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Shopify EP Package: Optimize Stores & Shipping Efficiently

Shopify EP Package can be the simplest way to optimize and manage your store for your shipping.

If you need practical solutions for your e-commerce store, the Shopify EP package can be the right option for you.

Here, we will touch upon what the Shopify EP Package is, how to set up shipping, and essential tips for shipping.

What is the Shopify EP Package?

Shopify EP Package is the default package used in Shopify, which is called the 'Sample Box.'

The dimensions of the 'Sample Box' are:

  • 8.6 inches
  • 5.4 inches
  • 1.6 inches
  • and it weighs 187 grams.
delivery concept accepting shipping signature

Shopify EP packages are those shipped through Shopify Shipping and are associated with a tracking number that starts with "EP."

These packages are commonly shipped through USPS, but they may also be handled by other carriers like UPS or DHL.

The tracking number prefix "EP" seems to be a distinguishing feature for packages processed through Shopify Shipping.

How to Set Up Shipping on Shopify?

To set up shipping on Shopify has a practical way of managing processes that you can follow and create practicality.

Firstly, go to Settings on the Shopify Admin page.

settings icon on Shopify

Then, you need to complete the related fields for setting up shipping on Shopify.

Let’s take a look at the titles and fields.

Shopify shipping delivery above page with different fields
  • Shipping: For the shipping, there are two sections: General and Custom shipping rates. These parts are for determining necessary shipping places and their rates.
  • Expected delivery dates: You can decide to show delivery dates at checkout or not by customizing your preference.
  • Order routing: There is a routing to cover and manage the terms of your orders. You can rearrange the steps.
  • Local delivery & Local pickup: These are the places where you determine the addresses of your orders and edit them.
Shopify shipping page continuation
  • Delivery customization: For this part, you need some Shopify apps to install and customize.
  • Saved packages: For adding packages, there may be custom and carrier packages including the details, like Box, Envelope, Soft package, or satchel.
  • Shopify Shipping: For customizing it, you can calculate shipping rates, decide shipping labels, and test them.
  • Carrier accounts: By connecting carrier accounts, you can direct orders easily and inform your users more practically.
  • Packing slips: This part is for the printed way of creating and symbolizing the order. You can edit the template and preview the template.
  • Custom order fulfillment: For the fulfillment of the orders, you can add fulfillment services with emails and personal information.

To conclude the creation of a shipping on Shopify, you are able to customize your store and shipping process.

Shopify’s providing such customization services helps people to focus more on their stores by controlling all their actions.

How to Add Custom Packaging to Shopify

Since any action on your Shopify store can affect your way of contacting customers, customizing your Shopify store is crucial.

Even best e-commerce platforms give highest importance to custom packaging and shipping.

If done right, adding custom packaging to Shopify can enhance your customer experience.

When it comes to “how can you add custom packaging”, let’s see it together!

Step 1- Go to Shopify Settings.

There is a small icon on the bottom left corner of the Admin store.

settings icon on Shopify

Step 2– Choose Shipping and Delivery.

shipping and delivery on Shopify

Step 3- Scroll down and find “Saved packages” to add the package.

choosing adding packages on Shopify

Step 4- Customize the package size as you wish.

adding custom package on Shopify

After making these changes, you can make them the default package option according to your choice.

Lastly, you need to save all the process.

Creating custom packaging on Shopify may be necessary for different occasions, like gifts or personal activities.

That’s why it can also improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

What to Consider While Creating Shipping on Shopify

While creating shipping on Shopify, there are points that are related to the creation of the Shopify EP Package:

  • Arranging the packaging, size and nature of your order matter, and you can decide their status if they are sustainable or fragile.
  • Based on your shipping and product, you can strategize your shipping cost when determining the shipping rate.
  • Choosing the right carrier is essential because it will directly affect customer satisfaction and your satisfaction guarantee.
  • Since insurance and tracking of your Shopify store products are determinative, you should choose the right carrier and make sure your customers are satisfied with your service.
  • Creating a shipping label might be helpful to categorize your shipping policy and professionalism.
  • Highlight if there is any international shipping concern for your orders.
  • Trying to balance shipping costs with the shipping is crucial for your business.
  • Consider other possibilities of Shopify for their shipping with features and tools that can help you.

To Wrap Up

All in all, though Shopify EP Package is a basic term that defines sample box, there are other titles that affect shipping and package.

All these sections you have discovered are parts of creating the Shopify EP Package.

Therefore, keep an eye out for the process of creating shipping on Shopify while focusing onthe Shopify EP Package as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions can help you determine some details about

What Are Delivery Methods at Checkout?

There are three common delivery methods at checkout. These are shipping, local pickup, or local delivery.

Is Shopify Shipping Reliable?

Yes. Most of the feedback on shipping on Shopify is positive, and many people appreciate the shipping, order management, tracking, and handling of inventory that Shopify can control. Therefore, if you consider this question related to your choice of e-commerce platform, Shopify can build a sense of trust in you.

How Can I Manage the Size and Weight of My Shipments?

Based on the content of your shipment, you can optimize shipments to be smaller and lighter, as this can save on shipping costs. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your packaging to find the most efficient solutions might be helpful.

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