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Animated Popups: Best Practices & 10 Perfect Examples

Take your popups to the next level with animated popups!

Popups are a popular and efficient technique to draw website visitors' attention and present them with crucial information or special offers.

Your popups can be improved and made even more captivating and successful at converting site visitors by including animation.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of animated popups and share some tips and best practices for creating them.

So, if you want to learn how to use animation to enhance your popups and increase conversions, keep reading.

What is an Animated Popup?

An animated popup is a next-level popup type with an animation element to grab the visitor's attention.

Thanks to the advantage of using animation in your popups, you can guarantee that your popups are unique.

Animated popups are dynamic, scalable, portable, and intuitive, and they can be a valuable way to communicate with users and enhance their experience with your website.

Benefits of Using Animated Popups

Animated elements are naturally eye-catching and can help your popup stand out from the rest of your website's content. For this reason, animated popups come with their advantages.

There are several benefits to using animated popups on your website, including:

Increased attention and engagement: Animated popups are more visually appealing and attention-grabbing than static popups.

They can help grab the attention of your visitors and keep them engaged with your content or offers.

Improved user experience: Animated popups can add a fun and interactive element to your website, which can enhance the overall user experience.

They can also make your popups more intuitive and easy to use, which can increase the chances of your visitors interacting with them.

Increased conversions: By making your popups more engaging and user-friendly, you can increase the chances of your visitors converting into customers or subscribers.

Animated popups can help you provide a better user experience and ultimately drive more conversions to your website.

Differentiation from competitors: Using animated popups can help you stand out from your competitors and differentiate your brand.

By offering a unique and interactive experience to your visitors, you can create a memorable and positive impression that can lead to more conversions and loyal customers.

In short, by using animation in your popups, you can increase conversions and drive more success for your website.

How to Create an Animated Popup with Popupsmart

When it comes to creating animated popups with Popupsmart, you have two options:

  • Use ready-to-convert animated popup templates.
  • Add the Lottie animation of your choice to a regular popup.

First, let's see how to use ready-to-use animated popup templates.

  1. Login to your Popupsmart account and either create a new campaign or edit your existing one by clicking "Customize."
  2. From the templates screen, check the "Animated" box, which you can find in the upper right corner, and choose an animated popup that suits your business goal.
Popupsmart popup template gallery with popup categories on the left and filtering buttons above

Remember, you can still customize any part of your animated popup to make it unique to your brand.

That's it! Save and publish your animated popup campaign once you're done with other targeting and integration settings of your choice.

Now, let's see how to create an animated popup with Popupsmart using a Lottie animation.

  1. Go to LottieFlies and find the animation you want to add to your popup, and download it.
  2. Go to your Popupsmart popup campaign and add the Lottie animation.
Popupsmart campaign editor with a light pink popup on the right, and on the left, there are different elements like social, phone, coupon code and lottie
  1. Drop your Lottie or browse.
  2. Play around with size settings until you're happy.

No matter which way you choose, you will see that it is super easy to create an animated popup with Popupsmart!

10 Perfect Examples of Animated Popups

Looking for new email subscribers? Why not try an animated popup for this goal?

Subscription animated popup with a woman illustration looking at her phone sitting and pushing her chair back and forth, and on the right, there is an email box for subscription

Here you can see an example of a simple but fun animated popup example from Popupsmart.

By making the process of subscribing to your email list fun and engaging, you can increase the likelihood that visitors will want to join your email list.

Holidays are great for increasing your sales. One way to attract attention at Christmas is to use animated popups on your website.

animated Christmas popup with a red Christmas sale decoration hanging and a red shop now button following a text on sale

These popups can feature festive graphics and animations, such as snowflakes or Santa Claus, to grab visitors' attention and put them in the holiday spirit.

Animated exit-intent popups can be an effective way to capture the attention of visitors who are about to leave your website.

Popupsmart animated exit-intent popup showing a dog illustration drinkikng coffee and on the left, it is written "Wait!" followed by a discount code

These popups use motion and animation to grab the visitor's attention and encourage them to take the desired action, such as subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase.

When you have a customer, you want them to stay forever!

discount code animated popup with a female illustration sitting in front of a big phone looking at her phone, on the phone's screen clothing items are moving one by one

Offering a discount code for future purchases could be the way to achieve this goal. Don't forget to put a twist on it by making your popup animated.

One way or another, every business looks for ways to get feedback from customers.

customer feedback animated popup with three people illustration; two are putting up some stars on a feedback bar and one is sitting at the desk

Have you tried animated popups for this purpose? Go ahead and choose a ready-to-use popup to get feedback from your customers to improve your services.

Unique-looking popups often feature eye-catching designs or unusual graphics that are designed to stand out from the rest of the website's content.

Because they are so different from the typical content on a website, they are able to grab the attention of visitors and encourage them to take action.

animated black friday popup with a bomb wearing a bomb watch in a loop it animates inside the watch

For example, a unique-looking popup might feature a bright color scheme, an animated graphic, or a bold font.

These elements are designed to grab the attention of the visitor and encourage them to click on the popup and take the desired action.

In short, unique-looking popups are a powerful way to grab the attention of website visitors and drive them to take action.

Animated popups are a useful tool that businesses can use to get their visitors to follow them on social media.

instagram animated popup with animated Instagram logo and "visit our page", "maybe later" buttons below

Because animated popups are more engaging and visually interesting, they are more likely to be shared on social media, which can help to increase the business's reach and exposure on these platforms.

social media animated popup with a pink, animated board written "follow" on it folled by instagram, twitter and facebook buttons

In short, animated popups are an effective way for businesses to get their visitors to follow them on social media.

Using animation in your popups can help to draw the visitor's attention to the popup and keep them engaged.

Additionally, using a countdown timer can add a sense of urgency and encourage the visitor to take action before the timer runs out.

black friday popup with animated "Black Friday" headline followed by a countdown timer and an email box on a black background

For example, you might use a countdown timer to indicate the time remaining until a sale ends or a limited-time offer expires.

By combining animation with a countdown timer, you can create popups that are more effective at grabbing the visitor's attention and encouraging them to take the desired action.

When it comes to animated popups, you don't have to go above and beyond to get a unique look. A simple animation could also go a long way.

You can choose to use animations sparingly if you think keeping it simple and straightforward is more in line with your brand image.

Before You Leave…

Animated popups are more common than ever, and they're being used to improve the user experience – often in surprising ways.

From lead generation to email subscription forms, they can work wonders for your business.

If you're interested in using animated popups on your website, be sure to check out Popupsmart's ready-to-convert animated popups.

They're easy to use and customizable, and they come with a range of pre-designed templates that you can use to create your own engaging animated popups.

Give them a try and see how they can help your business grow.

What do you think about animated popups?

Meet me in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are Animated Popups Typically Used on Websites?

Animated popups are often used on websites to highlight important information or to direct a user's attention to a specific point.

They can be used to display notifications, promotional offers, or other important information visually appealingly.

They can also be used to provide additional information or context about a particular product or service.

2. Are Animated Popups Considered Good or Bad for User Experience?

The use of animated popups on websites can be both good and bad for user experience, depending on how they are used.

When used sparingly and in a way that enhances the user experience, animated popups can be a valuable addition to a website.

However, when used excessively or in a way that distracts or annoys users, they can be detrimental to the overall user experience.

It is important for website designers to consider the potential impact of animated popups on user experience and to use them in a way that is both effective and user-friendly.

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