Shopify Discount Popups for Carts Above a Specific Amount
Specialize Discounts to Customers

Shopify Discount Popups for Carts Above a Specific Amount

# Shopify Discount Popups for Carts Above a Specific Amount

The easiest way to keep your customers satisfied and loyal is to show them you appreciate their purchases from your store.

One simple way to do it is by using special discount codes.

While discount codes make customers happy, you should ensure that your business still makes enough profit.

So that's why you might consider offering special discounts to customers whose cart total exceeds a certain amount, say $1,000.

Popups triggered by SiteData targeting technology for Shopify give you the freedom to accomplish this exact goal.



# Step 1: Create your popup campaign easily using our sleek, ready-to-use templates after logging in to your Popupsmart account (or signing up for free if you're new).

popupsmart register screen

# Step 2: On the popup builder screen, navigate to the "Segment" section and click "Edit" to add SiteData targeting. (You can click the two circular arrows to see all predefined segments or create one from scratch in "My Segment.")

change and edit option on the segment step

# Step 3: Add "SiteData Targeting" under "Audience" by clicking "Add audience targeting."

adding sitedata targeting

# Step 4: Choose "Show popup" from the first dropdown menu and "Greater than" from the second.

greater than option of sitedata targeting

# Step 5: The Property Keyword will be "" and Property Value will be "1000".

No worries; by changing the Property Value to your desired amount, you can further personalize this targeting.

adding cart value of sitedata targeting

# Step 6: That's it! Save and publish your popup if everything is good to go.

saving and publishing step of sitedata

Now you can watch SiteData targeting work its magic and trigger popups to be seen by customers whose cart total exceeds $1,000!

With Popupsmart's SiteData targeting technology, you can take your Shopify store to the next level by offering personalized discounts based on your customers' cart totals.

By following a few simple steps, you can create targeted popups that will display discount codes for customers who make purchases exceeding your set amount.

With Popupsmart, the possibilities for personalized targeting are endless.

So why wait? Sign up for free now and start increasing customer retention and profits today!

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