How to Monitor Leads of Your Email Automation

The Email Leads page lets you understand which users receive emails from your automation campaigns and provides related information about the email sending.

You can:

  • Filter sent emails based on email automation’s campaign name using the dropdown.
the campaign picker dropdown on the Lead data page of Popupsmart
  • Use the search bar to search for receivers.
the search bar highlighted on the lead data page of Popupsmart
  • Filter sent emails by date using the date picker.
 the date picker dropdown on the Lead data page of Popupsmart
  • Determine if the user is Subscribed or Unsubscribed. Refer to Email Subscriber & Unsubscriber Management for more information.
the email subscription status of the people on the lead data page
  • Export all the sent email data.
💡 You may see the same email address in both the Email Leads and Popup Leads. This is because we record leads in both tables if the lead interacts with both channels.
💡 It is possible to see the same email multiple times in this table, as every time a user receives an email from your automation, it will be recorded in the leads.

If you want to keep track of your email marketing campaigns, monitoring leads on email automation is easy with Popupsmart.