How to Manage Email Subscribers and Unsubscribers

Popupsmart offers a comprehensive solution for managing your unsubscribers. 

Through the lead tables, you can easily view and track subscribed and unsubscribed leads. 

Simply navigate to the "Lead" section to access information.

the popup campaigns and email automation under the Leads tab

An email can appear multiple times in popup campaigns or email automation:

  • When a user submits their email through a popup, it is recorded in the popup campaign lead data. Their information will be recorded in a separate row each time they submit.
  • When users receive an email from email automation, their information is stored in the email automation leads. Each time they receive an email from any of the email automation, their information will be recorded in a separate row.

If a user unsubscribes from emails, all data associated with that email in both the popup campaigns’ lead table and the email automation lead table will be marked as unsubscribed.

unsubscribed sign on the list of leads

Downloading Leads from the Lead Data Tables

To obtain the emails collected through popups or from users who received emails from your email automation, you can click on the export button under the Popup Campaigns or Email Automations Leads.

export button highlighted for the lead export

Sending Unsubscribers to Your System via Webhook

It is possible to send email unsubscribers directly to another 3rd party system via webhook. 

To achieve this:

1. Go to the footer in the left sidebar while editing the email content.

the footer element on the left sidebar

2. Under Unsubscription, click the Unsubscribe button to opt-out.

the text and place of unsubscribe on the email

3. Open the “Send unsubscribers to my system” toggle.

the toggle of sending subscribers to system email automation

4. Enter your system webhook URL to send unsubscribers directly to your system.

opened toggle for webhook URL to unsubscribe