How to Add Sub-accounts in Popupsmart?

Do you need to give your teammates access to your Popupsmart account?

Add them as subaccounts (additional users), so they can use your account without needing your credentials.

1. Log in to your Popupsmart dashboard and click "Account" from the bottom left corner, then click "Subaccounts".

subaccount button on account section

2. Click "Add teammate".

adding subaccount button

3. Enter the email address you want to grant access to, and click “Next”.

sending invitation to teammates

4. Adjust the “Access Options” by toggling on the “Campaign Access” or “Full Access” buttons. Then, click “Send Invitation”.

Invitation recipients will create a password for their sub-accounts and be able to log in with their own email and password if they don’t already have a Popupsmart account.

Close the success window by clicking “Okay”.

5. You can manage the permissions of the subaccount you have added or delete teammates anytime by clicking the arrow on the right.

subaccount settings panel

6. Subaccount owners can switch between accounts and see their teammates’ campaigns by clicking on the dropdown menu from their accounts.

teammates switch button

Note: Subaccounts can use features such as creating new popup campaigns and tracking them like the main account holder, but they don’t have access to certain account settings, such as updating your billing information, changing your price plan, or downloading invoices.

Do you have additional questions about subaccounts? Contact us.