Increase Sales & Retention for Shopify

Do you have a Shopify store and need to increase sales ASAP? Now, you have the right choice, and it’s your time to convert more than ever by collecting leads, promoting your products, and proving to your customers you are the one they are looking for.

Increase eCommerce conversion rate

Boost your online sales on Shopify average of 30% with Popupsmart’s powerful conversion optimization tools.

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Popupsmart can help you increase your monthly average total order by 18% and set new sales records!

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You can expect to improve your customer retention rate by 35% and increase overall customer satisfaction.

How do we help you?

How do we help you?

Deep understanding of your business goals and what you can accomplish with Popupsmart.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager (and/or CRO) and Slack channel
  • Monthly Strategy Meetings to analyze your campaigns and KPIs
  • Conversion ready campaigns set up by our Conversion Optimization team
  • Custom integrations for your custom needs
  • Continuous reporting of NPS and Customer Satisfaction Score

Use Cases

If your focus is on Shopify, there are so many things you can do to increase your engagement on your Shopify store. Follow the tips below and find the best fit for your business!

Recover Cart Abandonment

You don’t want to let your customers leave their carts… Then, don’t! :) Use an exit-intent popup to hold your customers and make your new offer.

Pro Tip

You need to arrange your popup’s segmentation by considering your users’ actions and, specifically, the carts.

Cross-Sell Product

Since your priority is your customers, recommending another product to complete their purchase is so acceptable and expected. That way, you can promote your product and increase your sales conversion rate.

Upsell to Increase Average Order Value

Help your customers complement their products with compelling offers on your Shopify store. Create incentives and take a further step to increase your AOV.

Pro Tip

All you need to do is to use the Shopify element on the builder to display your products freely. It’s ready and steady!

Use Trust Indicators

When you assure trust for your customers, it’s better when you show it. Guarantee your customer satisfaction with trust indicators on your Shopify site.

Pro Tip

You can include assurance or prove your trustworthiness on the popup. Make use of buttons effectively in this case.

Announce Free Shipping

Eliminate the cost of shipping for your customers’ purchases to incentivize them. It’s time to inform when customers add items to their shopping cart or reach a certain threshold of spending. That’s also how you can double your sales.

Show Reviews

Another type of social proof can help your customers in the decision-making process. Show your customers’ reviews and make your Shopify site more engaging.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Inform your customers during their shopping process. They might leave or go on, but creating a sense of urgency can always make the difference that you need on Shopify.

Grant Personalized Exclusive Promotion

How about making specialized offers and promotions for your customers? Personalize your campaigns to their needs with smart tags and create unique discounts for shopping habits.

Pro Tip

Smart tags are for enriching your content and privatizing your discounts. Highlight them.

Explore All Premade Templates

Explore All Premade Templates

If you are ready to rocket your sales on your Shopify store, Popupsmart can be your favorite marketing tool with its segmentation options, integrations, and various types of templates that can catch your visitors’ attention and convert higher.

Don’t waste time and get started to know Popupsmart.