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11 Best Form Builder For Wix Websites (Free & Paid)

If you have done your research to find the best form builder for Wix, you might have seen that there are tons of form builder tools available on the internet. However, not all tools provide ease of use and desired results.

Online form builders are like the keystones of successful websites. Whether you need to; collect employment applications, manage event registrations, get more orders, generate leads, gather contact details, a form builder will do the trick.

74% of marketers are using web forms to generate leads, and 49.7% say that web forms are their highest converting lead generation tool.

The easiest way to create streamlined and effective online forms is to use a form builder.

In this post, we’ll round up the 11 best form builders for Wix websites to help you find a fast, customizable, easy-to-use form builder software that has advanced features, integrations and provides actionable insights. Let’s dive in.

Best Form Builders For Wix Websites

Popupsmart popup form builder

1. Popupsmart - Popup Form Builder

Best form builder for; simple popup forms

Popupsmart is a popup builder tool that makes it easier to create online forms for websites and eye-catching popups. If you are looking for a quick and straightforward way to create popup forms, Popupsmart can take a lot of workload off your shoulders.

What can you create with Popupsmart?

Contact forms, webinar signup forms, newsletter signups, and registration forms

webinar form popup example

Top Features:

  • Add new form fields, including phone inputs, email inputs, short and long text inputs, checkboxes, dropboxes, and radio input fields.
  • Advanced audience targeting options and triggers; show your popup form based on location, language, device, and more—trigger based on visitor behaviors such as exit intent.
  • Wide range of customization options: add an image, custom fonts, CSS, dynamic texts, and more.
  • Send automated email notifications upon form submissions.

Pricing: Free version for 5,000 page views and one popup. Paid plans start at $29 per month with a monthly subscription.

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2. Wix Form Builder

Wix form builder

Best form builder for; Collecting user information

Wix Form Builder allows Wix site owners to create their own contact forms, registration forms, questionnaires, employment application forms, order forms, and registration forms. With its drag and drop editor, you can easily customize the ready-made form templates.

Templates are professional-looking, and customization options are plenty, providing an optimal level of personalization.

Top Features:

  • Add advanced fields: users can make payments, submit signatures, upload files, and more.
  • Automation options: automated emails, notifications, messages, and more upon form submission
  • Automated data management: the data collected from the forms are automatically added to a table, where you can filter, sort, and export to use later.
  • Mobile notifications about form submissions (via the Wix Owner App)
  • Integration with the third-party apps

Pricing: Free up to 5 forms with unlimited submissions. The Premium version is included within the Ascend plans.

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wix banner text for website builder

3. Wufoo

Wufoo form builder

Best form builder for; Graphs and reporting

Wufoo is an online form builder for Wix and websites in general that is created by SurveyMonkey. The most remarkable thing about Wufoo is quick graphical report creation. You can create graphs and charts without needing to export the data to other platforms.

With more than 400 templates, you can create:

Additionally, you can add your logo to any of the themes to better represent your brand identity. Adding payment fields, automating workflows, and integrating with other platforms are some prominent features.

Other Features Include:

  • Building custom reports
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Collecting all types of files

Pricing: Free for 5 forms and 100 responses per month and 10 fields per form. Premium plans start at $14.80/month for 10 forms and 1,000 responses.

4. HubSpot’s Free Online Form Builder

Hubspot online form builder tool

Best form builder for; HubSpot users and generating leads

The popular inbound marketing and sales software HubSpot offers a free online form builder for websites. It allows you to create custom forms with up to 1,000 form fields. HubSpot’s form builder has a simple interface, therefore, doesn’t require any technical expertise.

Drawback: The free version has limited features. Creating custom fields or filtering visitors by country or device is only in premium plans.

Pricing: Premium features are available for a monthly subscription starting at $50 per month.

5. TypeForm

Typeform form builder for Wix

Best form builder for; Conversational forms

If you are looking for a free form builder with a human-like touch, TypeForm is one of the best ones in the market. It is known for the conversational and friendly experience it delivers to the end-user.

With its ability to show one question at a time, making forms fun and interactive, TypeForm’s forms are far from being dull and overwhelming.

Top Features:

  • Personalize the forms’ endings based on user answers
  • Form templates for lead generation, registration, customer feedback, job application, customer service request, information request, reference request
  • Automated email notifications
  • Embedding form into your website or app
  • Integration with email marketing services like MailChimp

Pricing: Premium plans start at $83 per month with a monthly subscription.

6. JotForm

Jotform online form builder

Best form builder for; wide range of form types and templates

JotForm is an online form builder for every business, and it’s also one of the best form builders for Wix. With over 10,000 form templates, it gives you a large selection to choose from and customize. The larger part of templates is for registration forms, application forms, and request forms.

You can make all of these types of forms multi-page forms and even import existing forms. Moreover, JotForm provides 30+ trusted payment gateway integrations such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square so that you can create secure payment forms.

Top Features:

  • PDF forms
  • Report builder
  • Assign forms
  • Ability to manage forms from mobile devices
  • Online payments
  • Secure forms for free without any transactional fees
  • Integrations with Slack, MailChimp, Dropbox

Pricing: The free version covers all features, 5 form limit, 100 monthly submissions, 100 MB space, 1,000 monthly form views, 10 payment submissions, and unlimited reports and fields per form.

Paid plans start at $29/mo for a monthly subscription.

7. PaperForm

a screenshot of paperform form builder software

Best online form builder for; forms that are both beautiful and smart

Another best form builder for Wix websites on our list is Paperform. The best part about this tool is that it can be customized to manage any project - create conversational surveys, take payments, sell products, schedule appointments, and automate workflows.

As simply as writing a document, add backgrounds, insert images, tweak typography and upload videos. With its versatility, custom HTML and CSS capabilities, and expanding question fields, including calculations and conditional logic, this form builder is ideal for designers, e-commerce platforms, and other professionals.

Top Features:

  • Turn insights into actions with their custom built-in data analytics. Utilize its robust data management, including Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel support
  • 650+ expert-designed form templates.
  • You can embed forms on your website or share them directly with a custom URL.
  • 3000+ in-app and Zapier integrations.

Pricing: Payment plans start at $20 per month for a monthly subscription which covers an unlimited number of forms and integrations, 10,000 form views, and 1,000 submissions.

8. Formsite

Formsite homepage

Best form builder for; collecting sensitive data securely

What makes Formsite one of the best form builders for Wix and all sites is its ability to encrypt form submissions and provide password-protected reports. Additionally, Formsite also offers spam prevention and secure link sharing.

For these reasons, it is especially best for collecting sensitive data. They have 100+ form templates that are sorted by industry and 40+ question types. Users can save and return to complete forms later, which improves the UX.

Another prominent feature is the ability to provide a QR bar scan for quick accessibility.

Pricing: Monthly subscription prices start at $25 for 5 forms.

9. Formstack

Formstack online form builder tool

Best form builder for; secure payment forms

Like Formsite, Formstack also has a focus on safety, especially for the payment card industry. Also, it helps you build your form quickly and easily use it for your needs.

Top Features:

  • HIPAA compliant forms
  • Conditional logic rules for forms
  • Mobile-friendly forms
  • 100+ integration options
  • PCI compliant forms, discount codes, payment processors, and calculating fields

Pricing: Price plans start at $50/mo, including 20 forms and 1,000 responses. 14-day free trial available.

10. Google Forms

Google Forms

Best form builder for; simple forms

You might have heard this one, but we can’t complete this list without including renowned Google Forms. In addition, you can find ready-made templates in this tool, such as order forms, job application forms, feedback forms, and work requests.

In terms of customization, you can add your logo and upload photos. In addition, this tool provides many types of question formats like checklists, short answer submissions, and multiple choices.

Top Features:

  • Add collaborators to your projects
  • See real-time info and charts based on submissions
  • Page branching and question skip logic available

Pricing: The free version works with a Google account, and there are no form limitations. The premium plans start at $6/mo. You can sign up for Google Workspace to start using it.

11. POWR

POWR form builder app for Wix

Best form builder for; submission notifications and autoresponders

POWR is a form builder app Wix website owners can use. It has a 4.6 rating out of 5 on Wix App Market. This app helps you create unlimited forms to make sales, collect quote requests, and contact forms.

Top Features:

  • Get automatic email notifications for each new form response
  • Integrations with PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, Google Sheets, and Zapier
  • Ability to create your own autoresponder confirmation email for customers
  • Multi-page forms, start ratings, emoji feedback, picture choices

Pricing: Free for 25 responses per month. Premium plans start at $8/mo for 100 responses per month.

Bottom Line

There are many form builder tools in the market but choosing the right one for your business needs requires a careful comparison of pricing, features, and ease of use. We’ve listed the best form builders for Wix sites.

Hopefully, it comes in handy for your decision. Once you have chosen a tool for your needs, it’s time to start building conversion-ready forms.

Finally, keep in mind that the design of your online forms is just as important as selecting the right form builder. Forms should be short, simple, and secure.

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