thank you, [Customer Name], for choosing [Product/Service]! We're thrilled to have you with us and appreciate your trust in our brand." This approach acknowledges the customer's choice to support your business and reinforces the value of their purchase, fostering a positive relationship and encouraging repeat business.

Should I Include Promotions in My "Thank You for Your Order" Messages?

Including a promotion or special offer can be useful, but it should be utilized carefully to avoid making the message appear insincere or sales-driven. Ensure that your primary focus is on expressing thanks.

How Can I Personalize "Thank You for Your Order" Messages for Different Customer Segments?

Personalize messages by using customer data to address them by name, reference past purchases, or suggest products based on their buying history.

Segmentation tools in email marketing software can automate this process for different customer groups.

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