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Email List Decay Definition - What is Email List Decay?

Email list decay is a condition when somebody unsubscribes from an email list. List decay, on the other hand, is the situation when someone unfollows the organization on social media channels.

Companies need to be active on social media at all times. Otherwise, their messages would never reach the right people through the target audience's feeds. Therefore, marketing through email is a simpler way since messages are stored in subscribers' inboxes.

Additionally, companies should optimize their content and sharing frequency.

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Why Do Subscribers Abandon a Mailing List?

The main reasons for unsubscribing from a mailing list are:

  • Content may be boring and repetitive.
  • Organizations may send similar content too frequently.
  • Newsfeeds may be too cluttered.

How to Keep Customers Subscribed?

Here are some tips to maintain customer retention:

  • Create interesting and relevant content,
  • Continuously engage with followers,
  • Consistently and frequently send emails.

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