What is Cookie Consent?

A cookie is a king of short term memory in the web. You can store the user actions on their browser, collect daha, remember your visitors, and show targeted pages to increase user experience.

Furthermore, cookie consent is a free JavaScript plugin for awaking users about use of cookies on your website.

The Cookie Law is a privacy legislation which requires websites to get consent from their visitors to store any kind of information on the database.

Its main aim is to protect online privacy of browsers by making consumers aware of how data about them is collected and will be used online, and offer them an option to allow it or not.

To comply with the cookie law, follow these three basic steps:

Customize the website cookies and run a cookie audit to see if they are working properly.

Tell your visitors how you use cookies to collect their data.

Ask for their consent to give them some control over their online privacy.

Cookie Consent is basically designed to make your website compliant with the EU, GDPR and California cookie laws. And we developed a free tool for you to create popups within seconds! Click and have your GDPR-compliant popup now;

Free Cookie Consent Popup Creator