Blow Up Email Lists Effortlessly with a Free Shipping Popup
Convert More Visitors Into Customers

Blow Up Email Lists Effortlessly with a Free Shipping Popup

# Watch Your Email List Skyrocket with a Free Shipping Popup

Do you want to encourage more visitors to buy products from your online store?

According to studies on free shipping

  • 93% of online buyers are more likely to make a purchase if free shipping is an option.

  • Additionally, more than 78% of US Amazon Prime customers joined the loyalty program for its free shipping benefits.

  • 57% of shoppers that are not ready to purchase at checkout are at this stage to only estimate shipping costs.

It's hard to argue with the numbers.

By offering free shipping to visitors, you can incentivize them to make a purchase and increase your conversion rates.

And to put the cherry on top, with Popupsmart, you can create a popup that offers free shipping in exchange for visitors' email addresses, expanding your email list and converting more visitors into customers!

Plus, our built-in respondent email notification technology makes it as easy as pie to send customers their free shipping code.

Ready to boost your online sales and email pool?

Follow our simple recipe:

popup selection page

# Step 2: On the builder screen, continue with “Settings,” which is on the left-hand panel.

settings step on the builder

# Step 3: Scroll down to Respondent Email Notification and click “Setup respondent email notification”.


# Step 4: Set the status on and enter the Sender Name. The sender’s name can be your name or company name.

sender name and status

# Step 5: Insert your organization's email address, which may also be a no-reply address, in the "Reply to" section. Then, input the subject for your automatic response email.

The body of the email template can be found in the lower box, and it can be modified, formatted, and designed to your liking.

customization step of respondent email

# Step 6: You can also customize the tags to personalize the email from the dropdown menu consisting of the system field tags and the unsubscribe tag.

You can choose the coupon code tag to ensure a different code is sent to each email address.

tags for respondent email

# Step 6: Don’t forget to save your settings.