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How to Add a Popup to Squarespace to Maximize Conversions?

Popupsmart's popup editor is a breeze to use, which means you do not need to be a designer in order to create sales-driven popup campaigns for your e-business.

We also offer lots of advanced features like different targeting options, for you to work with a better popup builder.

Lots of webmasters have already chosen Popupsmart to create high converting popups on their Squarespace website. Guess what? They have boosted their e-commerce revenue vastly. Why don't you try it too?

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The following article with exhibitory images explains how to create a Squarespace popup via Popupsmart or via the Squarespace Panel.Squarespace provides software services for website building and hosting. It has pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements to create webpages easily.

How to Add a Popup to Squarespace with Popupsmart?

Now, let's have a look at how to create a smart popup in Squarespace via Popupsmart's builder;

1. Sign up for Popupsmart.

how to sign up for popupsmart

2. Confirm your email address by clicking the link on the confirmation email that you receive.

If you have already joined the Popupsmart family, please ignore the above two steps and continue with the following steps.

3. Log in to your Popupsmart account.

how to sign in to your popupsmart account

4. To create your first popup, install the embed code between the header tags of your websites. You can also easily add the embed code via Google Tag Manager.

This is a one-time necessity, so you can use the same embed code for all your websites as well as all your future popup campaigns.

how to get your embed code before beginning to start your first popup

5. Click "Create a New Popup" on your Popupsmart account dashboard.

click create a new popup button to build your first popup with popupsmart

6. Select a business objective for your popup campaign. Design options may vary to help create an optimized popup design according to your business objectives.

select your business objective of creating this popup campaign with popupsmart

7. Edit your popup design's properties, such as form fields, font options, buttons, display effects, and display sounds via the "Design Tab."

design your popup with popupsmart's smart popup builder

8. Via the "Display Tab", determine when you want to show popups to visitors and which audience group you'd want to show your popup campaigns to.

display tab on popup builder of popupsmart to decide on popup display options

9. Connect your Popupsmart account with applications such as MailChimp and Zapier or with a webhook on the "Integrations Tab."

popupsmart integration options zapier Mailchimp and webhook connection

10. Observe the number of popup impressions, popup displays, actual conversions, and your campaign’s conversion rates instantly. Additionally, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your popup campaign thanks to our Popup ROI Calculator.

popupsmart's analytic section measure your popup's effectiveness

11. After you have completed the editing process, go to the "Publish Tab" and turn on Status toggle. Then, through the ‘Platform’ section, choose "Any Website" and copy the provided code to your clipboard.

where you can get your popupsmart popup embed code to publish tab
how to copy popup embed code for any websites popupsmart

12. Log in to your Squarespace website admin panel.

login your squarespace website admin panel

13. Go to "Advanced Settings" under the Settings tab.

advanced website settings on squarespace admin panel
squarespace website advanced settings

14. Click on "Code Injection" to insert a code element.

squarespace website code injection tab to add a third party code to your website

15. Paste your Popupsmart popup code on your clipboard, and save it.

where you need to paste your popup code in your squarespace website

Now it is time for you to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy boosting your conversions with Popupsmart's sales-driven popups!

How to Create a Popup with Squarespace Popup Builder?

Before creating your popup with Squarespace's Popup Builder, note that this feature is only available to premium members, which will cost up to $40 per month!

Now, let's have a look at how to create a popup in Squarespace via Squarespace's Popup Builder;

1. Log in to your Squarespace website builder account.

login to your squarespace website admin panel account

2. Go to the Marketing Tab in the Home Menu.

marketing tab on squarespace website

3. Click "Promotional Pop-Up" to create your popup campaign.

create promotional popup on your squarespace website

4. Next, click "Change Layout" panel to select a blank template. Then, save and go back to continue editing your popup campaign.

select a layout for your squarespace website popup

5. Now, use the "Action" panel to add newsletter sign-up or any other buttons. Then, save and go back. If you choose the "Sign up for newsletter" goal, you must connect your Squarespace Email Campaign with Mailchimp, or Google Drive account to save collected emails.

choose action goal for your squarespace popup

6. Thirdly, reach the Connect panel to add a headline and body text. Make sure your popup campaign content encourages clicks. Then, save and return to the editor.

how to change text on your squarespace popup

7. Set how the popup appears by using the "Display & Timing" panel. Then, save and click Promotional popup to continue editing.

how to set popup display and timing on squarespace popup

8. Add a background image by using the "Image" panel. Note that some templates do not support images. After including an image to your popup campaign, save and continue making changes. It is not possible to change the layout of an image; therefore, make sure you have optimized the image according to the determined image size.

how to add an image to your squarespace popup

9. Lastly, edit the color and font of your popup text, background color, overlay, button, and animation via the "Style" panel. Save the final appearance, and you are ready to go.

how to edit a style for your popup headline text on squarespace

If the popup display is as you please, you are ready to go! After completing popup editing and saving, you may change your popup campaign by referring back to the steps above.

I hope this guide on how to create a popup in Squarespace proves useful for you to build high converting popups and boost your sales!

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