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What is Email (List) Segmentation? - Email Segmentation Definition

The segmentation of email list subscribers into smaller groups based on selected criteria is called email list segmentation. Typically, email list segmentation is used as a customization tactic to present more specific content to subscribers.

It is also called "email list segmentation".

Why is Email Segmentation Important?

Email Segmentation is important because it:

  • Makes it easier to learn more about your customers,
  • Helps clarify the goals of your email marketing campaigns easily,
  • Motivates you to have a relevant email database and regularly engage in email list cleaning,
  • Increases the efficiency of your email marketing efforts by raising open rates and click-through rates,
  • Improves email reputation because email segmentation helps in delivering targeted and valuable information to those who are willing to engage.
Why is Email List Segmentation Important? Email List Segmentation Results

Criteria for Email Segmentation

You may segment your subscribers based on:

Location: Notify your local subscribers about your local event.

Preferences: Send an email to people who want to hear about new blog posts or something specific.

Interests: Subscribers who like factors A, B or C. (It can be anything regarding your business)

Cart Abandonment: Remind people who put items into the cart but didn’t complete their purchase.

Lead Magnet: Send emails based on the topic of the lead magnet that the targeted customers opted in for.

New Subscribers: Send welcome emails to new subscribers of your website.

Inactivity: Remind your inactive subscribers to engage with your brand.

Open Rate: Reward the most engaged subscribers with a special offer. Remove people who have not opened your emails for a long time.

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