How to Get an Invoice for Your Popupsmart Subscription

Do you need an invoice for your subscription?

Popupsmart provides downloadable invoices that you can get quickly and easily. Here, we will show you where you can find your Popupsmart invoices.

Log into your Popupsmart account and click your account from the bottom left corner to view your invoices.

1. Then, click on "Invoices" from the menu.

invoices button on account

2. You will be directed to Stripe’s page, where you can see your current plan, payment method, billing and shipping information, and invoice history.

All your invoices are listed in your Invoice History section with the billed amounts and dates, as seen in the example below. You can download each as you like.

invoice history page

3. Click "Download Invoice" or "Download Receipt". After downloading your invoice/receipt, you can print or email it as needed.

invoice download page

Invoices are generated based on the information you provided on the billing page.

That's it! Do you still have additional questions about getting your Popupsmart subscription invoice? Contact us.