# Where Does Your Collected Lead Data Go?

Congrats on your freshly generated leads! Now, if you wonder where your leads data go after users submit information on a popup form, follow along with this pocket guide.

On your popup editor screen, click on Leads from the top bar to open your popup’s Leads Table, where all the collected user data is listed.


You can find info about the collected leads such as email address, date submitted, action name, page, and device listed on your Leads Table as in the example below.

  • The search bar allows you to look up specific data.


With the Manage Columns button, you can select the type/s of data you want to view on the table.


Additionally, you can set a date range to view the data for leads generated between two specific dates. Just click the Date Range button to set it. Another advanced option you can use is the Enrich Your Data button. By clicking it, you can enrich your data request to add the following data to your list:

  • Company info
  • Domain
  • Found Year
  • Industry
  • Size Range
  • Locality
  • Country
  • Linked URL

Once you click the Enrich Your Data button, you will see the following Congratulations modal. Click Thanks to close it and then scroll horizontally to see the enriched data you added.


Finally, to export your leads data in CSV, PDF, or XLS formats, click the Export button. Then, choose the formats and download the table.

Tip: You can collect more user data with Popupsmart’s Prefill feature.