How to Change Column Grid Size of Popup by Using Custom CSS

Before we start:

  • There should not be any space between page ID and device type.
  • There should be a space between "block" and the previous definitions.
  • If you don’t specify the device type, changes will apply to all.

Sometimes codes conflict, so it’s important to add a "!important" tag at the end of your CSS code to make sure it works perfectly.

1. Create a new campaign, choose a popup, and go to Popupsmart's popup builder's "Style" step.

the style step of Popupsmart's popup builder

2. Navigate to “Advanced” and scroll down to "Custom CSS."

Advanced tab in the Style section of Popupsmart's popup builder

3. Right-click on your popup, click inspect and find “data-page-id”. After pasting it to the custom CSS window in box brackets, enter data-device-type, which is desktop, in box brackets again to target desktop only.

arrows pointing out data-page-id and block in the inspection tool of a page

4. Now, we’ll resize the popup and the blocks. In this example, we want the popup bigger and the left block to be larger than the right side. For this, we should write “min-width:900px;” and “grid-template-columns: 70% 30%;”

Optionally, you can remove the shadow below the popup by writing “box-shadow:none”.

So it will look as in the image below:

custom CSS box in the Popupsmart's popup builder

For this kind of change, you can use the code below by changing its page id:

  grid-template-columns: 70% 30%;

Do you have additional questions about how to add custom CSS to your popup? Contact Us!