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The 8 GDPR Cookie Consent Tools to Consider

Having trouble understanding cookies causes usual mediocre jokes, whether it’s a real cookie or not.

However, we’re talking about the cookies we across while surfing the Net.

Cookie consent can be highly significant for your job because of the functions of cookies.

Also, you should know that cookies scare people, but it must be understood that the security provided with GDPR this time is more important to consider here.

Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of cookies, but websites should be careful about their visitors’ stored data.

In this article, we will scrutinize the 8 GDPR Cookie Consent Tools that you should consider; then, it is your choice to maintain a platform to save your visitors’ data cautiously.

What is GDPR Cookie Consent?

When cookies collect personal data, GDPR requires consent from those who share their data by accepting what is in the policy.

gdpr cookie consent people drawn on the black board

Consent is everything here because sometimes the websites do not have the choice of ‘Decline’ or ‘I don’t agree.’

And when the users decline to share their data, then GDPR rejects using the stored data.

The 8 GDPR Cookie Consent Tools

The ones we have shared have great importance to the companies, and we have collected the outstanding reviews of the customers who have experienced the tools before.

Hope you enjoy discovering the tools! :)

Popupsmart- Cookie Consent Creator

Generating your cookie consent in the most modern way is possible now.


As Popupsmart, we even claim the easiest way of creating a GDPR cookie consent.

You need nothing but your creativity because the steps are pretty obvious, and we leave the customization to your taste. All you have to do is to fill in the blanks.

We assure your security by compliance with GDPR since we also pursue privacy provided by our other popups and tools.

Here are the points of creating a GDPR cookie consent popup!


  • Compliance is open to choice as ePrivacy Directive and GDPR + ePrivacy Directive
  • Customizing based on the website name and logo is possible
  • Noticing popup style has four choices: Head Dialog, Bottom Dialog, Simple Dialog, Popup
  • Dark and light modes can be chosen
  • Among 19 languages, you can choose your default language
  • You can link your privacy policy if you have one
  • Adding Javascript is an optional step in to develop
  • After filling the script name, you can also choose script type among Strictly Necessary, Functionality, Tracking& Performance, Targeting& Advertising
  • After completing these few steps, copying the cookie consent code will be enough for you to publish

Price: Only $2.99/monthly or $29.90/yearly, and you cannot believe how easily you adapt to using GDPR Cookie Consent Tool.


“Become compliant today”


Mainly Cookie Scanning, Cookie Consent Management, and Cookie Handling, there are remarkable opportunities that Cookiebot offers you as a GDPR cookie consent tool.

It also provides a premium consulting and integration service so that you can feel more relieved while using it.


  • Straightforward configuration
  • Smooth user experience
  • Blocks non-necessary cookies
  • Likable design
  • Average language options
  • Appeals to small, medium, and large enterprises
  • Data mapping, white labeling, sensitive data identification, incident management, etc.


  • Not a successful customer service
  • The logo should be removed
  • Pricing should be controlled

Price: Though it is very limited, Cookiebot has a free plan. Also, Premium plans have sub-plans ranging from €12 to €49.

If you want a more advanced plan, you need to calculate the price with Usercentrics by choosing the ‘Enterprise.’


“Cookie Consent Solution for GDPR and CCPA Compliant”


Along with GDPR, CookieYes also maintains CCPA and PDPL by regulations.

The tool promises to enhance the GTM strategy and create a pleasant experience since it displays the rewards and reviews.

Customizing the cookie banner and features like cookie auto-blocking and privacy policy generator are also available.


  • Easy installation
  • Quick deployment
  • Flexible integrations
  • Easy to install on WordPress
  • Helpful customer support
  • Clear customization


  • No consent log on a free basic banner
  • The free version is not so useful
  • The Back Office UI needs improvement
  • Need for adding default languages
  • Documentation to follow is needed
  • Lack of reflecting content changes due to browser caching

Price: No credit card is required when you try each of the plans for 14 days. It also has a free version.

The 'Basic' plan starts at $100 with 600 pages per scan, the 'Pro' plan costs $200 per 4000 pages, and the 'Ultimate' plan costs $400 for 8000 pages per scan.


“Become Compliant in Minutes”


Iubenda gives importance to both CCPA and LGPD, along with GDPR. Privacy is of the utmost importance for the tool.

Also, Iubenda has a team of lawyers to update the policies, which causes no need for you to control all the time.

Another point to consider is that Iubenda is a 360-degree solution tool because it does not only focus on the cookie consent part but also on the process of generating privacy policies.


  • Organized process
  • Automating the consent process
  • Indispensable cookie solution
  • Allowance for embedding a code with your policy
  • Custom design
  • Providing necessary documents
  • Basic translation options


  • Considered expensive
  • Not so easy to use because of many tools
  • Slow customer service
  • Challenging marketing campaigns

Price: There are two parts when you click the pricing part: bundles and custom.

For the bundles side, there is no free plan. The 'Business' plan starts at $9, and the final plan is 'Personal,' costing $29.

For the custom side, there is a free plan and two extra plans: the 'Pro' costing $29 and the 'Ultra' costing $129.


"Trust Is More Than Just a Compliance Box to Check"


As a leader in trust intelligence, OneTrust collaborates with data, processes, and teams for the best user experience.

Primarily CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PDPA, ISO27001, and the other security laws are the most prominent part of OneTrust.

OneTrust mainly deals with risk management, compliance, privacy, and records management.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Likable customer service
  • Keeping up with the changes in privacy laws
  • Excellent assessment automation module
  • Integration API
  • Data rights and catalog
  • Flexible platform
  • Logical design


  • High costing
  • Difficult to set up A/B testing
  • Implementation needs investment
  • Complicated to figure
  • Slow data discovery
  • Not mobile-responsive

Price: If you decide to prefer OneTrust, you need to arrange your budget according to the size of your business.

This is because the tool serves three options of business the 'Large Enterprise,' 'Growing Business,' and 'Special Industry.'


“The World's Most Trusted Data Privacy Software Platform,” says Osano, because it has a helpful and guiding team that many customers like.


They offer many sources that protect you and your rights in collecting the data from cookie consent with their law team.

Osano, as a developer-friendly choice, has significant features, like sensitive data identification, incident management, consent management, audit management,


  • 42 language options
  • Extensive and good interface
  • Helpful onboarding team
  • Easy system to use
  • Simple to design
  • Many support channels
  • Integrations with Dropbox, Customer.io, Salesforce, etc.
  • Straightforward configuration and deployment
  • 3rd-Party blocking


  • Identification of some scripts and cookies
  • Some erroneous cookies
  • Problematic filtering and exporting data
  • A few usability bugs
  • More customization is needed

Price: Osano presents both a free version and a free trial. You do not need a credit card when you first agree to try.

After you try and decide to use it, we recommend you choose the annual plan since it is more pocket-friendly.

The ‘Business’ plan costs $119.99, designed for small businesses, and the ‘Business +’ costs $239.99. Moreover, if you want unlimited features, you need to see the Sales Team for the custom pricing plan, the ‘Enterprise.’



As a SaaS company, QuantCast usually acts for visitors and the possible insights.

However, besides providing customer segmentation, the tool deals with campaign and consent management.

Along with giving importance to GDPR, it is considered highly successful in tracking and analysis.


  • An overall marketing tool
  • Easy set up to deal
  • Great customer service
  • Detailed reports about management
  • Available training support
  • GDPR, CCPA, and TCF v2.0 compliance
  • Purpose notifications, signal storing and sharing, audit logs
  • Likable UI experience


  • Need to customize the copy-paste snippet code
  • The cost should be kept on average
  • Only English is available
  • Delay in displaying statistics

Price: There is a free trial and a free version in QuantCast. Though the free plan has many premium features available, the Advertise plan prepares you with an exclusive (quote-per-customer) plan.


TrustArc The Leader in Privacy Management Software


In addition to providing the GDPR cookie consent, TrustArc is a central privacy platform. It works for the empowerment of privacyin the global market.

PPIL, CCPA, LGPD, GDPR, and EU Cloud Code of Conduct are the regulations that TrustArc handles.

But of course, there are excellent and wrong sides to each tool; let's have a look!


  • Seamless, robust, and scalable
  • Easy to follow audit-trail
  • Integration of the privacy management flow
  • Easy frontend UI
  • Flexible configurations
  • Useful privacy risk assessment
  • Quick support team


  • Lack of implementation of two-factor authentication upon login
  • Standardized reporting on the home dashboard
  • More automation would be great
  • The connection between apps should be enhanced.

Price: There are three options for you to choose: Cookie Consent Basic, Cookie Consent Professional, and Cookie Consent Advanced.

For the free version, there are features appealing to small businesses, and the other two plans appeal to larger businesses.

You need to request a quote from the sales team for the last two.

How Should GDPR Cookie Consent Tools Be?

We all are in the same boat that the GDPR Cookie Consent Tools are essential.

Also, the ones we have shared are pretty popular when we investigate the testimonials, yet if you still question how a proper tool should be.

Let’s examine it together. They should;

  • manage the registration of visitors’ consent,
  • integrate more easily with other platforms,
  • prepare a dashboard providing consent activities,
  • have an API to send consent popups,
  • be not only practical but also budget-friendly with an opportunity for a free trial.

What are the Features of the Cookie Consent?

The cookie consent has some criteria to follow. These are the main ones you should keep in mind.

The most outstanding ones are:

  • The consent should have a simple language
  • The consent should be transparent and specific for the user
  • The consent should be proper, legally
  • The consent should be given freely
  • The consent should be located for the users to see clearly
  • The consent should be retrievable
  • The consent should be renewed periodically
  • The consent should be stored carefully
  • The consent should imply positive meanings that you can assure your users that they are safe by accepting the sharing of their data

To Sum Up

Proving your reliability and maintaining it can often be highly challenging for eCommerce.

By preferring GDPR-compliant cookie consent tools, you will be more apt to be trusted by your customers.

star shaped cookies form a circle on the blue flag associated to the colour of the european union

On the one hand, you will maintain a relationship with your customers based on loyalty; on the other hand, people will advise others to visit your business since you are reliable with the tool you choose.

You will enjoy the best of both worlds!

Maintaining your trustworthiness with a GRPR cookie consent tool is as easy as not baking but choosing the cookie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you have more detailed information about the cookie consent tool and GDPR per se. Then, we prepared some frequently asked questions.

Provided you have more things to say, you can share them in the comments below, and we can figure them out together.

What is the Best GDPR Cookie Consent Tool?

With its simplicity and target-centeredness, Popupsmart respects your choices by considering what you have.

You will not be even tired after completing your cookie consent because it is such an effortless tool that all you have to do is to decide what you want to show.

Also, whether you have a load of budget for cookie consent or not, Popupsmart will appeal to you for being cost-effective.


By preferring a free tool, you can manage your finances more effectively than you expected, and maybe you can save your money for another business necessity.

To maintain your trustworthiness with a GRPR cookie consent tool, like Popupsmart, is as easy as not baking but choosing the cookie.

To choose Popupsmartor not to choose Popupsmart, that is the question here… 🎭

What is GDPR?

GDPR is the 'General Data Protection Regulation,' confirmed by the European Union to check personal data.


It is necessary to protect your users' data according to the EU, and GDPR is the sole special regulation to do that.

Even UK GDPR has determined seven principles to pay attention to:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Storage limitation
  3. Fairness, clarity, legitimacy
  4. Accountability
  5. Minimization of data
  6. Integrity, security
  7. Restriction of purpose

What are Cookies?

Cookies are files sent to your browser and store the data as long as you accept them for a certain period, like sessions you spend on a page.

Cookies are also known as “HTTP Cookies.” They are created for tracking, saving information, and authenticating the user experience.

If you are the user, you can decide to accept or decline -if there is any chance- the cookies you come across on a website.

Are the Cookies Hazardous?

Cookies are only stored without affecting anything on the computer.

So, it is possible to say that they are not dangerous.

However, when third parties or unknown sources access the Cookies, they may create a risk for you.

laptop and hands typing on the laptop with a gdpr script and functions showing gdpr importance

Because by accessing the cookies, those who attack the cookies system will reach the time and activity you have had on the page.

That is the part which you should apply to GDPR cookie consent tools we have mentioned.

What is Cookie Consent?

Cookie consent is a plugin to forewarn the taking of confirmation about using cookies.

Actually, cookie consent calculates your relationship with your visitor.

If the visitors allow the cookies, it is reliable, and it also means that they trust you.

Tracking the data makes it possible to display the best user experience, but you need cookie consent before doing so.

The related article about the cookie consent is also here if you want to have a look.

Why is GDPR Needed?

To have GDPR-compliance is a must if you want to deal with the parts of the EU and address the EU citizens.

a lock on the world map implying the lock related to gdpr and privacy

While creating a reliable atmosphere for the visitors, the tool's prestige will increase with GDPR compliance.

Since the EU protects the rights and data of the comers with GDPR, your business depending on the EU will also have the EU's trust.

Why is Cookie Consent Needed?

In this case, taking the consent is everything to enhance your prestige in eCommerce.

And cookie consent helps you to develop reliability during the collection process of personal data. That is because GDPR provides the rules determined by the EU and the consent.

cookies on the world map specifically on the countries related to european union

Hence, if your end-users consent to collect their data, you assure them you do not use them for harmful purposes.

Why Do the Companies Need the GDPR Cookie Consent Tools?

Website cookies are the standard way of gathering and sharing data. Therefore, they mean great importance to companies.

Having a GDPR cookie consent tool will save you from a suspicious profile and wasting time.

When the tools organize the essential details for you, the only thing you have to do is to keep them safe and improve your other attributes in your business.

Who Should Use?

If your business copes with EU-related organizations, it is the best choice for you to prefer.

gdpr related user typing on their laptop

Even if your organization does not appeal to the EU region, you can still apply a GDPR strategy to provide a private atmosphere for your visitors.

No one can say no to more privacy ;)

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